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Gravity murder of Gloria Totzke


The gravity war  zone in the geography state of Wisconsin is a well-known.

The murder of Jake G. (Milwaukee gravity field)     and G. Totzke (Oconomowoc gravity region) are 2 such examples of gravity war casualties.

In many secondary school texts, the dimensions of G are derived from force in order to assist student comprehension:

 G \approx 6.674 \times 10^{-11} {\rm \ N}\, {\rm (m/kg)^2}.


Measuring the Universal Gravitational ConstantG 

File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View
Measuring the Universal Gravitational ConstantG. Introduction: The universal law of gravitation states that everything in the universe is attracted to everything ...

The Jake Gerard gravity case is covered at other blog posts.

Gravity Murder report from city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin --> Science ... 

Apr 14, 2012 by Herbzinser1
The EARTH LAB...Earth Atlas battle in Milwaukee at S. 16th Street at Atlas (data bus) BUS Sales party and the shooting death of Jake Gerard.....known in astrophysicsgravity life humanoid format as. Jake G --> Gravity Jake G ...
More results from The Earth Gravity Battlefield and Gravity Murder

The murder of G. Totzke in  the Wisconsin gravity war ...the geography region of Oconomowoc. 

Ax killer's fate up to judge

www.jsonline.com › NewsWaukesha County
Nov 10, 2007 – According to court documents, the body of  Gloria Jean Totzke
59, was found in her bed at her Oconomowoc home Aug. 10, 2006.  Blood was ...

  • Oconomowoc man found sane in mother's ax killing

    www.jsonline.com › NewsWaukesha County
    Nov 13, 2007 – An Oconomowoc man was not criminally insane when he hacked his mother to death with an ax as she lay in bed in 2006, ... The decision by Waukesha County Circuit Judge Lee S. Dreyfus Jr. means that Mark D. Totzke will face a ... According to court documents, the body of Gloria Jean Totzke, 59, was ...

    Gloria Jean Totzke(y)
    G....................z key ......



    The constant G appearing in Newton's law of gravitation,


    and Darwin evolution of EARTH gravity understanding ..... 


    The constant G = Gloria  appearing in Newton's law of gravitation,


    The cons --> Wi + cons + in   G = Gloria and G = Government appearing in Newton's law of grave invitations,

    with EARTH plane geometry coordinates (x,Y, Z) ..z being vertical ...like the gravity field vectors.   The geometry X,Y plane is the approximately FLAT geography surface of Earth at local area of Oconomowoc, Wisconsin.  Thus the Totzke(y) --- > key , critically important data    members of the Nature's gravity human family on EARTH  ...and Natures gravity interaction with human mass at certain geography locations.

    What is the geography location?

    Below...we see gravity highway signal 67.

    gravitational constant = 6.67300 × 10-11 m3 kg-1 s-2

    The equation symbols ...... mk = mark   gloria slain
    The equation exponent  -11 --> resulted in the gravity ordered ATTACK upon the  sku11 of school teacher Gloria.

    Thus we see a strong influence of the Earth's gravity field thoughts ...upon human thoughts and behavior.

    In addition, we have the above road MAP ...with hexadecimal highway 16  intersection with gravity highway 67.
    Thus the Earth geology / geography signal that the GRAVITY FIELD... ..  now  has new features.... Nature's  base 16 hexadecimal gravity DATA FIELD ...as predicted by Einsteins data processing DATA FIELD theory and  the Galileo astronomy project on EARTH  ... that started in year 16 16 --> the formatting of existence into Base 16 hex SPACE and Base 16 hex TIME.

    Thus the tragic EVENT in Oconomowoc provides vast amounts of empirical   data for GRAND UNIFIED THEORY and the Theory of Everything  ...on how the secret gravity groups manipulate G --> Government.  They ain't talking ..... .thus  Nature took matters in its own hands .... and sent messenger TOTZKE.