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HC = Harvard College Hydro-Carbon expressions


The periodic atomic table has many formats of  design and thought expressions. H = Hydrogen and C = Carbon  are used  for the HC = Hydro-Carbon molecular humanoid display structures  that are on DISPLAY at Nature's EARTH LAB  hydrocarbon educational center known as HC  = Harvard  College.



HC (Hydrocarbons) - Axces.eu

Hydrocarbons are chemical compounds which consist only of carbon (C) and hydrogen (H).
They can be found in large quantities in crude oil, natural gas and at Harvard College.


Hydrocarbon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

hydrocarbon is an organic compound consisting entirely of hydrogen  and  carbon Hydrocarbons from which one hydrogen atom has been removed are ...

Organic Compounds: Hydrocarbons

The hydrocarbons contain only hydrogen and carbon.



  • mental Engineering Dictionary

    C. C. Lee - 2005 - ‎Law
    Hydrocarbon (HC): A compound consisting of carbon and hydrogen. Hydrocarbons include methane, ethane, propane, cyclopropane, butane, and cyclopentane ...
  • [PDF]

    Hydrocarbons - McGraw-Hill Ryerson

    atoms. Examples of hydrocarbons include fossil fuels, such as gasoline and natural gas. In .... show the carbon-hydrogen bonds, they are assumed to .... HC. For the next three questions, identify any errors in the structures by drawing them.
  • [PDF]

    Introduction to  Chemistry MISSIONS ... - 101

    hydrocarbons (also referred to as HC. Hydrocarbons are chemical compounds made up of hydrogen atoms which chemically bond with carbon atoms. There are ...


    View of freshman dormitories in Harvard Yard

    Harvard College - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


    Harvard College is one of two schools within Harvard University granting undergraduate degrees. Founded in 1636 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, it is the oldest ...

    Extension School ) - ‎Adams House - ‎Kirkland House - ‎Evelynn M. Hammonds



    News for Harvard College

    News for H                 atomic SYMBOL MACHINE users

    News for hydrogen carbon thinkers



     Founded in 1636 in Cambridge, Massachusetts,

     Founded in 1636 in Ca...bridge, Mass

     Founded in 1  6......Carbon communications bridge atomic mass  

    Founded by H = Hydrogen atomic number 1  and Carbon atomic number 6   in  the

    HydroCarbon project plan milestone marker  .... century 16   year 1636.

    The HC molecule educational institution named after HC ....thus a Darwinian SYMBOL MACHINE language evolution extension of HC  --> Harvard College.

    Presently, em = electromagnetic life forms dominate Harvard as em = employees   AND  thus they are in complete denial of their  molecular existence and hertitage.

    They are super-symmetry bio-physics parallels to ...... 

    Radiohead - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Kid A (2000) and Amnesiac (2001) marked an evolution in Radiohead's musical style, as the group incorporated experimental electronic music, krautrock and ...

    the group incorporated experimental electronic music,
    the group incorporated experimental electronic music,
    the group incorporated experimental electronic music,
    the Carl Jung collective unconscious group (Harvard group)  incorporated mental electronic music into their BRAIN  data processor,

    Talking Heads - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Auxiliary musicians also regularly made appearances in concert and on the group's albums. The new wave mechanics atomic  bio-physics  style of Talking Heads combined elements of punk ...

    Thus we see the evolution of  advanced intellectual organic molecules  into   organ molecules with the mouth organ and a molecular cell biology cell phone.  

    The Harvard Lampoon's "castle" features anthropomorphic eyes, nose, mouth, and bow-tie.

    Thus we see the Harvard  joke ....  their  incomplete explanations of their  existence that omit  the Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family and its atomic social expressions.