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The FermiLAB atomic B100D level problems


Let's look at Nature's evolution of blood and IRON ...the ferrous oxide IRON  atom and its 26 proton atomic English alphabet letters.

Thus Nature has a bio-physics IRON blood RD site  near atomic mass ... highway 56  in Illinois.

  • Atomic mass - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The atomic mass of an 56Fe isotope is 55.935 u and one mole of 56Fe will in theory weigh 55.935g, but such amounts of pure 56Fe have never been found on ...
  • Atomic Mass - Windows to the Universe

    Aug 26, 2009 – A plot of the binding energy per nucleon vs. atomic mass shows a peak atomic number 56 (Iron)

  • Illinois Route 56 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Illinois Route 56 is an east–west state road in northern and northeastern Illinois. It runs from the ... It also forms the southern border of Fermilab in Batavia.

    An iron atom has an atomic mass of 56 Its atomic number is 26 How ...

    wiki.answers.com › ... › Atoms and Atomic Structure

    It also forms the southern border of Fermilab in Batavia.
    It also forms the southern border of Fermilab in Batavia.
    It also forms the southern border of Fermilab in Batavia.

    Nature projects involves human social  engineering and human brain engineering.
    When problems occur, Nature may send a FEEDBACK ERROR Signal in a message processing format: Tragic mess and message.

    Thus a review of some tragic social science signals gives rise to the modern  THEORY of B100D ...... and the IRON atom problems at FermiLAB  .....consequently the 4 iron atoms in Hemoglobin in B1ooD in atomic bio-physics humanoid structures at Fer = Ferrous oxide location Fer= FermiLAB   ....... have a missing LINK problem ..... a missing diplomatic   communications protocol procedure.

    The existence of B100D occurs in 2 major formats:

    a) the physical biology and hematology formats with HEME group Fe(ii) ion, etc 

    b) the symbolic life of b100d  ......with English language nouns, verbs  and math equations, etc. 

    Current theory and data states that B100D is alpha/numeric as described by the atomic English language biochemistry WORD:  B100D.

    B100D --> B  + 100 + D  --> alphabet letter B  +  a  number system using 100  + D

    Let's take the above equation AND take another look.
    A useful perception tool is .....

    Symbolism - Merriam-Webster Online

    the art or practice of using symbols especially by investing things with a symbolic meaning or by expressing the invisible or intangible by means of visible or 

    Thus  the INTERNAL blood vessel conflict is amplified/enlarged to a visual EXTERNAL display level of conflict on the geography land/sea surface of EARTH.

    Hematology - Medscape Reference

    Hematology articles covering symptoms, diagnosis, staging, treatment, prognosis, and follow-up. Peer reviewed and up-to-date recommendations written by ...

    Thus we see the B100D equation --> B + 100 --> 100 years war.

    Let's  look at  modern  version of the 100 numeric b100d war and the B100D educational displays of that war.

    First, let's review alpha/ numeric blood ..... the years  2013 VIEW.

    Let's look at  Nature's most advanced  B100D  formats.

    Current theory and data states that B100D is alpha/numeric as described by the atomic English language biochemistry WORD:  B100D.

    B100D --> B  + 100 + D  --> alphabet letter B  +  a  number system using 100  + D

    Let's look at the levels of B100D ...... 

    B100D  -->  Binary 100 = Decimal 4   thus
    B100D ---> B 4 D North America --> Base 4 DNA ... Nature's 1st primordial bio-math expression with bio-chemisitry

     4 2 1
    0 0 0 0
    1 0 0 1
    2 0 1 0
    3 0 1 1
    4 1 0 0

    B100D  -->  Decimal  100  
    B100D --> B + decimal 100 --> Book-keeping decimal numbers and Internal Revenue Service accounting tax systems in Austin, Texas with  the Joe STACK .....stack level hierarchy messages to Texas hematology textbook authors.

    B100D  --> hexadecimal  Base 16 Hex'100" --> 256 Decimal.
    B100D Pressure .......
    .......D P --> Data  Processing abilities of Nature's biological processors  AND the bio-computer brain origin of various religious concepts 

    Curse - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    A curse (also called a jinx, hex or execration) is any expressed wish that some ... comprise a significant proportion of the study of both folk religion and folklore.

    What is the origin of the hex? | Answers Encyclopedia: Facts and ...

    3 answers
    Get the answer to "What is the origin of the hex? ... Philosophy and Religion

    Thus we see the various   LEVELs   of  blood  and the Hierarchy Problem of physics b100d expressions.

