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Existential Computer levels and their signals

The original computer is the Solar System 360 orbital processor .....of the circle /elliptical orbits of the planets.
The nine planets comprise an astronomy DATA BYTE ( 8 planets being 8 data bits)  and 1 error checking parity bit.

In year 2102...we consider the Solar System  360 and system 370 as conceptual equivalents.
Now, within the Solar System we perceive EARTH as Computer Earth system 370.
Thus the  BASE 16 hexadecimal EARTH geography computer  address 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, DC --> DC = Define Constant  line of code in the geography region of BAL --> BALTIMORE.
Thus the geography  BAL computer program encompasses the geography of  DC = Define Constant.  

The millions of years of data set evolution has been gathered together and summarized by the modern  copper-wire mainframe systems like the IBM system 370 OS/JCL SNA VTAM.
Let's look at some examples of data processing levels within Nature and within our lives. .....experiences and CLUES that reveal the deeper Nature of REALITY.