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Cancer Language ERRORS translated


Do we fully understand everything we read?   Science reports on cancer disease may contain additional information that is often ignored.  An older and wiser research analyst may notice  additional CLUEs.

The methods used for additional VIEWS are:

read between the lines - Idioms and phrases - The Free Dictionary

Definition of read between the lines in the Idioms Dictionary. read between the lines phrase. What does read between the lines expression mean? Definitions 

read between the lines --->
to find a hidden meaning in something said or written

read between the lines - Wiktionary

to read between the lines (third-person singular simple present reads between the lines, present participle reading between the lines, simple past and past ...

Read between the lines

Read between the lines - the meaning and origin of this saying.

BBC - KS3 Bitesize: English - Character - Introduction

www.bbc.co.uk › HomeEnglishReading
A key stage 3 revision and recap resource for english, covering reading and ..

look at what the writer tells you outright and what you can read between the lines.

Another method is-->

Symbolism - Merriam-Webster Online

the art or practice of using symbols especially by investing things with a symbolic meaning or by expressing the invisible or intangible by means of visible or ...

Let's look at a CANCER disease report:

Global cancer statistics.

by A Jemal - 2011 - Cited by 3188 - Related articles
Feb 4, 2011 – Global cancer statistics. Jemal A, Bray F, Center MM, Ferlay J, Ward E, Forman D. Surveillance Research, American Cancer Society, Atlanta, ...

Above ..... key word analysis.






 BAL Basic Assembler Language is a version of IBMs assembler language ... An assembler language consists of computer instructions to the processor, each ...


1) BAL (Basic Assembler Language) is a version of IBM's assembler language (sometimes called assembly language) for its System/360 and System/370mainframe operating systems. An assembler language consists of computer instructions to the processor, each specifying a specific processor operation and input or output registers or data areas. Most programs are written in higher-level languages. However, assembler language may be needed for programs that must run using little memory or that must execute very quickly. 


 System/370 -->  bio-computer version at 37.0 degrees Celsius human body temperature..


Human bio-computer uses Base 16 hexadecimal  OXYGEN of the periodic atomic table.

The 16 electrons of  the Oxygen Molecule with  mass 32 ...provides the data processing basis of biology structure and the brain computer.

Thus we see bio-computer LU = Logical Unit = LUNG gets the oxygen Base 16 atomic  
bio-computer LU  disease known as LUNG CANCER.  


by A Jemal - 2011 - Cited by 3188 - Related articles
Feb 4, 2011 – Global cancer statistics. Jemal A, Bray F, Center MM, Ferlay J, Ward E, Forman D. Surveillance Research, American Cancer Society, Atlanta, ...


 Let's take the above SIGNAL and translate and enhance the message using the 26 protons of IRON and its 26 atomic English alphabet letters. 


Above ..... key word analysis.

Feb 4, 2011 --> month Fe = Ferrous oxide report

Ferlay --> Ferrous oxide IRON layers of processing on EARTH LAB ...... probably related to the Fer= Ferrous oxide Hierarchy Problem  of physics at Fer = FermiLAB RD location.
Remember IRON role in biology can influence cancer -->


Red blood cells are by far the most abundant cells in the blood. ... Each molecule of hemoglobin contains

 four iron atoms, and each iron atom can bind with one ....


The global burden of cancer continues to increase largely because of the aging and growth of the world population alongside an increasing adoption of cancer-causing behaviors, particularly smoking, in economically developing countries. Based on the GLOBOCAN 2008 estimates, about 12.7 million cancer cases and 7.6 million cancer deaths are estimated to have occurred in 2008; of these, 56% of the cases and 64% of the deaths occurred in the economically developing world. Breast cancer is the most frequently diagnosed cancer and the leading cause of cancer death among females, accounting for 23% of the total cancer cases and 14% of the cancer deaths. Lung cancer is the leading cancer site in males, comprising 17% of the total new cancer cases and 23% of the total cancer deaths. ..... 

for 11% of the total female cancer deaths. Although overall cancer incidence .....

Clinicians, public health professionals, and policy makers can play an active role in accelerating the application of such interventions globally.

Above ..... key word analysis.

of these, 56% of the cases ---> the math integer  56 is at the atomic mass of iron 


The isotope 56Fe is the isotope with the lowest mass per nucleon, 930.412 MeV/c2, though not the isotope with the highest ... Standard atomic mass: 55.845(2) u ...

Above ..... key word analysis.

11% of the total female cancer deaths.  --> 11% female --> 11% fe=ferrous oxide atomic biology structure named fe+male = female

 --> Fe --> Females and the periodic atomic table of life. 

 Article  Words 

 health professionals, and policy makers ....key words:

professionals --> pro + fe  --> 26 protons ferrous oxide atom  .....The EARTH iron core and magnetic field interaction with human iron blood cells 
policy --> pol + ic --> North Pole ice of the Arctic Circle implies magnetic field interaction agents .... geology/geography medical  factors.

Article  Words 

accounting for 23% of the total cancer cases

Modern version of a Cancer Society --> Earth geography TROPIC of Cancer society


 Article  Words

-->cancer cases and 23% of the total cancer deaths


cancer cases and 23% of the total cancer deaths
cancer cases and 23% of the t.......cancer deaths cancer cases and 23% of the tropic cancer deaths 


ABOVE geography map shows line 23.5 of the Tropic of Cancer...a possible  factor in EARTH cancer disease.

Article  Words

cases and 14% of the cancer deaths. Lung 

SIGNAL (14 LUNG)   of the above words --> 14 

Thus  we have a signal for the 14th Dalai Lama, the Buddhist religion and their geography regions in ASIA ...regarding NATURE and the cellulose TREE BUD (link to human cell Buddhist) and the NITROGEN cycle wars of Botany bio-chemistry.  Thus we see a complex flowchart of many interwoven factors  .... that ought be considered in cancer disease in ASIA or Buddhist cancer patients.

The Tropic of Cancer currently (Epoch 2012) lies 23° 26′ 16″ [1] north of the Equator. Its position is not fixed, but varies in a complicated manner over time. It is presently drifting south at the rate of almost half a second (0.47″) of latitude per year (it was at exactly 23° 27' in year 1917).[2] See circles of latitude for further information.

Tropic of cancer passes through National Highway 34 in Nadia District, West Bengal, India

Thus we see a possible LINK of 23 to 23 chromosome pairs in humans  AND
the number 26 LINK of Fe= ferrous oxide atom protons and fe = females iron biology 
AND  the number 16 of the oxygen atomic mass 16 bio-computer used by females breast cancer.

Cancer currently (Epoch 2012) lies 23° 26′ 16″ --> these geography coordinates CLEARLY POINT at the
human  female ..23 chromosomes, 26 iron monthly cycle of blood, 16 oxygen breathing BREAST CANCER.

cancer nadia wb india.jpg

Above ....look at the sign word on line 1 : CANCER 
..............................................line 2 : place = p + lace --> bedroom place + silk lace 
..............................................line 3 : district --> dis + tric + ct = disease trick count
..............................................line 4 : cell --> molecular cell biology and the EARTH  MESSAGE board --> Cancer cell news sign