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Earth IRON CORE wars


The  recent 100 year history of the Earth IRON WARS begins in year 1912.

RMS Titanic - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

RMS Titanic was a British passenger liner that sank in the North Atlantic Ocean on 15 April 1912 after colliding with an iceberg during her maiden voyage from Southampton, UK to New York City, US. The sinking of Titanic caused the deaths of 1,502 people in one of the deadliest peacetime maritime disasters in modern history. The RMS Titanic was the largest ship afloat at the time of her maiden voyage. She was the second of three Olympic class ocean liners operated by the White Star Line, and she was built by the Harland and Wolff shipyard in Belfast. On her maiden voyage, she carried 2,224 passengers and crew.

The ship was an example of the periodic atomic table element IRON ...also,  known at Fer = FermiLAB as the element with the thought process  "Fer"  ability --> in.Fer --> input ferrous  oxide atomic thought machine with  26 atomic English alphabet letters.  Let's use the IRON WILL of that thought machine  ...that would LINK to  the the Earth geology  iron core ...to increase its data processing abilities.

Structure of the Earth - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Core‎: The average density of Earth is 5,515 kg/m. ... The core is thus believed to largely be composed of iron (80%), along with nickel and one or ...

Earth's Core - The Enigma 1,800 Miles Below Us - NYTimes.com

May 28, 2012 – Geologists have long known that Earth's core, some 1,800 miles beneath our feet, is a dense, chemically doped ball of iron roughly the size of ...

The Composition of the Earth's Core

How do scientists know what is in the core of the earth? Well, we have a ... Adding all this up, we find the core is predominantly Iron metal (Fe). We find it has a ...

earth structure3.gif

The crust is solid rock. The mantle is liquid rock ("liquid hot magma"). The outer core is liquid nickel and iron. The inner core is solid nickel and iron. The inner core is solid because while hot, there is much more pressure keeping it solid.

Journey to the Center of the Earth - Purdue University

by LW Braile - Related articles
Jules Verne's book, A Journey to the Center of the Earth (1864, 272 pages; ... "…and my uncle a professor of philosophy, chemistry, geology, mineralogy, and ...

Journey to the Center of the Earth - 

A description of tropes appearing in Journey To The Center Of The Earth... French original being titled Voyage au centre de la Terre) about a German professor ... Verne was inspired by Charles Lyell's Geological Evidences of the Antiquity of ...

  • Journey to the centre the Earth

    Oct 6, 2011 – Journey to the centre the Earth; Literature; Journey to the centre of the .... Otto Lidenbrock is a famous Professor of Geology at the University of ...
  • Summary of "Journey to the Centre of the Earth” by Jules Verne ...

    Nov 14, 2011 – This article is a summary of "Journey to the Centre of the Earth” by Jules Verne. ... Professor Lidenbrock could read the runes, but he could not figure out the ... The geology of the book seems to reflect the standpoint of Cuvier, ...

    Journey to the Center of the Earth by Jules Verne

    Aug 21, 2012 – Journey to the Center of the Earth by Jules Verne ... famed geologist Professor Lidenbrock

    learns that there is a  pathway to the center of the ...

     Iron is the heaviest kind of atom that a star can make, so 

  • Iron
    Iron is a chemical element with the symbol Fe (from Latin: ferrum) and atomic number 26. It is a metal in the first transition series. It is the most common element ...

    HowStuffWorks "Red Blood Cells"

    Learn about the production of red blood cells, properties of red blood cells and ... Each molecule of hemoglobin contains four iron atoms, and each iron atom can ...

    Structure of the Earth - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Jump to Core‎: The core is thus believed to largely be composed of iron (80%), ... combined with the Coriolis effect, gives rise to Earth's magnetic field.


     Why Does Earth's Magnetic Field Flip?   

    Thus, above we see the  elements of the EARTH IRON CORE (INTERNAL geology)  and the EARTH geography surface (EXTERNAL display area of the INTERNAL iron core).

    The EXTERNAL display area (the geography surface and oceans )  has IRON objects are subsets  that float   within  the EARTH magnetic field ...such as the IRON ships in the ocean  OR humanoids with iron RED Blood cells.

    Let's review the IRON interaction activities within  the last 100 years  .......  1912 thru  2012. 

