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Lincoln-Douglas DNA


Humans are  composed of INTERNAL objects: DNA, proteins, HEME group Fe(2) ions, etc.
These objects have thoughts.
For example, long ago....... Nature's HEME  engineering team was lying around...with nothing to do.
They got bored.  
So they started to think.
What can we do?

One HEME guy say ...let's build a Hemoglobin  protein ...a thus can into being...after a lot of biochemistry engineering design prototypes and testing .... a final protein model was agreed upon.  
TESTED again ... passed quality control tests .... and then moved  into  production in Nature's manufacturing  systems ---> Nature eventually made cellulose trees, zoo animals,  and the human. 

After the Hemogloblin protein project ...their was nothing to do.
Nature's  Heme engineering team was bored.

Then a Heme guy said ..... let's create  DOUBLE-Heme .....hence, came into being the Myoglobin proteins of arm muscles.
That started  a chain of thougth............DOUBLE-H gives  Helium atom 
.........................................................DOUBLE- Height --> H + eight --> Hexadecimal 

Then came in being  the Base 16 + Base 4 symbolic combination known as:

DNA - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) molecules are informational molecules encoding the genetic instructions used in the development and functioning of all known ...

alphabet data symbol ----> D e o x. y r i b o n. u.....c l..e i c  ----->a c i d
DNA computer address ---> 1....3 ...5...7...9....11...13......16 ----->1.....4 


Above we see the Base 16 hexadecimal nature of the living word--> Deoxyribonucleic
In mathematics and computer science, hexadecimal (also base 16, or hex) is a positional numeral system with a radix, or base, of 16. It uses sixteen distinct symbols,

Hexadecimal bio-computer


The double-helix may be perceived as base 2 binary structure ...in addition to its Base 16 and Base 4 features.

Base 2 (Binary)

Base 2 (also known as binary) is what computers use, internally. It has been joked that this is because they have two fingers (two electrical states, actually).

Introduction to the Binary, or Base 2, Number System

Jun 15, 2009 – In this article you'll learn about the Binary (Base 2) number system, which can be used to represent numbers using only 2 symbols

Thus the double-helix.....2 strands may be equivalent in some conceptual manner to 2 symbols OR 2 electron states.

How do INTERNAL biology structures communicate ....say around  year 1855  thru 1860 ?
How would the  INTERNAL biology double-helix send a signal to the EXTERNAL world (outside the biology body) ..thus the EXTERNAL  world being the EARTH geography surface with VISIBLE  human daily.

  1. Chapter IV.: The Correspondence Between Life and Its 

    Herbert Spencer, The Principles of Psychology [1855] ... Author: Herbert Spencer .... form links in the correspondence between internal and external changes.
Thus we see the Herbert Spencer process with INTERNAL double-helix sending out-bound messages VIA HEME group Fe(2) ions in the
myoglobin proteins of the writing arm muscles  of Charles Dickens.  His DOUBLE-HELIX  cell message appeared in EXTERNAL cellulose message format ...with the
original TITLE " Tale of Double-Helix Cities"  ..... but to enable future IBM Base 2 bio-computer  system engineers RECOGNIZE an obvious signal .... the title became "Tale of TWO Cities".

Other INTERNAL double-helix messages appeared in EXTERNAL format in year 1858 .... VIA the DOUBLE-HELIX debates with humanoid representatives.

LincolnDouglas debates - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The LincolnDouglas Debates of 1858 were series of seven debates between Abraham Lincoln, the Republican candidate for the Senate in Illinois, and the ...

Lincoln–Douglas debates

The Lincoln–Douglas Debates of 1858 were series of seven debates between Abraham Lincoln, the Republican candidate for the Senate in Illinois, and the incumbent Senator Stephen Douglas, the Democratic Party candidate. At the time, U.S. senators were elected by state legislatures; thus Lincoln and Douglas were trying for their respective parties to win control of the Illinois legislature. The debates previewed the issues that Lincoln would face in the aftermath of his victory in the 1860 presidential election. The main issue discussed in all seven debates was slavery.

Lincoln in New York City the day of his famous Cooper Union speech

The Lincoln–Douglas Debates of 1858 were series of seven debates of speaking LUNGS sending the with nitrogen atom SIGNAL to the world. 

Biology Final: The nucleus of a nitrogen atom contains ...

Aug 8, 2012 – Electrons exist only at fixed levels of ... 31 ... Question: The nucleus of a nitrogen atom contains 7 neutrons and 7 protons

The nucleus of nitrogen atom contains 7 neutrons and 7 protons ...

wiki.answers.com › Wiki AnswersCategoriesScienceChemistry
Mass Number is the number of protons or electrons in the element. Nitrogen has a mass number of 7, an atomic mass of 14

In addition, 7  nitrogen implies nitrogenous BASES of bio-chemistry social  policy.

