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Gravity Field Life & WAR


Gravity is an interesting force.
Gravity is a physical force known to physics and engineering.
Gravity is known to everyone that has fallen.

Gravity is an interesting atomic social force.
Gravity interacts with mass  ...that is atomic mass.

  • The Cause of Gravity(html)

    Feb 18, 1999 – However, since mass is proportional to gravity, and almost all mass is located in the atomic nucleus, the search for the force which warps space ...
  • Gravity and atomic fields - due to high relative motion?

    www.physicsforums.com › PhysicsGeneral Physics
    5 posts - 4 authors - Oct 28, 2004
    Gravity or gravitational fields are not yet understood fully. All mass bodies including the atom itself has what is called a gravitational field.
  • Atomic Gravity (weak gravity)

    6 posts - 2 authors - Aug 26, 2010
    Atomic particles are very tiny and as such have a very high ratio of energy per unit of mass compared to clusters of atoms forming molecules.

    Gravity interacts with mass ...that is brain atomic mass. 

    The human brain of a computer programmer thinks of data fields.
    The brain of an electrical engineer  thinks of electric and magnetic fields.
    Farmers think of soybean and corn fields.

    Chicago physics graduate students think of Einstein's FIELD Theory.
    Chicago physics students study military  applications of field theory at SOLDIER FIELD.
    Chicago physics students study retail store applications of Field Theory at Marshal Field's department stores.
    Chicago physics professors go to the FIELD  Museum and visit  the Egyptian mummies  --> and the professor remains  MUM.  The tricks of atomic social psychology .....  silence.

    Gravity fields interact with all these fields...especially BRAIN data fields filled with physics thoughts and tricks.
    Gravity..over thousands of years of interaction  with human mass thoughts ..... has learned a lot.
    Gravity evolution of thought has  given rise to GRAVITY FIELD life forms that operate independent of the human daily life thoughts and expressions.

    Nature has taken the human-computer and partitioned it into processing regions..... MFT = Multiple Fixed Tasks. 
    That project was announced via the Arabic Camel smoking project  title: LSMFT = Lucky Strike Multiple Fixed Tasks..
    Nature now uses many brain partitions its  independent tasks ..... separate from the human regions allowed for WORK, WIFE, grocery shopping, etc.
    Examples are the North Pole magnetic  field processor interaction with iron hemoglobin proteins.

    The gravity FIELD  inside the BRAIN/BODY ... a  data processing region and  with a Gravity government and Gravity grammar vectors.

    What GRAVITY news  do we see in the newspaper?

    THus we see COMPUTER EARTH system 370 ...and the  Gravity HOST --> GHOST system.

    G = universal gravitational constant  and the 370 Host gravity DATA FIELD processor.
    G + HOST --> GHOST system  becomes very visible with some intellectual pondering and basic college science and computer TEXTBOOKS.   All the information is available. Has been since year 1980 / 1984.

    Above WORDS:

    Gravity  ...and the algebra subset symbols 
    Grav.y  ...train implies education and gravity iron railroad relationships

    Football player 26 ...the 26 iron protons of ferrous oxide atom ..... heavy METAL interaction with gravity and magnetic fields ...
    hence, Nature's  EXPERIMENTs at  G M  iron automotive  assembly line factory  in Janesville,  Wisconsin.
    The iron factory workers  failed their  TEST  on elementary grammar school  book DICK & JANE in JANESVILLE,  Wisconsin with Tarzan and Jane.
    The Janesville  newspaper denies the magnetic field and gravity field  interaction properties of IRON.  

    SPORTS = S  + PORTS = System 370 I/O PORTS .....of Computer EARTH

    Wiscon.sin  -->
    ........... sin mathematical-physics math functions .... TEST Region of Nature's gravity  waves.

    UW-Milwaukee: Center for Gravitation and Cosmology - About Us

    Relativity group at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. Includes information on staff, events, collaborations and publications. Research interests include ...

    ABOVE --> let's translate the astrophysics galactic  LOCAL REGION (Earth Lab) message signal.

    UW = Universe West section ..which includes the Solar System
    Milwaukee = Mil + wa + u --> Milky Way Universe

    UW Milwaukee = Universe West sector of the Milky Way Universe

    Thus...we come to understand the city of Milwaukee humanoids with their ALIEN societal thought patterns. 
    One major feature of such social science brain ALIENS is their failure to have diplomatic communications  regarding  serious matters in the Milwaukee SCIENCE WAR battlefield....
    the murder of Jake Gerard ( a Carl Jung atomic collective unconsciousness undercover physics agent for mechanics), 
    the murder of Waukesha Police Captain  LU = Logical Unit bio-computer agent LUTZ,  etc.

    The BIG BANG shooting of Gerard --> Gravitational waves emitted shortly after the Big Bang carry unaltered information about the physical processes that generated them.

    small letter g is gravity term.  
    g exponent 2 -->  acceleration of gravity = 32 units --> gravity COBOL computer word 32.

    g --> gravity symbol --> hou.sin.g ---> describes a house with rooms / furniture  within the EARTH's  the gravity  field.

    Groom --> when a single male joins the G room =  universal grave invitational constant room ..... the wedding with gravity agent ALIAS  adult g = girl.
    Thus the adult female gal --> galactic agent that is making social engineering mistakes on EARTH.

    Nature's  gravity WAR agent Timothy McVeigh(t) --> V eight --> Vertical Vector pointing down (gravity force field) and  eight gravity DATA FIELD BITS .....
    Nature's  conflict is with  the incorrect  atomic English language  of HEME group Fe(2) ion humanoids at the
    Fe = Ferrous oxide atomic building location know as the Fe=Federal Building. The Department of Education and federally funded universities have  serious symbolic building problems and brain bio-computer engineering problems  . . . . .from  Nature's view.  

    Consequently Nature programmed the bio-computer brain of McVeigh.
    Then university CAD = Computer Aided Design of  social engineering message programs to create human CAD = CADAVERS.
    Thus we see complex processes of the deeper levels of REALITY and their expression  .... social signaling systems that we ought understand.

    Gravity political science  .... 
    Isaac Newton  G = gravity constant  in the gravity STATE of G = Georgia
    ........Newt......G          and  the manipulation secrets of gravity governmental LIFE at Georgia TECH.

    Newt Gingrich's Georgia win cements Southern strategy - The ...

    Mar 6, 2012 – The former House speaker's victory likely makes him credible in the South.



    281 × 211 - Newt Gingrich campaigns in Georgia. P

    Darwinian  evolution of gravity agents  ......
    Newton Leroy "Newt" G

    460 × 259 - But while Isaac Newton was busy discovering the universal law of gravitation ...

    The EVOLUTION of gravity life VIA information string theory ...... to the modern living gravity grammar  man. 

    Newton Leroy "Newt" Gingrich is an American politician, author, and political consultant. He represented Georgia's 6th congressional district as a Republican from 1979 until his resignation in 1999, ... Wikipedia
    Born: June 17, 1943 (age 69), Harrisburg

    He represented Georgia's 6th congressional district

    He represented G --> 6th congressional district

    He represented G ---> 

    6.67300 × 10-11 m3 kg-1 s-2      congressional district

    In year 2012, we live in a strange world with many political science mysteries .... with citizen clowns, state government tales, and the federal government alliance with Hollywood.

    Do any serious social science thinkers exist?    Please help me explain  solid  REALITY events  versus the incomplete explanations given in  newspapers.

    However, it is an interesting puzzle ..... I challenge you to think clearly about math and science textbook applications to the social and political scene.

    Please pass the word around.