    Let's look at the B100D display signaling  messages. 

    The Virginia Tech massacre was a school shooting that took place on April 16, 2007, on the campus of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in ...

    April 16
    April 16
    April 16 --> base 16 hexadecimal bio-chemistry ...alpha/numeric  B100D  war  at the university   interface with NATURE's B100D symbolic engineering building....hence, Darwinian  selection of the battle location..to optimize the signal to the world. 

    About two hours after the initial shootings, Cho entered Norris Hall, which houses the Engineering Science and Mechanics program ---> and the Darwin CHOSEN ONE  did some blood Engineering Science with CHO --> NATURE's chosen mechanics messenger. 

    Thus we see the serious social biochemistry messages from NATURE ..... messages that are printed in newspaper  reports.

    Let's look some more ...... at the periodic atomic table elements of LIFE .... with IRON and blood.

    hemoglobin (biochemistry) -- Britannica Online Encyclopedia

    It is the iron atom that binds oxygen as the blood travels between the lungs and the tissues. There are four iron atoms in each molecule of hemoglobin, which ...

    There are four iron atoms in each molecule
    There are four iron atoms in each molecule
    There are four iron atoms in each molecule

    A  tragic event in Hierarchy  Physics  has occurred with  the Margaret Mead  atomic nuclear family  ..... social anthropology   conflict in Austin Texas. 

    problem of hierarchy « physics musingsphys.wordpress.com/2006/05/10/a-problem-of-hierarchy/
    May 10, 2006 – One of the many puzzles (a.k.a. Mysteries of Life) faced by modern theoretical physics is the so-called hierarchy problem: when one compares ...

    1. The Hierarchy Problem - Quantum Diarieswww.quantumdiaries.org/.../the-hierarchy-problem-why-the-higgs-h...
      Jul 1, 2012 – The analog of the Hierarchy problem in classical physics is the question of the electron self energy: The electron has charge but is nearly ...

    2. String Theory and The Hierarchy Problem in Physics - For Dummieswww.dummies.com/.../string-theory-and-the-hierarchy-pro...

      by Andrew Zimmerman Jones - in 12,711 Google+ circles -More by Andrew Zimmerman Jones
      Many physicists feel that string theory will ultimately be successful at resolving the hierarchy problem of the Standard Model of particle physics. Although it is an.
    What empirical data messages exist about Hierarchy levels, Stack levels, Echelon levels, etc. in Austin, Texas

    Echelon | Define Echelon at Dictionary.comdictionary.reference.com/browse/echelon
    Echelon definition, a level of command, authority, or rank: After years of service, ...Synonyms: place, rank, hierarchy, authority, grade, office; row, tier, rung; social ...

    Joseph Stack | Plane hits Echelon Building |
    Feb 19, 2010 – A plane crashed into the Echelon Building in Northwest Austin … ...Andrew Joseph Stack, 53, is presumed to have died in his Piper PA-28 ...

    The 2010 Austin  attack occurred on 18 February 2010, when Andrew Joseph Stack III, flying his Piper Dakota, crashed into Building I of the Echelon office complex in Austin, Texas, United States, killing himself and Internal Revenue Service manager Vernon Hunter.[5] Thirteen others were injured, two seriously. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) field office was  
    located in a four-story office building

    ....CLUE words for the amateur arm-chair information detective ..... the answer involves ....   
     a four-story   office ... a symbolic building
    The Sign of Four ...was an output DNA  literary expression of the 4 DNA nucleotides within Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

    Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) Fact Sheetwww.genome.gov › Education › Fact Sheets
    Jun 13, 2012 – The answer lies in a molecule called deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), ...The four types of nitrogen bases found in nucleotides are: 
     adenine (A), ,
     thymine (T),
    guanine (G) and
    cytosine (C).
    The order, or sequence, of these bases determines what biological instructions are contained in a strand of DNA. 

    Below, the bio-chemistry  that expressed societal messages in the story "The Sign Of Four" and  the four-story Echelon Building  EVENT  -->  empirical data input  to help understand the Hierarchy Problem of DNA physics thinkers.
    The  double-helix  molecular structure is composed of atoms.
    The  double-helix geometry involves mathematical physics structures.

    Thus the 4 DNA nucleotides must have a a primordial orgin   ...such as the 
    4 x 4 Dirac  matrices. 
    Thus .....theory suggests  that   humanoids are really composed of  the  4 x 4 Dirac matrices  ...... the 4 X 4 matrices  expression being  the more visible, the tangible  4 DNA nucleotides.       Thus the atomic and  math attributes of DNA via
    DNA =  Dirac North America.
    Now,  given the above outline with CLUEs:  4 X 4  matrices   and 16  ......we will look at  the DNA  Base 16 bio-computer  hexadecimal extension.