Nitrogenous base - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A nitrogenous (nitrogen-containing) base is a nitrogen-containing molecule having the chemical properties of a base. It is an organic compound that owes its ...

Structural Biochemistry/Nucleic Acid/Nitrogenous Bases - Wikibooks ...

A DNA nucleotide is composed of 3 main units: a sugar, a phosphate group, and a nitrogenous base. While the sugar and phosphate group alternate in ...

and phosphate group alternate in ..
and phosphate group alternate in ..
and phosphate group alternate in ..
and phosphate group alternate in ..
and  .......hate group alternate  --> consequently the molecule group  war known as  the CIVIL WAR.....

Below the INTERNAL rolling hills --> become EXTERNAL battlefields in the rollings hills/mountains of the CIVIL warB

These bases are crucially important because the sequencing of them in DNA and RNA is the way information is stored. The letters which form the codons in the genetic code are the A C U G of the bases.

Nitrogenous base definition - Medical Dictionary definitions of ...

Nitrogenous base: A molecule that contains nitrogen and has the chemical ... The nitrogenous bases in RNA are the same, with one exception: adenine (A), ...

 The nitrogenous bases in RNA are the same, with one exception: adenine (A),

Thus we see LINCOLN and Douglas as messengers ...... 7 debates ... nitrogen and RNA.
Thus, they were  messenger RNA for Nature's communications systems.

In addition...we have the special feature SIGNAL

The nitrogenous bases in RNA are the same, with one exception: adenine (A),

Stephen A. Douglas
Stephen AD
Stephen ADENINE  Do something Douglas

A = Adenine
A = Adenine is a nucleobase with a variety of roles in biochemistry including cellular respiration, in the form of both the energy-rich adenosine triphosphate and the cofactors nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide ... 
Stephen A. Douglas

As the incumbent, Douglas spoke first in four of the debates.
As the incumbent, D......... spoke first in four DNA nucleotide ...  social science debates.

What are the four types of nucleotides of DNA

wiki.answers.com › Wiki AnswersCategoriesScienceBiology
The four nucleotides in DNA are:
A = Adenine ..... spoke first in four of the debates  
T = Thymine,
G = Guanine,
C = Cytosine.
 Adenine pairs ...  WAS Lincoln part of  a ADENINE pair? 

Stephen A. Douglas
United States Senator
from Illinois
In office
March 4, 1847 – June 3, 1861

Below...we see Adenine ......above we see the United States DNA government and humanoid representative --> Adenine Senator Douglas.

Thus we see the debates for the 16th PRESIDENT of United States DNA ...the year 1860 DNA political election.

alphabet data symbol ----> D e o x y r i b o n u c l e i c ......
DNA computer address ---> 1....3 ...5...7...9....11...13.......16 

Who (Lincoln or Douglas)   does DNA (16 symbols) send to address 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue  .....the WHITE HOUSE , an EXTERNAL building .. representing  Nature's INTERNAL biology government and
the INTERNAL building   white blood cells and their social engineering thoughts.

The debates were held in seven towns in the state of Illinois: Ottawa on August 21, Freeport on August 27, Jonesboro on September 15, Charleston on September 18, Galesburg on October 7, Quincy on October 13, and Alton on October 15.

seven towns in the state  --> atomic states
seven towns in the state  --> 

Nitrogen - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Nitrogen - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Nitrogen is a chemical element with symbol N and
 atomic number 7
. ... primarily in amino acids and thus proteins and in the nucleic acids (DNA and RNA).

Thus we perceive  LINCOLN  --> Lin + col + N   --> Line Column  N ....of the Lines/Columns of  periodic atomic table government and the  atomic bio-physics humanoid  expressor --> LINCOLN.

Thus the atomic LINCOLN societal equation ---> LINe + COLumn Nitrogen 7 debates using LUNG spoken  air molecules

A common and popular version of the periodic table (from http://www.chem.wisc.edu/areas/reich/handouts/periodic-table.GIF).
-  Each group contains compounds with similar electron configurations; except hydrogen and hel

Above we see ROW w staring signaling element Li + Be  -->expanded message  Lincoln, Atomic Be --> Lincoln, ABe

Next in the row are symbols B, C, N --> Bio-Chemistry N --> Nitrogen.

Thus ...the atomic table,....Margaret  Mead nuclear family ....atomic social science expressor --> Line + Column  element N --> Lin col N 


The key debate CLUES and symbol CLUES about this are --> 

Jonesboro on September 15 --> Jon 

Charleston on September 18 --> Charles Darwin evolution concepts

 anAlton on October 15 ---> and alton.

Above subset WORD clues give: evolution Jon alton --> John Dalton.

