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Computer Earth interaction with humans


Computer Earth system 370 exists as the geography surface of EARTH soil/land.   Nature's descriptive label  LAND = Local Area Network Data.

Bio-computer humanoids exist and walk on the surface of EARTH.
In an EARTH Local Region .... a geography city, state , or country ...... consider the land ...and the surface ground ...like a computer keyboard.

As a 160 pound male walks on this  ground keyboard surface ...  his  SHOES with ten toes ...... apply gravity weight pressure to the EARTH's soil keyboard ...... thus data entry into EARTH computer.

This is known as TOES theory ...in geo-physics computer science --> the THEORY of Everything System with  the TOES data entry system --> TOES = (human serious) Thought Order Entry Symbols.

Are you TOES providing accurate algebra and basic  science data   to EARTH? 

Scientists at WHITE Sands  ...with the soft EARTH surface provide such a human TOE data entry service to COMPUTER EARTH.


Notice that these scientists have tried to ESCAPE  Computer EARTH system 370 using the ESC key ...

but Sartre wrote the existential message for them " NO EXIT"  from Nature's EARTH social engineering systems.


White Sands uses the gravity field equation and its interaction with brain atomic mass ...to weight to thoughts  ... that are  transferred to the EARTH keyboard surface.
White Sands is near gravity equation ... highway ROUTE 66.

Notice the gravity field POST OFFICE and the gravity field STATE  OF MIND equation parameter used by  the  Nm = New Mexico scientists.

In Washington, DC we have the Computer Earth system 370 .....   BASE 16 geography computer  address space of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
The bio-computers INSIDE  the   White House use the address space OUTSIDE  the White House  ... the green lawn with the soft ground surface is a famous EARTH keyboard.

As we see on television  ... sometimes ......  the  President leaves the WHITE House and walks aCROSS the (KEYBOARD) lawn  to awaiting helicopter. 

This computer science ritual is very important to Assembler. COBOL and HTML programmers and systems analyst around the world.

1) The President is INSIDE American  White House ----> IN + S + IDE + A -->  Input space IDEA region  ...... as Galileo states  in the year 1632 book on existential dimensions  "TWO CHIEF WORLD Systems".

2) The President goes from the  IN side  of  reality (see the 11-dimensions of REAL physics theory)
  to   the  
 OUT side  of REALITY (the green grass lawn).  

The green grass lawn .... is a Computer Earth data entry keyboard surface for  the President SHOES ..... who provide input to TOE theory for physics theorists.
Long ago  the green lawn ....was a geography surface   covered with with mathematical-physics  LAW n-space.  
Hence the word Lawn = Law n-space   ..thus the original numeric keyboard.

With  the creation of copper wire computer mainframes between 1950 and 1980  ...such  as system 370 with OS/JCL SNA VTAM. 
Now....the Lawn ...named the same .. LAWN -- > LAW N  -->  but is law alpha/numeric  space   OR  law numeric / alphabet space.

The IBM system  370 announcement in year 1970 was for the the President of N-space ( NIXON).

  • South Lawn (White House  parallel  to White Sands EARTH  keyboard) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The South Lawn at the White House in Washington, DC, is located directly ... Marine One, the presidential helicopter, departs from and lands on the South Lawn.
  • Marine One - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Marine One lifting off from the White House South Lawn ... The first use of helicopters for presidential transport was in 1957, when President Dwight D.

    Below, George Bush explains Computer Earth address space 1600  Pennsylvania Avenue ..symbols
    ..........Geo..... Bus hex   --> Geography data BUS hexadecimal VIA the human bio-computer interface 

    Flying to the   I/O port (another computer earth terminal device .... the airport terminal) 

    The White House after Rahm?President Barack Obama points to visitors singing "Happy Birthday" to him as he walks with White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel towards Marine One helicopter on the South Lawn of the White House in Washington, Wednesday, Aug. 4, 2010, prior to traveling to Chicago. (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak)

    Above, we see the 2-legged binary bio-computer devices  ...entering LEG data on the green grass LAWN keyboard  .... thus his 2-legs are  like 2-fingers typing.

    This data entry signal ....under another President  ........  resulted in the LAWN appointment to Nature's BOTANY Federal Reserve of  the GREEN agent --> Alan Green + Spanned data records  --> Alan GreenSpan  ..... well known to computer software  manipulation  engineers at major companies.

    Thus we see the Darwinian evolution of computer science applications to new areas of understanding.