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Base 16 energy expression WAR E = hv --> high-values


The Department of Energy and world governments have decided NOT to acknowledge the existence of NATURE and its periodic atomic table government. 
Their thinking is that Hollywood educated citizens are superior INTELLECTUAL entities over all forms of atomic matter and atomic expression.  But, let look at the data facts. The facts are printed in newspapers and the understanding of those printed  information databases EXISTS  in basic math and science textbooks.  Starting with high school algebra, PSSC physics and chemistry ......    enhanced by basic college science textbooks for references ...you can understand  news  REALITY in year 2013.

Let's look at an example of the Department of Energy  BASE 16 war  of  atomic symbolic languages used  in the human B100D  ..... hence, a factor in the Hierarchy Problem  ......
the refusal of 2 locations with EARTH LAB  atomic mass identifier label  56  to recognize some of Nature's    Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family  spokepersons.

The 2 geography location are in the Chicago region 
1) 56th Street  with  the University of Chicago 
2) Illinois Highway 56 near FermiLAB, Batavia, Illinois

Thus we have Nature's  signal  2 ...56 --> better known as decimal number 256 ......and known to biochemistry computer scientists as  Base 16 HEX'100' = 256 --->  thus we see the BL = Benjamin  Lewin genes textbook .... the message of   the evolution of symbolic life  .... BL = Benjamin Lewin  English alphabet  BLOOD --> to Nature's next level of  hematology expressions ...  Base 16 alpha/numeric bio-computer information systems inside the human  body that LINKs to the Central Nervous System 370 abstract brain symbolic processor   TO provide   output on Nature's new views of society  ......
hence, the reference to the JOHN LOCKe Social Contract  with Nature  ...... and the Sandusky  locker room  incident  at Penn State was really a  JOHN LOCKE philosophy trial.

Thus we level 256  B + hEX'100" + D --> B100D  .... with alphabet symbols and number 100  -->   consequently  LANGUAGE is affected.  The Virginia TECH English department denies  the existence of  Nature's b100d language systems  and Nature's b100d engineering  ...hence,  

Symbolism - Merriam-Webster Online

the art or practice of using symbols especially by investing things with a symbolic meaning or 
by expressing the invisible or intangible by means of visible 

..hence, Nature's  INTERNAL atomic,  bio-physics,  bio-computer B100D language engineering  ....was made  VISIBLE to the  world's supreme intellectuals with the VISIBLE display of  new, VIRGIN technology at Virginia TECH with the display of  a VISIBLE  hematology, biochemistry B100D event  on April 16 ...with English department representatives and the Engineering department
at Norris Hall  --> giving the message words ..... B100D .... English language symbolic life  ....  Engineering.

Let's review another BLOG article ... that provides more background information for researchers.

Details  of the periodic atomic table  social anthropology WAR are slowly emerging from the atomic mass communications system ...known to the general public as mass communications: television, radio, print, graphic arts, etc. 

Let's look at the newspaper reports  of the HIERARCHY PHYSICS  battlefield problems  ...and the atomic social science battle CLUES  ...... signals that occur on the geography surface of EARTH in visible display FORMAT  via human messenger activities  ...  that may display a tragic EVENT   ..... the tragedy provides empirical data to periodic atomic table atomic military analysts.

The physics announcements about  Nature's  hexadecimal base 16 atomic computers and their relationship to
human bio-computers and human social engineering process control laws   .... has been ignored.  The  consequence has been  Base 16  deaths ordered by Nature ...that used programmable human bio-computers to carry out Nature's periodic atomic table military instructions -->  brain computer instructions.

Let's look at the situation.

Above, we see the Department of Energy  ....... and the Darwinian atomic evolution of  atomic brain thoughts.

It is believed by a few  scientists that the human  brain  may contain  atoms  ...and those atoms may think.

It is also believed that such humans have a  LUNG = LU + NG = Logical Unit Nitrogen Gas.

In modern times..... with the existence of  the IBM copper wire SYSTEM 370  computer mainframe  and Base 16 hexadecimal ....... that the human bio-computer  LUNG ......  NOW  uses  the Base 16 oxygen  atomic processor for the LU = Logical Unit component of the LUNG. 

Hence, we see the Darwinian adaption of the above equation .... symbolic life  ... to evolve into new regions of knowledge  with  Base 16 symbols hv = high-values = decimal 255........ and level 256 next. 

E = hv ---> .Evolution of atomic high-values and ethics and atomic social philosophy.

