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Maryland --> Geography computer


Geography and geology professors routinely use the Earth LAND  equation for their work ...that is  ..... LAND at  such and such location.
What is that equation?

LAND at  --> LAN Data = Local Area Network Data. 

This geography computer system of NATURE has existed for hundreds of years.
The copper-wire computer systems that came into existence between 1950 and 1980 ...provide us with MODELS of how COMPUTER EARTH works.
Thus the copper wire computers <---> super-symmetry physics mirrors <---> Earth with Nature's processing systems

Let's look at a secret geography region and study the data processing EARTH war zone  identifiers.

What do the proper nouns and numbers say  ...about the geogarphy computer address space.

Delaware --> de + law + are --> code law area 

Baltimore --> Bal + tim + ore --> Basic Assembler Language time orders (the YEAR 2000 Y2K failure)

Thus the BAL earth computer program with LINEs of code (the Delaware code). 

Maryland --> M + ary + land --> math array  land -->  rows  and columns 

Thus the LAND math rows are equivalent to LINES of source code instructions  in a BAL computer program.

IBM Basic assembly language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Basic Assembly Language (BAL) is a low-level language used on IBM mainframes .... Three main types of instructions are found in the source code of a program ...

The instruction set consists of the low-level operations supported by the hardware, such as:

LOADLcopy a value from memory to a register
STORESTcopy a value from a register to memory
COMPARECcompare a register value with a value in memory
ShiftSLL, SRLmove the bits of a register left or right
START SUBCHANNELSSCHstart a sub-channel I/O operation using a string of Channel Command Words

One of those LINES is DC = Define Constant --> the geography area of Washington, DC with the
base 16 hexadecimal geography computer address ...the address space --> 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

President Ford --> Fo + rd --> Base 16 Hex'Fo' = 240 RD
President CLI  (CLINTON) instruction --> Compare Logical Immediate
President Bush --> Bus + h --> data BUS hexadecimal 

Columbia + Delaware --> implies Co +  De --> Code --> Co + DE--> Copenhagen Denmark parallel processing region

Columbia --> Co + Lu --> Code Logical Unit

What is logical unit (LU)? - Definition from WhatIs.com

logical unit (LU)

In IBM's Systems Network Architecture ( SNA ), a logical unit (LU) identifies an end user in an SNA network . By end user, IBM means either a human being that is interacting with the network or an application program that is indirectly representing such an end user. Two logical units that communicate depend on physical connections being established through associated physical units ( PU s). The network point at each end of a communication that sets up the communication session between logical units is called the system services control point (SSCP) . Typically, a logical unit is a unique connection to an application program. A physical unit is usually a hardware device, such as a terminal control unit. IBM's Virtual Telecommunication Access Method ( VTAM ) is used by an application program to manage session and communication requests on behalf of logical units.

In SNA, LU 6.2 is a type of logical unit used to represent end users in a distributed processing environment.
The FALK iron gear explosion in Milwaukee is a world famous LU 6.2 EVENT.

IBM Systems Network Architecture - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Jump to Logical Unit (LU)‎: ). SNA essentially offers transparent communication: equipment specifics that don't impose any constraints onto LU-LU ...

Bethesda --> Be + Th + he + esda --> Base theory hex entry sequenced data

Bethesda --> esda --> Time ....wednesday --> wedn + esda + y ...in the geography TIME region of BALTIMORE (BAL TIME orders)
Thus the city of Baltimore year 2000 TIME problems of wednesday --> esda Y --> Entry sequenced data  Y2K errors


Program 3 will use VSAM. VSAM supports 3 file organization techniques: 

1.) Entry Sequence data set (ESDA).

2.) Keyed Sequence data set (KSDS).
3.) Relative ...

I-81 --> IBM 8100 DPCX --> Distributed Processing Control Executive.


DPCX (Distributed Processing Control eXecutive) was an operating system for the IBM 8100 small computer system.In 1978 IBM announced the 8100 Information System.

I-64 --> COBOL computer language Doubleword 64 = 32 + 32

Hence, we see how errors in the geography region overflowed to Virginia TECH and the base 16  hexadecimal battle of April 16,2007

The city of Baltimore is like a Computer TIME Machine  (100 years after H.G.Wells)

City blocks --> data blocks

Thus we have TIME Machine ......map of earth circuits and the city of BAL instructions.

Above, Baltimore Highlands --> BAL HIGH --> BAL HIGH-VALUES = Hex'FF" = 255.

The bio-computer and geography computer secrets of the city have yet to be studied.  
Do you live there?
Good luck!

ST.Paul Street --> reference to ST.Paul Dirac physics concepts
Shell Rd --> human atomic brain electron shell RD...see a basic college textbook in chemistry for shell models