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Secret Sports Signal: HIGH-FIVE to faculty


Humans are bio-computers.  
We are comprised to 2 major computer science BASES: Base 2  and Base 16.
Base 2 legs.
Base 2 arms.
Base 2 EARS.
Base 2 Binary eyes.

Base 16 LUNGS that breathe the oxygen atomic bio-physics computer of atomic mass 16.

Thus the HUMAN computer science game known as BASE registers with BALL = Basic Assembler Land Language  uses an EARTH geography / soil surface ..known as a BASE + BALL data field .... better known  in newspapers sports as the BaseBall Field.   That COMPUTER games only has 4 base registers --> 1st base, 2nd base, 3rd base, and Home Plate.  Baseball computer science evolution started  in North American in the 1920's with people like Babe Ruth.   The in the 1950's Warren Sphan ...spanned the information to IBM engineers to help them build copper wire versions of  BaseBALL ...... very advanced versions such as the system 370 with  OS/JCL.

Let's look at  Base 16 hexadecimal body langauge signal used by sports people....college to professional sports. 

High five - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

For other uses, see High five (disambiguation) and Give me five (disambiguation). ... The gesture probably originated in American professional sports. ... 

high-five - definition of high-five by the Free Online Dictionary ...

A gesture of greeting, elation, or victory in which one person slaps an upraised palm against that of another person. high -five v. high-five Slang. n. a gesture of ...



630 × 517 - It is no surprise that the high five started in sports because it is the 

High-five | Define High-five at Dictionary.com

High-five definition, a gesture of greeting, good-fellowship, or triumph in which one person slaps the upraised palm of the hand against that of another.



612 × 345 - David Freese gets a high five from Daniel Descalso after his two-run home ...

What does "give me a high -five " mean? when and why do people ...

answers.yahoo.com › ... › Education & ReferenceWords & Wordplay
4 answers - Mar 8, 2008
What does "give me a high -five " mean? when and why do people use it? 

Hexadecimal Number System

The hexadecimal (base 16) number system operates the same way as the decimal (base 10) number system, except it is based on sixteen instead of ten (fingers).

High-Five = High-values   minus 5 = 255 - 5 = 250 --> Base 16 Hex'fa' --> message to faculty

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  • MAINFRAME FORUM: What is high values and low values in cobol

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    Hi All, Any one of you can please explain to me what is high values and low values in cobol(EBCDIC). I heard that low values are 00, and high ...

    Hi All, Any one of you can please explain to me what is high values and low values in cobol(EBCDIC). I heard that low values are 00, and high values are FF. But I wanted to know what will happen when I do the following operations?

    In computing

    255 is a special number in some tasks having to do with computing. This is the maximum value representable by an eight-digit binary number, and therefore the maximum representable by an unsigned 8-bit byte (the most common size of byte), the smallest common variable size used in high level programming languages (bit being smaller, but rarely used for value storage). The range is 0 to 255, which is 256 total values.

    255 = 2^8 - 1 = \mbox{FF}_{16} = 11111111_2

    For example, 255 is the maximum value

    IN summary 

    Low-values = base 16 Hex'00' = zero = decimal 000 

    High-values = base 16 Hex'FF' = decimal 255

    Why is the signal HIGH-Five?

    It is a brain control signal used to control  university professors and  science / math/ engineering students in the Aldous Huxley........BRAVE NEW WORLD social; psychology  manipulations wars ...via televisions and print.

    High-Five --> High-values - 5 = 255 - 5 = 250  --> convert back to Base 16 Hex'fa'  --> language stem prefix --> Fa --> needed to control base 16 oxygen breathing FA structure -->  Fa,Cult.y.

    Thus the  university sports and sports industry control all math and physics professors ...who are  social science puppets. String theory forewarned them  about that possibility of puppet string theory ..... but INTELLECTUAL arrogance ignored the practical  wisdom  and STREET LEVEL psychology needed to  INTELLECTUALLY fight the television  brain programming TRICKS.
    Consequently, the 23 chromosome students hostages at the Wisconsin string theory tragedy DEMO ...Marionette puppet THEATER at Marinette High School ...with Nature's statistical sample space VICTIM .... the Boy Scout SAMPLE Sam Hengel.

    The HIGH-Five signal also claimed the life of   Future Farmer's of America ......Wisconsin specimen base 16 Hex'Fa'  = 250 --> Matt Anderson.

    The universities, farm organizations and Boy Scouts will not help research these symbolic problems that are used to program the brain bio-computers of teenage students and young men.

    The secret languages of the universities provide some CLUES ..

    UW Animal Research Achievements « Animals in Research and ...


    Based on research with monkeys, horses, chickens and mice, the late UWMadison scientist Howard Temin shared the 1975 Nobel Prize for predicting and ... 

    In year 2012 ....in George Orwell double-speak languages ...the above message also says 

    Doublespeak - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The NCTE's publications resonate with George Orwell's name, and allusions to him abound in statements on doublespeak; for example, the committee quoted ...

    monkeys --> Money keys --> financial systems
    mice--> the computer  keyboard with mouse

    Animal Sciences | College of Agricultural and Life Sciences ...

    Additional teaching and research facilities are available at the UW ...
    These include the sheep unit farm; turkey and chicken research units; beef feedlot cattle ...

     sheepskin diploma  unit farm;
     turkey --> T + ur + key --> theoretical uranium 235/ 238 key 
     and chicken research units  --> Bertrand Russell / Alfred North Whitehead.... Principia Mathematica  featherless bipeds 

    beef --> be + ef --> Base 16 Hex'ef' = 239 ..ef + fort --> effort needed to think clearly about esoteric puzzles

    Thus we see a VIEW ..one of several needed  to understand  various situations  in year 2012.
    Nature continues its evolution of symbols and languages ..in its efforts to  clarify  the incomplete explanations  of EVENTS that are printed in newspapers.