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The English Language Command --> the Death Sentence

From the Z-paper series by Herb Zinser

Let's see how the modern English language is used to control society   VIA death threats.   The Virginia TECH English department ERROR results in the April 16,2007  language engineering .....  process control feedback signal.

Let's review ..... other examples.

Thus we see the English language SYMBOL MACHINE create the tragic EVENT to send a message to the world.

Kennedy has large family,  they EAT -->   EAT is a subset word of DEATH --> hence, his death in a kitchen for his  violation of Nature's  atomic sodium chloride treaty ......... known as the Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family ...  SALT molecule TREATY on social engineering.
Thus we see a correlation of nouns and words ..... that provides us with the NATURE of the  deeper explanation of the EVENT.    Newspapers provide the surface veneer data of the event (data, time, place, police data gathered, etc).  You ..the newspaper reader are supposed to complete these mystery puzzles provided by Nature's angry systems..