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The LAX airport math battle

RD-blog-number-3911  by Herb Zinser reviews the LAX --> LA --> Linear Algebra equation battle in Los Angeles.



Thus we see the secret code LAX --> Lines/ rows  of   math symbols --> ax  with subscripts 


The mathematical battle report ....

2013 Los Angeles International Airport shooting

On November 1, 2013, a shooting occurred at around 9:20 a.m. PDT in Terminal 3 of the Los Angeles International Airport. Paul Anthony Ciancia, aged 23, has been accused of opening fire with a rifle, killing a U.S. government Transportation Security Administration officer and injuring several other people.

Walking up to a TSA checkpoint, he pulled the rifle out of the bag and opened fire, shooting TSA Officer Gerardo Hernandez in the chest "at point-blank range".


Thus the keyword CLUE ---->

Paul Ciancia ....subset letter codes 

........Cian  -->  Mathematician 


Thus we have the incomplete explanations printed in newspapers  about  the tragic math signaling EVENT.


UCLA Department of Mathematics ......signals ignored

University of California, Los Angeles
UCLA Math Rises to #9 in the World. Posted on Sep 23 2014, 2:23 pm. UCLA Mathematics Department rose to 9th place worldwide in the 2014 Shanghai ...
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520 Portola Plaza, Los Angeles, CA 90095




UCLA Math Rises to #9 in the World. 

UCLA Math Rises to #9 in the World. 

UCLA Math Rises to #9 in the World. 

UCLA Math Rises to #9 in the World. 

UCLA Math Rises to #9 in the World --->  the signal --->. He then went up an escalator, but returned to the checkpoint and shot Hernandez again, apparently after seeing him move  

UCLA Math Rises to #9 in the World. 

UCLA Math Rises to #9 in the World. 

UCLA Math Rises to #9 in the World ---> higher education --> How to get high  ..... using symbols and equations to drug your brain?


Kids Today Pay a Higher Price for Getting High | Psychology --> they get a higher education on social psychology tricks, arrogance, and ego trips.

Psychology Today
Nov 15, 2010 - Kids Today Pay a Higher Price for Getting High ... But in my experience as a physician, the medical and psychological harm associated with ...


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    A grand opening is publicized event at which a new establishment announces its official opening to the public. Depending on the nature of the establishment, ...
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  • Grand Openings - Petco


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    Thus we see how the Virginia TECH English Department pushed WORD / symbol drugs that are input data to the eye/ optical nerve  .... words used to manipulate the Central Nervous System 370  brain  bio-computer and its optical electromagnetic / photon SYMBOL PROCESSOR.



    Let's look at some other linear algebra  WARS.


    Documentary Re-Examines Controversial Hmong Shooting ...

    Oct 27, 2010 - Hmong immigrant Chai Vang went deer hunting in the woods of northern Wisconsin, not far from the town of Rice Lake in November of 2004.


    Chai Soua Vang (born September 24, 1968) is a naturalized U.S. citizen and a Hmong immigrant from Laos. While on a hunting trip in northern Wisconsin, Vang shot eight people, who were also hunting in the area, on November 21, 2004. Six were killed and two were left wounded.

    According to court proceedings prior to his conviction, Vang acknowledged shooting the people, but challenged the chain of events that caused a dispute over a deer stand to become violent and escalate into multiple deaths. Vang, who lived in Saint Paul, Minnesota at the time of the shootings, is currently being held at Iowa State Penitentiary.[1]


    the town of Rice Lake


    the town of matrices  




    Matrices - Math is Fun

    Maths Is Fun

    Matrices. A Matrix is an array of numbers: A Matrix (This one has 2 Rows and 3 Columns). We talk about one matrix, or several matrices. There are many things ...



    VANG --> V + ang --> Vector angle ..... bio-math human agent VANG

    Hence, the above author Hay  and the Vector trial in Hayward, Wisconsin

    Chai Soua Vang | Victims | Murderpedia, the encyclopedia ...


    Jessica Willers, 27, a nurse from Rice Lake who had moved to Green Bay. ... holds a rifle during his testimony in the Chai Soua

    Vang homicide trial in Hayward.



    Vector and Tensor Analysis by G.E. Hay  with   General Electric  brain  engineering ERRORS  — Reviews ...

    www.goodreads.com › ScienceMathematics
    Rating: 4.5 - ‎4 votes
    May 18, 2012 - Here is a clear introduction to classic vector and tensor analysis for students of engineering and mathematical physics. Chapters range from ...

    G.E.Hay Vector and Tensor Analysis of  the feelings and tension of tensor(e) space - Download - 4shared ...

    Oct 31, 2013 - G.E.Hay Vector and Tensor Analysisdownload from 4shared. ... 26,956 KB. Advanced Engineering Mathematics-1 (1).rar. 26,427 KB. Advanced ...




    Lake --> La + Ke  --> Load Address Key


    Computer Earth geography ... computer address space 




    Meteor has a large area with a low population. In this region, there is a mix of public and private land. It is believed that Vang and his friends began their day on public land, but he later went onto a private 400 acre (1.6 km²) tract of land.


    The base  16 hexadecimal battle  code identifiers .............. 


    Chai Soua Vang (born September 24, 1968) is a hunter who shot several deer hunters in northern Wisconsin on November 21, 2004. 


    Vang (born September 24

    Vang (born September 24 --> in other words .........

    Vector anger  MAX BORN physics  S= Systems -->  24 = base 2 exponent 4 = base 16 


    November 21, 2004 --> code 2004 --> Base 2 exponent 0004 --> Base 16 hexadecimal . 




    Thus we see the math SCIENCE WARS being played out on the EARTH geography surface with math battle EVENTS reported in the newspapers .... that is incomplete reports providing opportunities for math students to figure out the deeper levels of REALITY that may  underlie some  news events..



    Science wars - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The science wars were a series of intellectual exchanges, between scientific realists and postmodernist critics, about the nature of scientific theory and ...

    Revisiting the Science Wars | Psychology Today

    Psychology Today
    Jun 1, 2012 - An interesting debate between modernists and postmodernists emerged in the 1990s called the science wars. The debate highlighted the fact ...

    Science Wars: What Scientists Know and How They Know It ...

    The Great Courses
    (B) Scientific knowledge is always provisional and tells us nothing that is universal, necessary, or certain about the world. Welcome to the science wars—a ...