John Dalton --> alton, Illinois

John Dalton
Born6 September 1766
Eaglesfield, Cumberland, England

Atomic theory

In 1800, Dalton became a secretary of the Manchester Literary and Philosophical Society, a

The most important of all Dalton's investigations are those concerned with the atomic theory in chemistry, with which his name is inseparably associated

Atomic weights

Dalton proceeded to print his first published table of relative atomic weights. Six elements appear in this table, namely hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, carbon, sulfur, and phosphorus, with the atom of hydrogen conventionally assumed to weigh 1

Dalton communicated his atomic theory to Thomson who, by consent, included an outline of it in the third edition of his
System of Chemistry (1807), and Dalton gave a further account of it in the first part of the first volume of his New System of Chemical Philosophy (1808)

 New System of Chemical Philosophy (1808) --> year 1858 LIN COL N  atomic political science expressions

Thus we have the atomic political science NATURE of the periodic atomic table ....... that NATURE  amplified and enlarged to be  seen  and  heard by all.... VIA  
the DALTON  atomic humanoid demo in ALTON. Illinois with ABE Lincoln.

The next CLUE is about atomic social communications theory ....communications pathways.

Lincoln–Douglas debates

The Lincoln–Douglas Debates of 1858 were series of seven debates between Abraham Lincoln

 In the same way, pro-Lincoln papers edited Lincoln's speeches,

seven debates  --> 7 --> implies nitrogen atom
pro-Lincoln papers  --> pro --> protons of LIN COL N --> Protons Line Column  N = Nitrogen

The 7 debates and pro-LINCOLN --> give 7 protons of Nitrogen are the source of the proton PRO= prose ...atomic English language prose of the Nitrogen atom VIA the LUNG output gases that carry word 

Thus we consider  ....  
LEVEL 1 -->< the primordial  source level of thought and ideas...the atomic level 
...in the message above...the  7 protons of atomic Nitrogen ENGAGE in a debate with the biochmesitry level  (LEVEL 2) nitrogenous bases  of DOUGLAS.

Thus we have  the year 1858 debate  of atomic Level 1  VERSUS molecular cell biology LEVEL  2.

Let's complete our theory of the Lincoln communications  pathway.

LEVEL 1 pathway CLUE --> pro-Lincoln papers  --> pro --> protons of LIN COL N 

LEVEL 1 --atomic LINCOLN ...decribed above

Level 2...the atomic protons of LINCOLN and nitrogen .....are used by NATURE to build pro-->proteins of LINCOLN.


Proteins can be characterized as extremely long-chain polyamides. ... As our exploration of the genomes of humans and other organisms expands, it becomes ...


Amino Acids - Building Blocks of Proteins - 3D Molecular Designs

File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View
Assuming that all human proteins are 300 amino acids long, what fraction of the total number of possible different proteins is found in the human body?

Proteins can be characterized as extremely long-chain polyamides

human proteins are 300 amino acids long

Thus Nature's engineering team ..... with atom protons and their next LEVEL extension --> proteins.....
made very sure that the LONG PROTEIN signal would be seen and recognized by others.
Thus the LONG protein social bio-chemistry signaling device.....

What was President Abraham Lincoln's height

wiki.answers.com › ... › US HistoryUS PresidentsAbraham Lincoln
What was President Abraham Lincoln's height? In: Abraham Lincoln [Edit ... At six feet four inches, Lincoln was (so far) the tallest US President. Improve answer ...

100 Years Carnegie: Lincoln: Did you know...?

Lincoln was 6'4" tall, at a time when the usual height of adult men in the United States was 5'6". Even more astonishing, Lincoln grew to this height by age 17 --> 17 years ... invention and patent LAW  of
Nature's biochemistry department and NATURE's legal department in bio-patent law.




Proteins are composed by long polymeric chains of linked sub-units: the amino acids. They contain carbon, oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen atoms (some also contain sulphur).

Collagen Structure of the 16th President - Lincoln

Natural gut strings ....guts / courage / thinking  and studying 

There are at least 16 known types of collagen, which form varying structures,
 but have the same purpose ------- to provide strength and resilience ----> to a NATION.

Abraham Lincoln - Wikipedia

Abraham Lincoln was the 16th President of the United States, serving from March 1861 until ..

Lincoln --> Lin + coln -->coln is abbreviation for  collogen 

the 16th President of the United States of  human collagen structures 

...................................................At six feet four inchesLincoln was (so far) the tallest US President.

16 known types of  the collagen  Base 16 hexdecimal PRESIDENT

form varying structures, but have the same purpose ------- to provide strength and resilience ----> to the  4th DNA of July  Constitution.


(from http://www2.mcdaniel.edu/Chemistry/CH3321JPGs/Proteins)