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B100D numeric Hierarchy Problem


The existence of B100D occurs in 2 major formats:

a) the physical biology and hematology formats with HEME group Fe(ii) ion, etc 

b) the symbolic life of b100d  ......with English language nouns, verbs  and math equations, etc. 

Nature's advanced B100D information processing system has existed for over 500 years, beginning with  the  Gutenberg printing press in year 1453.
  • Printing press - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Jump to Gutenberg's press‎: Johannes Gutenberg's work on the printing press began in ... Psalter of 1453, presumably designed by Gutenberg but ...
  • 1453 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    This article is about the year 1453. For the number (and other uses), see 1453 (number). ... Johannes Gutenberg invents the movable type printing press.

    The Gutenberg printing press

    Printing allowed   authors and reporters to express their INTERNAL thoughts about the EXTERNAL world.
    Thus  began the system the process.

    The blood arteries and eyes of a human INTERNAL bio-computer would interpret   some EXTERNAL event  ...say a year 1500 accident.
    Said human, being a news reporter ....using his INTERNAL symbolic processing machine would  write a ARTICLE  about the  EXTERNAL accident that occurred on the surface of EARTH.
    This language ARTICLE would then be printed on cellulose  paper with black ink.
    Upon publication the newspaper would be circulated in the EXTERNAL world  and sold by news boys  (EXTERNAL circulation). 

    The newspaper  buyer would read the words as data input to his eyes / optical nerve / brain computer.   The brain symbolic processor would then use blood  CIRCULATION to distribute  the   information thru-out the human bio-computer body.  Thus we see the important interplay and parallels between EXTERNAL symbol  circulation and INTERNAL symbol circulation.

    Thus over the last 500 years ...year 1500 to year  2000 ... Darwinian  symbolic and intellectual  evolution of bl00d may have occurred in some   curious, thinking, serious individuals. 

    Let's look at  Nature's most advanced  B100D  formats.

    Current theory and data states that B100D is alpha/numeric as described by the atomic English language biochemistry WORD:  B100D.

    B100D --> B  + 100 + D  --> alphabet letter B  +  a  number system using 100  + D

    Let's look at the levels of B100D ...... 

    B100D  -->  Binary 100 = Decimal 4   thus
    B100D ---> B 4 D North America --> Base 4 DNA  --> such as 42nd Street, Time Square, Manhattan  .....a city whose scientists, computer programmers, and medical personnel deny this possiblity of Nature's expression methods.

     4 2 1
    0 0 0 0
    1 0 0 1
    2 0 1 0
    3 0 1 1
    4 1 0 0

    The above B100D  table for  binary humans ...those with 2-legs, 2-arms, and 2-ears  and 4-DNA nucleotides in biochemistry.

    B100D  -->  Decimal  100  --->  thus 10 fingers multiply 10 toes = 100.
    B100D --> B + decimal 100 --> Book-keeping decimal numbers

    B100D  --> hexadecimal  Base 16 Hex'100" --> 256 Decimal.
    B100D Pressure .......
    .......D P --> Data  Processing abilities of Nature's biological processors  AND the bio-computer brain origin of various religious concepts 

    Curse - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    A curse (also called a jinx, hex or execration) is any expressed wish that some ... comprise a significant proportion of the study of both folk religion and folklore.

    What is the origin of the hex? | Answers Encyclopedia: Facts and ...

    3 answers
    Get the answer to "What is the origin of the hex? ... Philosophy and Religion

    Thus we see the various   LEVELs   of  blood  and the Hierarchy Problem of physics b100d expressions.

    Let's look at some variations that involve the above basic concepts.

    B100D  -->  Binary 100  and  Decimal  100 used by Federal Reserve Bank and financial  system employees.
    B100D --->  symbol  100 translated -->

    Urban Dictionary: c-note

    "C" signifying the quantity of 100 in roman numerals, "note" signifying federal reserve note, thus "cnote" signifies 100 dollars.

    Why is 100 dollars called a c-note

    wiki.answers.com › ... › Business & FinancePersonal Finance
    Why is 100 dollars called a c note? 'C' is the roman numeral which denotes 100. Other roman numerals are: I - 1 V - 5 X - 10 L. What is featured on the 100 dollar ....

    Therefore .....those people ..and their 
    B100D  --> B  + 100 + Dollars --> substitute  symbol  C-note for 100  --> giving  their  B100D  the   BCD format.

    Binary-coded decimal  B100D

    In computing and electronic systems, binary-coded decimal (BCD) is a class of binary encodings of decimal numbers where each decimal digit is represented by a fixed number of bits, usually four or eight, although other sizes (such as six bits) have been used historically. Special bit patterns are sometimes used for a sign or for other indications (e.g., error or overflow).

    In byte-oriented systems (i.e. most modern computers), the term uncompressed BCD usually implies a full byte for each digit (often including a sign), whereas packed BCD typically encodes two decimal digits within a single byte by taking advantage of the fact that four bits are enough to represent the range 0 to 9. The precise 4-bit encoding may vary however, for technical reasons, see Excess-3 for instance.

    BCD's main virtue is a more accurate representation and rounding of decimal quantities as well as an ease of conversion into human-readable representations.

     4 2 1
    0 0 0 0
    1 0 0 1
    2 0 1 0
    3 0 1 1
    4 1 0 0

  • 2 BCD in  (Brain)  Electronics
  • 3 Packed BCD
  • 5 IBM and BCD  --> bio-computer B100D MODEL --> 8100D --> IBM 8100 DPCX system year 1981
  • 6 Other (humnaoid)  computers and BCD
  • 7 Addition with BCD
  • 8 Subtraction with BCD

    B100D  -->  Binary 100  --> Bin --> Osama Bin Laden --> Osa+ma bin  Laden --> Osa map binary  Laden

    What level is the  INTERNAL b100d  government of Nature  compared to an  official that seals in EXTERNAL human social systems.

    The word official --> O + ff --> oo + ff --> the range of Base 16 Hex'00' = zero thru Base 16 Hex'FF' = 255  
    Thus a government  official deals with a range  of values in human society --> LOW-VALUES = zero  thru  HIGH-VALUES  = 255

    The word B100D --> Base + 100 + D --> Base 16 Hex'100' = 256  ---> and that  number 256  --> 2 + 56  LINKS  to the HEME group Fe(2) ION --> thus IRON/ Ferrous oxide (2) ions with 56 as the Iron atomic mass  .......hence, Base 16 hecadecimal  B100D  -->  B + 100 + D  when its symbolic value advances  to B  = Base 16  Hex'100' = 256 DATA LEVEL.

    Thus ..humans working within the SOCIAL CONTRACT of Nature .... may study and reach the 256 level   in the   B100D Hierarchy  .... a process not acknowledged by
    the Fer = Ferrous oxide atomic  bio-physics bio-computer life forms at Fer = FermiLAB  and  thus ...part of the  Hierarchy Problem in modern Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family anthopology.

    Thus we  see Darwinian evolution  of the symbolic processing abilities and self-awareness  of B100D.