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Constitution WAR signals

Some humans  events that occur are signals from the Constitution of the United States of America.

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    How does the Constitution live?

    Geography countries and their people have a unique culture and language  ..... examples from year 1900 would be  ITALY,   Portugal, France, etc.

    Some  of their  thoughts exist at the conscious level; but most of their thought are at the Carl  Jung collective unconscious GROUP MIND level  ... hence, the GROUP feelings about national pride, etc.
    Some authors and analysts  are able to   live and think at the human bio-computer unconscious level,  the subconscious level ... and they are able to take those observations and thought  AND  raise them to a level  of conscious visible  expression by writing black ink sentences on cellulose paper and printing a book.

    The Constitution of the United States  written by Thomas Jefferson from Virginia .....  is such an example.

    The lioving Constution in year 2103 ..  lives at several levels .... with various levels of conscious awareness  of  awareness.    It starts with the  Carl Jung atomic collective level ...... molecular collective levels  .... to the conscious levels.

    The Supreme Court is caught in the middle  ...  and has been denied access to other levels of perception.

    Hence, nature's systems reaction is the ceation of signaling EVENTS ..  .... .... hoping to get attention in newspapers .......  hoping to get the attention of  serious thinkers.

    Here are some outlines of signaling EVENTS for thinkers to consider and ACT upon.

    The outline blog posts are listed as sub-pages on the left of your screen.  

    Click on the title to VIEW the blog post.