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Jansky SKY WARS status report


In year 2013, we review the status of the the astronomy INTELLECTUAL wars  that get transformed into physical WAR events: accidents, crimes, trials, etc.
The physical tragedies .... are thus news reports for astronomy students and amateur  astronomy clubs.

Keep in mind the  dual Nature of astronomy and astrophysics.  
Astrophysics galactic LOCAL REGION (Planet Earth) is Nature's TEST site. 
Earth  is a subset of the universe ........... thus concepts and ideas that are used to describe astronomy events millions of miles aways in the Milky Way Galaxy and else   ...those same concepts may ...in a different FORMAT ...... help explain some EARTH human events.

Thus we a have a system VIEW:

a) astronomy objects exist millions of miles away  
b) scientist on the geography surface of Earth ... build and use various telescopes to study such physical objects and their behavior and gather data
c) theorists build symbolic models with concepts and equations to explain the data 
d) the theories  and the the data are printed in various science papers and in science  magazines   ..... in the traditional   SCIENCE FORMAT .... 

e) the printed articles are read by other humans.  The words and symbols are input data streams to the eye telescope / optical nerve data pipeline --> brain photon  computer  that  has a bio-optical computer SYMBOLIC MACHINE with MFT = Multiple Fixed Tasks.  Thus the astronomy/ astrophysics input data stream  gets routed ... to the traditional astronomy TASK information processing region inside the brain.
Nature many route the concepts to a social engineering TASK processing region in the brain ....... or route the data to  Hollywood script write that may use new word concepts to write new science fiction books.

Thus we see the influence of astronomy/ astrophysics concepts ..... in regular SCIENCE ....and then their possible additional roles in other areas.

BLACK HOLE  applications to Nature's earthy social engineering systems and the  social process control FEEDBACK error signaling system.
BLACK HOLE application to EARTH wars -->  black  Hole = BLACKsburg Virginia and grave HOLES.

Other examples exist.  
Let's look at the Jansky SKY WARS  on EARTH and the battle of aliens ( 2-legged humans  with  arrogance and alien  thought waves filled with social and political BULL-nonsense..... that violates Nature's Central Nervous System 370 bio-computer  SYMBOLIC MACHINE quality control laws).

  • Karl Guthe Jansky - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Jump to Radio astronomy‎: Karl Jansky makes adjustments to his antenna, used to identify radio waves from outer space for the first time.
  • Jansky - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The unit is named after pioneering US radio astronomer Karl Guthe Jansky, and is defined as: 1 \ \mathrm{ Jy} = 10^{-26} \frac (SI) = 10^{-23} \frac{\mathrm{erg}} ...
  • Karl Jansky

    Electrical engineer Karl Jansky discovered extraterrestrial radio waves, laying the groundwork for the development of radio astronomy. He was hired by Bell ...

    Very Large Array (VLA) & White Sands - # - Irina's Photos

    irina.smugmug.com › Other
    First we went to see the NRAO Very Large Array (VLA) near Socorro, NM (a couple hours south of Albuquerque). First we went to see the NRAO Very Large ...

    October « 2012 « Round Rio Rancho

    Oct 31, 2012 – The VLA or Very Large Array (recently renamed the Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array) is a ... The observatory is a part of the National Radio Astronomy ... from Socorro, NM which is now part of the White Sands Missile Range.

    Jansky discovered extraterrestrial
    Jansky discovered extraterrestrial
    Jansky discovered extraterrestrial
    Jansky discovered extraterrestrial ....... algebra subset alphabet letters
    J...an ..sky ...........................trial  ---> CLUE 1

    The 2nd  astronomy CLUE from Nature's human SYMBOLIC MACHINE..

  • Above...we have the 2nd CLUE ------ Sanduleak  --> leak the secret EARTH  ..... social science astronomy information.

