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01 - Science WARS

Math, physics, and botany analysis of WORLD social conflicts.

Science analysis of news events.

Syria conflicts ---> Symmetry Physics conflicts in the modern Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family. The periodic atomic table of elements of life expresses itself VIA atomic bio-computers ---> humanoid OUTPUT display terminals.

Iran issues --> I + Ran = Independent random variables problems with Camp RAN football Stadium , University of Wisconsin, Madison.
What is the probability/ the chance ...that chancellor John Wiley and university intellectuals have serious communications problems?
Why have they failed to recognize the existence of the symbolic life expressions of mathematician William Feller with John Wiley & Sons textbook publisher ..... and Nature's Darwinian selection of a probable Wisconsin spokesperson for this process.

Nature's Botany processes are symbolized by the SUN and the photosynthesis process used by JUNG SEED located in the agricultural community of SUN Prairie, Wisconsin. Thus SUN Prairie ..... which is near the University of Wisconsin in Madison ... can serve as a frame of reference for various science reports. Other communities can get referred to ..... as we study Nature and its social engineering expressions. 

Additional  reports are listed as  sub-pages on the left of your computer screen.