    Let's use  DOUBLE-HELIX  math  and reconsider the Dirac  signal.

    --> primary signal 4 x 4 matrices with 16 elements in the linear algebra type table,

    --> supplemental  signals  in exponent  format  4 X 4   ---> 4 exponent 4 = 256 

    Now, we known the Base 16 hexadecimal system ..that could apply to the 16 Dirac matrices..
    Now let's take the above CLUES and try to LINK them.

    The 4 story iron / glass window   Echelon office building,
    the SIGN of Four story  about  Sherlock Holmes.
    the 4  DNA nucleotides, 
    the 4 x 4 matrices of Paul Dirac with 16 ......

    are information pointers to  .....

    Nature's  4 story Echelon  ..level of command  ..... in human blood communications theory. 

    Hemoglobin, the oxygen carrying protein in red blood cells, has four ...www.enotes.com › Math › Math Questions
    Jun 27, 2012 – Hemoglobin, the oxygen carrying protein in red blood cells, has four iron atoms per molecule 

    Thus we see.... .. 
    the EXTERNAL  4 story iron Echelon building and its tragic news in Austin
    is really a   super-symmetry bio-physics mirror about 
    the INTERNAL  4 IRON atoms in b100d in Austin region  physics and bio-chemistry humanoids.

    Darwinian evolution of  blood and its intellectual abilities has occurred..
    Nature's new blood  involves the symbolic processing abilities of bl00d..
    Since we breath   Base 16 hexadecimal  oxygen (atomic mass 16)  into our bio-computer LUNGS  ..... it was just a matter of time  ... before  the evolution
    of Alpha / Numeric  bl00d would occur. 

    Thus Nature has a  new B100D with   symbolic, information processing abilities.
    The new equation is .....
    B100D --> B  + numeric 100 + D.

    Numeric 100 can exist at various levels

    Binary 100 --> 4  --> 4 iron atoms and 4 DNA nucleotides 
    Decimal 100 --> one hundred 
    Base 16 HEX'100' = 256 level   b100d ..the new version

    B100D ....equation for  accurate  data processing humans .....  OR ....  ERRORS  and defects

    B100D  with subset HEX'100' = decimal 256  --> route 2 streets signal 56 --> Illinois Highway 56 FermiLab  AND 56th Street at  University of Chicago.

    The existence of  Nature's modern B10OD is not acknowledged by the EM =  Electro.Magnetic life forms ...EM = EM.ployees who regard the human body as JUST  a biology platform provided by NATURE for their  electromagnetic HOLLYWOOD style perceptions of societal life on EARTH.  Does Nature have any DOWN-to-EARTH people with awareness?

    Thus we see a few pieces to a puzzle  -->  hematology B100D  vectors and  their evolution to social  engineering  VECTORS  and social process control system FEEDBACK ERROR signals.

    Notice number 256 --> 2   and  the atomic mass  56 iron/ ferrous oxide atom.

    This ties into ..... 
    1. Structural Biochemistry/Protein function/Heme group/Myoglobin ...en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Structural...function/Heme_group/Myoglobin
      Jump to Structure‎: Myoglobin contains a heme (prosthetic) group which is responsible for its ... However, when iron oxidized from ferrous ion (Fe2+) to ferric ion ...

    2. Structural Biochemistry/Protein function/Heme group/Hemoglobin ...en.wikibooks.org/wiki/...function/Heme_group/Hemoglobin
      The iron ion of +2 state of heme group is bonded to four nitrogens in one plane of 4 porphyrin ring and a proximal histidine amino acid of imidazole ring of globin ...
    3. Hemoglobinwww.bio.davidson.edu/Courses/Molbio/.../Hua/Hemoglobin.html
      These heme groups contain positively-charged iron (Fe2+) molecules which can ...group, which is an assembly of cyclic ring structures surrounding an iron ion ...

    Thus the question becomes ...
    do you have  B100D   level 256? 

    Does fer = ferrous oxide IRON atom RD site fer = FermiLAB have that level?   NO, because they will  NOT recognize Nature's communication systems. They DO NOT acknowledge  messages sent to them via Nature's signaling systems.

    Thus we have an outline ...the SIGN of FOUR  with the Hierarchy Problem,   Iron,  the IRON LADY  Margaret Thatcher, FermiLAB, Cavendish Labs,etc.