    Sanduleak   ...leak /secret
    Sand ---> Message for White SAND region scientists / thinkers  
    Sandu  --> astronomy and Nature's SYMBOLIC MACHINE  ... military identifier word

    Sand   u (union of a sets of words)  Leak ...  male biology  ...  takes a leak in a john/ toilet/ locker room
    Sand   U ---> Sand U sky  ...................................and the Penn State Locker room ...  message processing signaling event
    Sand .......................sky ------>  LINK to   White SAND and sky /astronomy / alien brain cells

    Socorro - New Mexico 

    The Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array Radio Telescopes, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology and White Sands Missile Range attract scientists and ...

    Very Large Array - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array (VLA) is a radio astronomy observatory ... culture, used to assist in the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI).

    Karl G. Jansky 
    Karl G. Jansky  ---> J  + an  + sky --> SKY POINTER

    Sanduleak --> Sand union  --> SAND POINTER

    Symbolism - Merriam-Webster Online

    the art or practice of using symbols especially by investing things with a symbolic meaning or
    by expressing the invisible or intangible by means of visible

    Thus the 2 astronomy pointers ... point to Penn State EARTH astronomy sports ... the creation of the message EVENT 

    Jansky --->   
    J  +  an + sky  ........+    Sand U Leak (locker room urination theory of  symbolic SIGNALS)
    Jerry   Sand U  sky  and the locker Room ---> Pointer to the LOCKER, Scotland   SKY WAR incomplete reports 

    Jerry Sandusky - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    After Sandusky retired as assistant coach at Penn State, he continued working ....

    Penn State child sex abuse scandal - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The trial of Jerry Sandusky on 52 charges of sexual crimes against children ....
    the locker room at the Lasch Football Building at Penn State and heard what he ...

    Joe Paterno's widow: We unknowingly helped Jerry Sandusky ...

    3 days ago – 9, 2011 file photo, former Penn State Coach Joe Paterno an

    Joe Paterno

    Joe Paterno

    Joe Paterno --> 

    Joe = Job Order entry
    Paerno --> pattern node (of Computer Earth system 370 astronomy signal life)

    Jerry   Sand U  sky  and the locker Room ---> Pointer to the LOCKER, Scotland   SKY WAR incomplete reports 
    Jerry   Sand U  sky  and the locker Room ---> Pointer to the LOCKER, Scotland   SKY WAR incomplete reports 
    Jerry   Sand U  sky  and the locker Room ---> Pointer to the LOCKER, Scotland   SKY WAR incomplete reports 

    Lockerbie: Air Crash Investigation - National Geographic Channel - UK

    On 21st December, 1988 Pan-Am flight 103 from London to New York crashed into the small Scottish town of Lockerbie, killing all 259 people onboard and 11 ...

    bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland

    history1900s.about.com › ... › Decade By Decade1980s
    Why would someone plant a bomb on Flight 103? ... evident that a bomb had caused the disaster, it took more than eleven years to bring anyone to trial. ... For the residents of Lockerbie, Scotland, their nightmare was just about to begin. "It was ...

     residents of Lock ---> EARTH  ..... and the BRAIN astronomy processing system  .... sky implies astronomy

     What is a load library? - IBM
    A load library contains programs ready to be executed. ...
    A load library can be any of the following: System library ... The most-used system library is SYS1.

    Bringing the load module into virtual storage - IBM

    The control program automatically brings the load module containing the entry ... The link library (defined by the LNKLSTxx or PROGxx member of SYS1. .... To avoid using "system copies" of modules resident in LPA and LINKLIB, you can ...
    "system copies" of modules resident in LPA
    "system copies" of modules resident in LPA
    "system copies" of modules resident in LPA --> Lockebie Plane Accident

     For the residents of Lockerbie
     For the residents of Lockerbie
     For the residents of Lockerbie

    Thus we have alien, foreign, incomplete explanation of the EVENT.

    Thus we see the usage of the word ALIENS ... is 2-fold:
    1) to describe physical bodies ..... or strange physical UFO objects ..... etc.

