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Math array Grand Jury Trial


Math new announcements    are  printed in newspapers.  They are often the subject of sensational  headlines.
Math and physics has a powerful influence on society.

Let's look at some news.

Maryland Jury to Probe Tripp's Taping - Washington Post

As Linda R. Tripp spent her third day testifying before a federal grand jury investigating the Monica S. Lewinsky matter, a Maryland prosecutor said yesterday ...

What is being said?
TOE theory is the Theory of Everything.

Theory of everything - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A theory of everything (ToE) or final theory is a putative theory of theoretical physics that fully explains and links together all known physical phenomena, and ...

Big Minds Debate Theory of Everything | Physics, Cosmology ...

Mar 8, 2011 – Will physicists ever arrive at a theory of everything that can unite the fundamental forces and describe the entire universe?

In the context of TOE ...let's examine the news.

---> a federal grand jury investigating --> grand unified theory of physics

Grand Unified Theory - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A Grand Unified Theory, (GUT), is a model in particle physics in which at high energy, the three gauge interactions of the Standard Model which define the ...

  • The Particle Adventure | Unsolved Mysteries | Grand Unified Theory

    Today, one of the major goals of particle physics is to unify the various fundamental forces in a Grand Unified Theory which could offer a more elegant ...
  • grand unified theory - The Free Dictionary

    A theory of elementary forces that unites the weak, strong, electromagnetic, and gravitational interactions into one field theory and views the known interactions ...

    Thus we see the more TRUE NATURE of the GRAND Jury investigation into the Grand Unified Theory cover-up. 
    What is being hidden?

    Let's look again ....at the news CLUES.

    Maryland Jury
    Mary --> M + ary --> Math array land ........ the  math configuration  of the geography surface of EARTH  

    As Linda . Tripp spent her third day testifying 
    ....Linda --> lin + da --> line data

    Let's review the math applications of the Mary --> Math array GRAND JURY in Maryland.

    Array - Algebra - Math Dictionary

    An Array is an arrangement of a set of numbers or objects in rows and columns.

    Definition: In math, an array refers to a set of numbers or objects that will follow a specific pattern. An array is an orderly arrangement, often in rows, columns or a matrix. 

    Above, we have geography Math Array Land --> implies Maryland 

    The Land of Lincoln, the State of Illinois with its universities ...is slightly different from Nature's point  of VIEW.
    Lincoln --> Lin + col + n --> line column n --> implies a n x n square matrix.
    President Lincoln, being the 16th President of the United States, suggests that Illinois farm LAND is in base 16 hexadecimal format .... in accordance with Einstein's data processing DATA FIELD theory.

    Linear algebra - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Linear algebra is the branch of mathematics concerning vector spaces, often finite or countably infinite dimensional, as well as linear mappings between such ...

    Linear Algebra | Khan Academy

    Matrices, vectors, vector spaces, transformations, eigenvectors/values. Covers all topics in a first year college linear algebra course. This is an advanced course ...

    Free Linear Algebra textbook

    Covers linear system, vector spaces, maps between spaces, determinant and similarity.
    Matrices, vectors, vector spaces, transformations, eigenvectors/values. Covers all topics in a first year college linear algebra course. 

    Linear Algebra -- from Wolfram MathWorld

    mathworld.wolfram.com › ... › Linear AlgebraGeneral Linear Algebra
    Linear algebra is the study of linear sets of equations and their transformation properties. Linear algebra allows the analysis of rotations in space, least squares .

    1072 × 486 - Linear Algebra: Matrices

    Thus far we have Linda Tripp, Maryland.
    Land of Lincoln and the secrets of the University of Illinois  and University of Chicago.

    What other math has been in the news?
    The Vang TRIAL  of matrices over the Rice Lake, Wisconsin math battle.

    Symbolism - Merriam-Webster Online

    the art or practice of using symbols especially by investing things with a symbolic meaning or by expressing the invisible or intangible by means of visible or .

    Vang = Vector angle ....with  matrices  

    Mat.rices --> rice shooting --> Rice Lake 

    vec  Angle 


    400 × 401 - If we have two 2D vectors (V1 and V2) then we could

    Thus we see 3 mathematically related ideas and their expressions in social sciences, political science, and shootings.

    Maryland --> Math array land  ......with agent  Linda (Line  Data)  geography and the mathematical physics surface of EARTH

    agent Line Data (Linda) --->  pointer to  Line Columns --> pointer to Land of Lincoln linear algebra problems

    Next to Illi nois(e)  is the State of Wisconsin and its math problems in awareness of the  EXISTENCE  of  matrices 

    The Land of Lincoln --> Land  of  Line Column --> shooting battle took place at Cole Hall in DeKalb  Illinois,
    Cole --> Col --> Column of e = 2.718  = natural numbers VERTICAL column
    Hall --> H ---> Horizontal --> Hor --> Horror in Horizontal Row space  ..... societal math errors  of Illinois get expressing in the HOR --> Horizontal Horror at Northern Illinois University.

    Thus we see the seats ...... comprise a   linear algebra arrangement   with  of rows of seats.
    Thus literally ...we had the  row/column battlefield  ...with Evans Field House nearby (the Dr.Robley EVANS textbook "The Atomic Nucleus with Einsteins military FIELD Theory).  

    Below, Evans Field House and the  EVEN integer STevens Building.

    Thus we see a series of cover-ups and falsehoods and omissions  as scientists and math people are NOT allowed to speak the TRUTH.