    IRON EVENT - year 1912

    The Story of Titanic - Titanic Science

    File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View
    ship afloat. A ship that is launched sinks into the ocean until the weight of the water ...... Most of Titanic's structure was made of iron in various forms. The plates ...

    IRON EVENT - year 1914  WAR 

    War over Nature's   social engineering  architecture  with   EARTH iron systems

    Archduke Ferdinand assassinated — History.com This Day in ...

    On this day in 1914, Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria and his wife Sophie ... The killings sparked a chain of events that led to the outbreak of World War I by ...

    EARTH military code translation of the Margaret Mead nuclear family  .... periodic atomic table languages.

    Archduke Ferdinand assassinated
    Arch    ke Fer             assass  
    Architecture key ferrous oxide mass mass  

    Archduke Ferdinand assassinated 

    IRON EVENT - year 1940  WAR 

  • Iron Cross 1st Class - Wehrmacht-Awards.com

    Iron Crosses from that point onward were of three-part construction, and this remained the rule through World War II. Generally speaking, the 1813 Iron Cross ...
  • Iron Cross 2nd Class

    Iron Cross of the Wehrmacht (World War II German Army) page of the German World War II Medals, Awards and decorations. An apolitical history site.

    IRON EVENT - year 1956 --> atomic mass 56 Hungary

    A Tear in the Iron Curtain: The Hungarian Uprising of 1956 | Hoover ...

    www.hoover.org › library and archivesexhibits
    The Hoover Institution

    Iron Curtain - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Warsaw Pact countries on one side of the Iron Curtain appear shaded red; NATO ... the Iron Curtain started in discontent in Poland, and continued in Hungary, ...... Domino: International Decision Making during the Hungarian Crisis of 1956, ...

    1956 Hungarian Revolution Portal - American Hungarian Federation ...

    The 1956 Hungarian Revolution was the first tear in the Iron Curtain. Hungarians from all walks

    This photograph, taken on Nov. 6, 1956, shows a Soviet tank in Budapest. The uprising that broke out on Oct, 23, 1956 was bloodily crushed by Soviet tanks on Nov. 4, sealing the country's fate as a satellite-state of Moscow until the fall of the Iron Curtain in 1989.  

    IRON EVENT - year 1982 --> IRON  Lady

    Margaret Thatcher - Brooklyn Museum

    For other uses, see Margaret Thatcher (disambiguation). Page semi- ... A Soviet journalist nicknamed her the "Iron Lady", which became associated with her ...

    Falklands War - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The Falklands War began on Friday 2 April 1982, when Argentine forces invaded and occupied the Falkland Islands and South Georgia. The British government ...

    Events leading to the ... - British naval forces - Aftermath of the Falklands War

  • Reconsiderations: The War of the Falkland Islands, 1982 | Foreign ...

    www.foreignaffairs.com › FeaturesEssays
    The War of the Falkland Islands began with a successful invasion by Argentine forces on April 2, 1982, and ended with their surrender to British forces ten weeks ...
  • The Falkland Islands Conflict 1982

    On the 5th April 1982, a large British task force set out on a 7500 mile journey to liberate a group of tiny windswept islands in the South Atlantic. On 1st May ...

    Thatcher's War: The Iron Lady on the Falklands: Margaret Thatcher ...

    www.amazon.com › ... › Leaders & Notable PeoplePolitical
    Thatcher's War: The Iron Lady on the Falklands: Margaret Thatcher: Amazon.com: ... under heavy aerial bombardment at San Carlos Bay in the Falkland Islands.

    IRON EVENT -  other events

    Iron Man

    Iron Man is a fictional character, a superhero who appears in comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character was created by writer-editor Stan Lee, developed by scripter Larry Lieber, and designed by artists Don Heck and Jack Kirby. He made his first appearance in Tales of Suspense #39 (March 1963).

    A billionaire playboy, industrialist and ingenious engineer, Tony Stark suffers a severe chest injury during a kidnapping in which his captors attempt to force him to build a weapon of mass destruction. He instead creates a powered suit of armor to save his life and escape captivity. He later uses the suit to protect the world as Iron Man

    Iron Man --> Federal building bombing Oklahoma City

    Iron Man --> Man --> Manhattan IRON towers  Sept 11,2001

    Thus we see pieces to a puzzle. Perhaps, some graduate students may wish to help clarify these EARTH IRON systems and the CAUSE ---> EFFECT behaviors.