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Milwaukee DNA Policeman Norberg explained


The Wisconsin SCIENCE WAR battlefields are well-known.
Examples are:

The 23 chromosome student hostages at Marinette High School.

The closing of  the Genetic Motors assembly line on Dec 23, 2008 because  of the  Janesville 23 chromosome school ERRORS.

The Base 16 hexadecimal  bio-computer murders of  Base 16 Hex'Fa' = 250 --> Farm data field  industry leaders: Matt Anderson and Rod Nilsestuen.

The linear algebra matrices battle in Rice Lake with agent Vang --> V + ang = Vector angle.

These are just a few of the examples of EVENTS  that  are of interest to serious researchers.

Let's look Milwaukee DNA  war zone  .....and let's outline Nature's  system message technique  to Milwaukee.

Humans are subsets embedded within  the multi-faceted dimensions of Nature's expresssions. 

Let's look at a structure in Nature ...and then see how the Byran Norberg situation expresses that system architecture.
If Nature is like a theater director,  then  Norberg, Kunish and others  are like stage actors   ..... in some vast performance of Nature.

This process was explained in year 1600 by William Shakespeare " The WORLD is a stage and we are the players".

Let's look at  the Milwaukee theater of REALITY.

Describe the genetic code in terms of codons composed of triplets of bases.This is a featured page

  • DNA does not build proteins; it only passes on instructions to mRNA, which in turn builds proteins (DNA→mRNA→Protein).

  • Nucleic acids and proteins are both built from many monomers linked in specific sequences. However, their information is expressed in different ‘languages’.
aaaaaaaaaIn nucleic acids (both DNA and RNA) the language is built from four types of nucleotides.

aaaaaaaaaIn proteins the language is built from 20 amino acids.

  • If there are only 4 letters in the nucleic acid language and 20 in the polypeptide language then how do they communicate? The answer is that the DNA code words consist of triplets with each arrangement of 3 consecutive bases specifying an amino acid. There are 43 (64) possible triplets and they are called codons.

  • The 20 amino acids made by the 64 different codons of DNA. Since there are 64 codons in the nucleic acid language and only 20 amino acids, there must be synonyms (more than one codon specifying the same amino acid).
aaaaaaaaTherefore the genetic code is said to be degenerate.

aaaaaaaaThe genetic code is also said to be universal, meaning that it is the same for all species including bacteria, fungi, plants and animals).

Above, we have the DNA social science  theater script  for Milwaukee. 

Let's  see the Milwaukee  DNA  STREET  drama  performance.

Notice above .....
---> 1st base corresponds to the Milwaukee Street  map .. ... a parallel ...a mirror of DNA 
---> the 2nd base in codon maps to 2nd Street geography map below 
---> the 3rd base  in codon maps to 3rd Street  ...in the DNA WAR zone

here are 43 (64) possible triplets and they are called codons ...thus the I-43 DNA  ROAD MAP above.
The number 43 in DNA ..... is actually Base 4 math exponent 3 --> giving 64 combinations called  codons.

Number 4 ...Base 4....refers to the 4 DNA nucleotides and their symbols  .... that are a foundation for biology and thought.

The Milwaukee university and Milwaukee business DISPLAY  experiment used the following  actors:

2 police officers shot on south side; suspect in custody

www.jsonline.com › NewsMilwaukee County
Jun 10, 2009 –Two  Milwaukee police officers were shot Tuesday afternoon on the near south side ... weapons around 3:10 p.m. in the

..... 800 block of S. 2nd St, police said. Flynn identified the officers as Bryan Norberg, 21, on the force six months, ...

900 block of S. 3rd St.  less than an hour later, and police recovered a gun.

Thus we see the serious message about the city of  Milwaukee  DNA data processing problems
The keyword signals 

TWO --> Double-helix  police officers for BASE 2 

800 Block -->  8  oxygen orbitals DATA record BLOCK problem on 2nd codon

900 block --.> 9 is the error correction parity bit   .... quality control needed by the 3rd codon

In addition ........  we have the North Pole magnetic field interaction with the human  iron HEME group Fe(ii) problem 

Search Results - Today's TMJ4

 ... Officer Bryan

 21, is in good condition, but Graham Kunisch

26, remains in critical condition. .. . Police say the officer shot the man after the suspect reached for a gun. ..... Two Milwaukee Police officers have been shot and injured near 2nd and Walker 

Above, Nature's agent ... with proper  noun identifier --> Norberg --> Nor  + berg --> North Pole + iceberg .....  Nature's geography policeman

Kunish .. IRON MAN series agent for the periodic atomic table....atomic number 26  --> ferrous oxide IRON atom used by human biology

Thus the double-helix  undercover agents 

Thus we see CLUES to the serious health problem of Wisconsin.   The secret  citizen groups that control Wisconsin refuse to help understand these system processes of NATURE>
The Milwaukee shooting EVENT  is considered to be ........  in the context  of Nature's  social process control system   ...the shooting is a FEEDBACK CONTROL  system ERROR message.
The message ought be understood . . Does  Wisconsin have the INTELLECTUAL discipline to  flowchart the  system expression?  NO.

In addition ... the  Milwaukee  innocent angel citizens BLAME everything upon Badger guns.

Gun in shooting of officer traced to Badger Guns

www.jsonline.com › NewsMilwaukee County
Oct 4, 2009 – ... that have operated the gun store at 2339 S. 43rd St. since 1987. ..

Thus we see Nature's address for 23 chromosomes   and potassium atomic mass 39  involvement  in  the  DNA number 43 --> 4 exponent 3 = 64 ---> DOUBLE-word  64  computer language  codons  ..thus the system  back to the data BLOCK -->  800 block of S. 2nd St

Thus we see the Milwaukee problem of arrogance, incomplete explanations,  lazy thinkers, lack of cooperation to help research and explain these DNA social science SIGNALS.