    2) the  second ... independent usage of  the WORD alien  ...... is used by some authors   ..to write about the alien / nonsense explanations and  stories printed in the newspapers.
    The surface veneer details of a tragic EVENT are accurate (date, time, obvious cause, location, police data gathered).
    What is omitted is the deeper explanation levels of REALITY that underlie some tragic situations.  
    But these  Carl Jung atomic amd molecular and math collective unconsciousness LEVELS are difficult   to figure out.

    As we see  above  .....  several different situations over many years  ......  a group of data events   .... may finally display some deeper level PATTERN.

    Thus JOE Paterno .... a human bio-computer with the EARTH's systems   ... tells us by his NAME .....

    Job Order Entry Patter Node --> Sand u leak  +  J. Sand u SKY   --> signals for  White Sand SETI project  J. SKY   --> Jansky.

    In year 2103 ...we await a return signal for the world of astronomy  EARTHLINGS  and plane geometry WAR  analysts.

    The alien --> word components --> al + LIE + n-space   -->

    al = alphabet/algebra/ algorithms
    LIE --> the shooting  battle of lies/ scheme/ bull /tricks of the sub-conscious COLLECTIVE  community Group Mind  ... in Liege, Belgium, Europe.

    Thus the WORD---> alien .... is a symbolic tool to convey messages about communication integrity  VIA science magazines...... that is  basic explanations.
    The Virginia TECH shooting of April 16  ...at Norris Hall Engineering Vuilfing ...completely omits the possibility that humans are BASE 16 oxygen breathing atomic bio-physics bio-computers with a  LU  =  Logical Unit = LUNG.    Virginia TECH will not help research this possibilty.   Thus the obvious DELAY into understanding this factor   ..... sucvhes they are involved in some
    alien BRAIN programming scheme ..... using students as programmable bio-computer devices.

    The U.S.Army war college ...warned universities about this violation.

    The Mind Has No Firewall - US Army War College

    by TL THOMAS - 1998 - Cited by 20 - Related articles
    The human body, much like a computer, contains myriad data processors. ... the mind and body with a firewall as we have done with hardware systems.

    April 16 --> the mind and body with a firewall as we have done with hardware systems.
    hardware systems.
    hardware systems --> astronomy shooting star selection
    hardware systems ---> Darwinian selection of Mr.CHO  with hardware expression systems.

    Thus we see  pieces to the EARTH astronomy SKY WARS.

    The pieces reflect upon the astronomy BRAIN processor ...... the bio-computer LOCK in certain TASK processing regions of brain symbolic machine.
    Failure of universities to recognize the above data  ... reflects upon the ERRORS  of  institutions and individuals   .... ERRORS caused by the assumption  of superior intelligence  AND the assumption ... not to communicate for clarification purposes.   

    Astronomy has an opportunity to  help American citizens  return  to CLEAR thinking  VIA some math or science hobby   ....  instead of watching Hollywood movie stars  and music stars.
    Will astronomy students and professors be HEROES  or WIMPS to the song and dance industries?
    Please organize your thoughts  ..... and understand the  BIG PICTURE relationship between science and society.
    You have Nature's  social system signals  ...... sent to YOU.

    Jansky SKY WARS --> Earth sky objects --> high in the sky air planes  OR humans  in/near high political office  in the social hierarchy   
    Jansky --> Jan + SKY --> Janesville Wisconsin Highway 26 + SKY  -->  S  + Ky = Kentucky Runway 26 Comair  accident

    Jansky --> SKY TRIAL --> High office --> Monica Lewin.SKY   + high office Presidebt Clinton

    Thus we see see a complex SYMBOLIC MACHINE sending CLUES  using language words/ and physical events.

    We ought try to understand the  process  ,..... the signals, the purpose  of the signals.

    Yes, continue to look  at outer space for signals   ..... millions of miles away.

    And ... using your intellectual skills .....  you might find  some strange ALIENS here on planet EARTH.

    Humans with ALIEN  brains (features are lazy brain watching sports ot parties.etc...no serious stuff) want no part of undertsanding REALITY.

    Prove you are NOT an alien.

    Contact ..... book by Carl  Sagan   .......  in his absence   .... CONTACT?