The  Base 16 Hex'Fe' =254 = Federal government of Nature's level 254  oxygen  ...... with 255  and 256 --> Hex'100'  --> Level 256 B100D messengers  ... thus the diplomatic mission of Chicago region  EM thinkers ....
that is bio-EM  -->  Electro.Magnetic  human  forms known to Nature as the EM = EMPLOYEES  sub-species of the humans species.

. hence, the B100D part of the  Hierarchy Problem among atomic bio-physics humanoids. 

The Department of Energy, the Office of Science, the Federal government deny this  possibility  ... consequently the Hierarchy Problem in atomic physics and its Margaret  Mead  atomic nuclear family expressions VIA  external display objects ........ known as humanoids,  locations,  and EVENTS with possible  atomic proper  noun identifier.

The Virginia Tech massacre was a school shooting that took place on April 16, 2007, on the campus of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in Blacksburg, Virginia, United States 

Seung-Hui Cho - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
By his senior year, Cho was majoring in English.Virginia Tech declined to divulge details about Cho's academic ...

Virginia Tech massacre - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Seung-Hui Cho, a senior at Virginia Tech, shot and killed 32 people and .... entered Norris Hall, which houses the Engineering Science and Mechanics program ...

Thus we see the EVENT data ...

April 16 -->  AP  RIL --> Atomic  Processing RIDDLE 16

English implies languages  AND  ...with the Engineering CLUE -----> gives the signal
Language engineering WAR  ...... ans coupled with the 16th day CLUE ...we have the Base 16 language war>

The Base 16 language   INTELLECTUAL conflict is  with Base 16 address space of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue  ... and their staff members who do NOT acknowledge the existence  of  the oxygen  atom 16  Logical Unit  or Base 16  or their own computer earth geography address space of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Hence, English department and the Engineering departments  ......  symbol E ....... E departments with atomic humanoids ...... refuse to  explain the situation  ...and explain the evolution of languages ...such as the atomic English  languages  and the various extensions and adaptions undertaken by En --> English Language  En --> Engineering.
Thus we see the above En --> English class secret   scheme equations used at  Virginia TECH   ..thus the shootings at Virginia  TECH  and   the 13 dead at Forth Hood ..... another Virginia  TECH  En casualty VIA the programmable brain of Nidal Hasan .... whose atomic bio-physics brain was programmed as a student at Virginia  TECH.

Thus  we see the periodic  atomic table message expressions VIA the violent signaling  EVENTS created by  Nature using atomic humanoid devices  ...used to  create  Margaret Mead atomic social process control  FEEDBACK ERROR signals.

Thus we see a few pieces to Nature's  message  puzzle we ought study  ....with  2 address  locations --> 56th Street at the University of Chicago and 56th Highway near FermILAB.
Some physics professors  work at both locations  ...... their primordial atomic b100d with the HEME group Fe(ii) ion and its  instinct  to reconcile this  dilemma of Nature.

Their evolutionary b100d iron .... atomic  mass rounded to 56   .....  travels in an iron vehicle  between the 2 address  56 geography locations that are embedded in the Earth magnetic  field .....  in a quest ..known as the Charles D. --> THE Tale of 2 56th streets.  

Can they help themselves?  They have some clues ...that needs more RD.

Let's look at the S and P orbits  and their atomic social science  messages

The above s and p subshell orbit(s)   ...abbreviation for the human conscious mind ..SYMBOLIC MACHINE 

s and p  orbits --> s p orts ---> OUTPUT via the sports atomic humanoids  .....   football, baseball and  basketball   players ...
better known in  secret  Washington,  DC  atomic brain SCHEME manipulation  circuits as PLayers --> P Layers ---> Processing Layers.

What are signals  do these atomic humanoids   (the sports electron processing layers) convey to the Office of Science regarding  Nature's next  existential  atomic B100D level 256 Hex'100'     VS  lower levels 255 and 254.

Universities deny the existence of electron  s & p messages VIA sports ... universities have exclusive RIGHTS to  control all of Nature's  communications  or deny such communications ..... based on upon their superior judgement of all things that have existed , do exist,  or  may exist.

What is the subtle    atomic  signal  VIA  the  sports  Benjamin Lewin  BLOOD agents in  the sports  message processing layers...

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  • ( High   Values  = 255 )  --> subset symbol abbreviation  (High  5)  -->  code 255 messages for the next  level of evolution to 256   ..... denial of existence by  2 locations at 56 streets/highway   ----> FermiLab and UC.

    The IBM BIG BLUE bio-computer system signals Hex'F' = 15 and Hex'E'=14 

    The world is amazing .... and all these secrets ... right in front of nose .... if I use my eyes.