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Language and Disease

Language plays and important role in our health.  A healthy MIND with clear, accurate thoughts enables Nature to better maintain your biology system.
Nature expects people  to obey the social contact they have with EARTH, the periodic atomic table, symbolic life. etc.  
The social contract with Nature was outlined  by John Locke and other philosophers.

The LOCKER room trial   at Penn State university was just a front. While the events actually happened as described, the REAL NATURE   of the  John LOCKE philosophy  trial  was covered up.
Thus the university philosophy department, English department, and social science  department got away  ..unnoticed......except NATURE noticed everything using the modern TOE technology.
TOE --> Theory of Everything including the incomplete explanations of Penn State affairs. The biochemistry  department with its   ENZYME  LOCK and KEY model  ...kept track of the LOCK trial and the omission of major details that had a bearing on the situation.

Let's look at some reports about other situations. let's translate some of the CLUES that are in the report ...that will be listed  on the LEFT of your screen .....as sub-pages to this page.