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Linear Algebra - CIVIL War


The CIVIL WAR  involved many factors.

The Base 16 hexadecimal WAR involved the 16th  MATH President of the United States from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Lincoln's concern was to save the Union,

LINCOLN  ---> LIN + COL + N  --->  LINE + COLUMN N 

SAVED --> SA + VE + D = Space Vector  Direction

LINCOLN SAVED --> Line , Column  N-Space Vector Direction

Thus we see 2 applications of the THEORY of LINCOLN mathematical-physics expressions.

a) LINE & Column N suggest an N X N square matrix ..or matrices.

100 years later we had Vice-president NIXON (year 1959) and then President NixoN (year 1969)
Math President for N X N square matrices was NIXON.

The math war took place in VS = Vector Space region known as Vietnam, Asia.
The geography region is known as the ORIENT --> implies ORIENTATION or direction --> implies vector
Analysis of mathematical-physics space reveals the existence of RICE FIELDS on the geography surface of EARTH in the vector space region of VS =Vietnam South.

Einstein's FIELD theory thus involves RICE FIELDS ......specifically the the well-known math structure.....matRICES and their field properties in linear algebra and their field properties in REAL LIFE...... that involved the Pentagon.

Under MATH  President Bush, JR we had the MATH government representative for matRICES  ..... the Secretary = secret +ary = Secret array.
Who was this famous mathematician ...who probably does not known linear algebra or matrices ...BUT was a nice person  AND was approved by  world-wide math societies. 
In addition, those societies, themselves   ..... forgot  the linear algebra project plan involving foreign affairs.

Matrices ....
.....rices --> Rice, Secretary of State for linear algebra,  matrices, determinants, and eigenvalues.
What kind of advice does she get ...about the math state of social science and political science affairs?

Thus we see Nature's WAR protecting the mathematical-physics architecture of Sartre existentalism.


square matrix has the same number of rows as columns .

Thus we need to reconsider the CIVIL WAR and LINCOLN and the math MULTIPLY symbol of the Confederate linear algebra BIO-MATH soldiers.


The 9th's Regimental Battle flag has the Gettysburg Battle Honor on the ...

Below, the multiple symbol --> Battle Flag symbol 


Matrix Multiply Order --> Nature's MILITARY math orders to BIO-MATH humanoid ... carrier vehicles for symbolic machines.

Thus ...in year 2012  we have more information about the CAUSES and deeper levels of REALITY  underlying the Math war involving President Abe LINCOLN  ...... and later ... another phase of the linear algebra war  under MATH President NIXON  ....... commander-in-chief for N x N square matrices.

Hold it? Let's return to the CIVIL WAR ......a battle among   BIO-math humanoid men.

Lincoln represented the N X N square matrix. 

Let's consider a larger or smaller rectangular matrix  .... M X  N --> in BIO-math = M A N.

In the audio/sound world.............rectangular 
has the equivalent phonetic ......wreck tangle lar  --> wreck/war  tangle/fight liar  ..thus the CIVIL WAR was a matrix war between 2 different 

matrix structures and their dimensions.

Matrix (mathematics) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

In mathematics, a matrix (plural matrices) is a
rectangular array of numbers, symbols, or expressions, arranged in rows and columns. 
The individual items in a ...
The individual items in a ..
The individual items in a .. adult male  INDIVIDUAL soldiers ..... items

in the abstract WARS between schools of thought.  Thus we see how intellectual wars CAN get transformed into physical conflict ...
hence the WORDS: toy soldiers. Toy soldiers in REALITY are really 180 pound male soldiers that string theory physics uses for puppets.  In year 2012 ...we have the Iraq and Afghanistan SCIENCE WARS with the Pentagon representing American  social science  MATH ERRORS.  Base 16 HEX WAR region is the EARTH geography region of HEX'AF" = 175 = AFghanistan.

Since LINCOLN was the representative for N x N  vector space;   the South ..the Confederates  must have been Nature's representatives for the 

M X N matrix  ...with the Confederate  FLAG  math symbol ....matrix multiplication.

Determinant of a non-square matrix? - Newsreader - MATLAB Central

www.mathworks.com › MATLAB CentralMATLAB Newsreader
Jul 1, 2010 – Mirko Radic defined a determinant of a rectangular matrix in 1966: ... returns the determinant of the left mxm submatrix of an mxn matrix if m<n: > ...

Thus we see the DETERMINATION, the will and the emotional effort put forth by the non-square matrix soldiers of the SOUTH.

What type  of  CIVIL war matrix battles existed?

"The Set of All MXN Rectangular Real Matrices of Rank-R Is ...

by JC Evard - 1994 - Cited by 2 - Related articles
Feb 1, 1994 – It is well known that the set of all square invertible real matrices has two connected components. The set of all m x n rectangular real matrices of ...

Above ....square invertible real matrices .....and their  expression   VIA   math President LINCOLN  ... sqaure invertible REAL war.

Rectangular Invertible Matrices - JStor

Rec  is a subet component   of word: WrecK and destroy ...war zone
Rec  is a subset component of data records of the  BASE 16th President war

tang --> Tangle/ fight like cats and dogs ...such as the CIVIL WAR 
by AJ Berrick - 1997 - Related articles
However, there are situations in which rectangular "invertible" matrices do occur ... with entries in any ring R, and we say that an m x n matrix P, having entries in ...

Thus we see an interesting relationship between  the bio-computer human ...a symbolic bio-machine
....a processor  of nouns, verbs, math and physics equations, chemistry formula --> social chemistry expressions such as WAR.

A human male is like a box ....a bio-computer box ...say 6 feet tal, 2, feet wide and 2 feet deep.

Looking at a  PICTURE of a standing male ...we can super-impose a linear algebra table of rows and columns upon that being ... and perceive that human a a matrix.
That is a message that NATURE is trying to use...about our BIO-MATH existence.

We have the logarithms humanoid from LOGAN, UTAH that is a math specimen at CALTECH.
_Tom M. Apostol  of CALTECH is using his calculus  book  concepts to provide  an
ATom Map of  humanoids with   astrophysics biology --> Biology = Bio + log + gy  --> bio logarithms of LOGAN  with gy = gravity interaction with brain atomic mass  RESULTS in
bio-graph book " BLACK HOLES and Time Warps".  Maybe, someday, CALTECH might acknowledge that NATURE does exist and does have some minor influence in human affairs.

File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View
The coefficients aij give rise to the rectangular matrix A = (aij)mxn (the first subscript is the row, the second is the column). This is a matrix with m rows and n ...

Thus we see BIO-MATH expressions from  human birth ...gives rise to  an M x N rectangular matrix  equation = M  A  N  with  A =  (aij)  mxn .

Specific entries of a matrix are often referenced by 

A male human scientists is born ...and his first math expression of LIFE is the distributive law of  high school algebra.

the algebra ....  baby  =  ba + by  = b (a + y).

This equation..at birth exists in  a primordial subconscious math level  ....  and starts to grow.,..give rise to more ideas  ...and if Nature's process  is successful....
the male human will like high school algebra  and  plane geometry ..... and then continue  his mathematical growth.      Perhaps,  mathematical growth will result in a professor who reaches a level of MATH consciousness  ..while others bio-math ..continues at some  subliminal level with partial consciousness.  In both cases a respect for  NATURE and its math symbolic LIFE  ought exist.