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Lincoln - Linear Control WAR


Nature has many formats of expression ..... such as bio-math humanoids.
Let's consider the BASE 16 Math President of  the hexadecimal war .... .that is the CIVIL WAR. v>
Abraham Lincoln  (February 12, 1809 – April 15, 1865)
 was the 16th President of the United States, serving from March 1861 until his assassination in April 1865.

His election was the signal for seven southern slave states to declare their secession from the Union and form the Confederacy.

his Emancipation Proclamation in 1863, encouraging the border states

 took control of the border slave states

Let's consider EARTH as a laboratory for NATURE; and, in addition to mechanical engineering labs ...we perceive Earth as a social engineering laboratory for Nature.
Many of the concepts used by mechanical engineers and process control system engineers can be adapted to help understand society.
College textbooks provide us with many concepts and examples .....ideas useful for understanding Nature's social engineering systems  AND social process control systems with feedback signals ..usually ERROR signals in the  format of war or a tragic accident.    The Civil WAR can be considered from such a view. 

The above CLUES come from the INTERNET. Using atomic English language and Darwinian selection of symbolic life ...key expressions...we begin to see a pattern .....that would be is familiar to modern math or engineering student.

Linear State-Space Control Systems - Robert L. Williams, II, Douglas ...

books.google.com › Technology & Engineering › Mechanical
 The book blends readability and accessibility common to undergraduate control systems texts with the mathematical rigor necessary to form a solid theoretical ...

Control theory - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Jump to Linear systems control‎: 
Main article: State space (controls). For MIMO systems, pole placement can be performed mathematically using a state ...

Linear Systems Control

State Space Modelling of Physical Systems.- Analysis of State Space Models.- Linear Control System Design.- Optimal Control.- Noise in Dynamic Systems.

State Functions and Linear Control Systems: D. Schultz - Amazon.com

State Functions and Linear Control Systems

Linear systems with state and control constraints - Dept. of Electrical ...


Linear Systems with State and Control Constraints: 
The Theory and Application of Maximal. Output Admissible Sets. 

Nature's  description of  Lincoln --> Lin + Col + n = Linear  Control + numeric

In other words....NATURE's social science RD project in year 1860  was

LINEAR CONTROL Numeric systems  ....studies and reality,etc  USING humanoids.   Algebra subset symbols ....
LIN.......CO........L  N   spells  Nature's  BIO-MATH symbolic machine ..... agent LINCOLN.

Thus the CIVIL WAR was a study of STATE TRANSITIONS.

EE 580 — Linear Control Systems VI. State Transition Matrix

File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View
EE 580 — Linear Control Systems. VI. State Transition Matrix. Department of Electrical Engineering. Pennsylvania State University. Fall 2010. 6.1 Introduction ...

State Transition Matrix  of some system of NATURE involved ...the geography and people ideas of  

--->signal for seven southern slave states
--->the border states
-->control of the border slave states

Process Controls CONTROL LOOP DIAGRAMS Figure 7 Takeoff Point Feedback 
Control System Block Diagram
 Figure 8 shows basic elements of a feedback 
control system as represented by a block diagram.
 The functional relationships between these 
elements are easily seen. An important factor to
remember is that the block diagram 
represents flow paths of control signals, but does not 
 flow of 
energy through the system or process.

Figure 8 Feedback Control System Block Diagram 
Rev. 0 Page 9 

Nature and civilization --> the NATURE of social engineering process control systems of years 1860 thru 1865 ..... which includes

the human abilityto try to understand the CITY of the veloCITY  of  light /photons/English words in your eye/optical  nerve  BASE 16 LINCOLN bio-computer.

Year 1860 thru 1865 ...optical states of MIND ...and their affect upon  CIVIL WAR thought 
.....c = 1860  miles per hour ....velocity of light ....brain incomplete ability to process photons
.....c = 186,000 miles per second   .....determined around year 1890 by physics experiments in optics

The Confederate Constitution of seven state signatories—South CarolinaMississippiFloridaAlabamaGeorgiaLouisiana and Texas—formed a "permanent federal government" in Montgomery, Alabama, in 1861.

1861 – Confederate States of America

Seven states declared their secession from the United States before Lincoln took office on March 4, 1861:
1. South Carolina (December 20, 1860)
2. Mississippi (January 9, 1861)
3. Florida (January 10, 1861)
4. Alabama (January 11, 1861)
5. Georgia (January 19, 1861)
6. Louisiana (January 26, 1861)
7. Texas (February 1, 1861)

What is Nature trying to tell us about the social engineering architecture of Nature?
What is  the purpose of the Base 16 data processing  WAR feedback signal.
We have the STATE of NC = Numerical Control represented by the STATE of NC = North Carolina.

Thus we see an interesting puzzle ..... what was the more TRUE NATURE of the Civil War?
WE need a more complete picture of the deeper levels of REALITY...that surfaced in the tragic expression known as the CIVIL WAR.