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The Boston Marathon Bose-Einstein statistics WAR report with the probability "ARMY of ONE"


Boston Marathon bombings - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

During the Boston Marathon on April 15, 2013, two pressure cooker bombs exploded at 2:49 pm EDT (18:49 UTC), killing 3 people and injuring an estimated ...


Boston Marathon
Boston Ma...th 


Bose-Einstein Statistcs

Bose-Einstein statistics (physics) -- Encyclopedia Britannica

One of two possible ways in which a collection of indistinguishable particles may occupy a set of available discrete energy states. The aggregation of particles in ...

 The aggregation of particles in ...
 The aggregation of particles in ...
 The aggregation of particles ... represented by atomic bio-physics humanoid structures ...

 The aggregation of human particles in Nature's EARTH LAB geography site in BOSTON ...energy state represented by MASS

Earth Lab particle physics experiment with Boston University bio-physics and the Isaac Asimov mathematics of Psychohistory


Charles Elkins- Isaac Asimov's FOUNDATION Novels: Historical ...

Isaac Asimov's FOUNDATION Novels: Historical Materialism Distorted into Cyclical .... Instead of events growing out of the inner logic and premises of the narrative ... it [Seldon's Plan] formulated definite laws capable of mathematical analysis and .... "Psycho-history is," 

Psychohistory  - Wikipedia cryptic SYMBOL code, the  free (abbreviation for frequency )   en +cycle+ open + dia

For the study of the psychological motivation of historical and current events, see ... Psychohistory is a new  science theory described   in Isaac Asimov's Foundation universe ... etc., and mathematical statistics to make general predictions about the future ...

A mathematician's view on Asimov's psychohistory

Jan 23, 2013 - Professor Dan Crisan takes a look at legendary science writer Isaac ... Event type: Lecture, Seminar ... Based on current research, it would appear that a mathematical model for predicting the future behaviour of very large groups, akin to the fictional science psychohistory in Isaac Asimov's book

Daily Kos: Is Metadata Psychohistory?

Jun 9, 2013 - Psychohistory is a concept in Isaac Asimov's science fiction novels which ... a branch of mathematics known as psychohistory, a concept of mathematical ... a scientific model to predict future events just like weather forecasting.


One of two possible ways in which a collection

a) During the Boston Marathon on April 15, 2013, two pressure cooker bombs exploded at 2
b) two suspects.[9][10][11] The suspects were identified later that day as Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev

 two suspects and the Hierarchy Problem of Washington, DC physics  political science ERRORS --> Psychohistory math war  between  concept systems .....

In quantum statistics, BoseEinstein statistics


FermiDirac statistics - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

In quantum statistics, a branch of physics, FermiDirac statistics describes distribution of particles in certain systems comprising many identical particles that ...

Let's look at history of the sum of probability = 1 = one.

U. S. ARMY and its mathematics military program using the sum of probability = 1 = one.
The math program title " ARMY of ONE" with atomic math military  director .. code named  ---> sum of  the ODDs  = One --> the ODDONE.

Probability space - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaen.wikipedia.org/wiki/Probability_space‎
This article is concerned with the mathematics of manipulating probabilities. .... 
If this sum is equal to 1 then all other points can safely be excluded from the ...

Rules of Probability, Indepen

dent Events - Statistics and Probability ...www.wyzant.com/.../math/...probability/probability/further_concepts_in...‎

The study of probability mostly deals with combining different events and ... For any given pair of events, if the sum of their probabilities is equal to one, then ...

MATH  WAR  recruiting
Pentagon's Recruiting Shortfalls Seen as Self-Inflicted | Palm Centerwww.palmcenter.org/.../pentagons_recruiting_shortfalls_seen_as_self_in...‎

Pentagon's Recruiting Shortfalls Seen as Self-Inflicted ... And the
Army is spending $150 million on its "Army-of-One" television and internet campaign.

Pentagon reports record year for recruiting - Oct. 16, 2009money.cnn.com/2009/10/16/news/economy/military_jobs/‎

Oct 16, 2009 - The Pentagon wrapped up a record year for recruiting as the withering civilian job market, ... An Army of One, and a bonus of $18,000.
Sergeant Guzman's War Staff Sgt. Richard Guzman at work at the Army recruiting unit on West 125th Street.
An intellectual ARMY with  the  ARM/elbow / hand   and brain of ONE  person with  SYMBOL MACHINE  concepts  ... 

]An Introduction to probability Theory by William Feller - Ruang Baca ...ruangbacafmipa.staff.ub.ac.id/.../An-Introduction-to-probability-Theory-...‎

An Introduction to Probability Theory and Its Applications. WILLIAM FELLER. Eugene Higgins Professor of Mathematics. Princeton University. VOLUME I.
What other examples do we have about PROBABILITY WAR signal of 1 = one?
Han Solo - Info, Pictures, and Videos | StarWars.comstarwars.com/explore/encyclopedia/characters/hansolo/‎

An outlaw smuggler with a heart of gold, Han Solo proved his heroism after he got mixed up with the Rebel Alliance in their fight against the Empire. Han and his ...

Solo --> implies single --> implies  one --> 1

Han Solo --> H = hydrogen atomic link to Hydro-Carbon continuum of organic chemistry

HAN  SOLO  --> front name for  chemistry textbook publishing  STAR
HAND  of Solomon and the organic chemsitry --> social chemistry molecular wars
On television  ..  in the 1950's we  had  probability SIGNAL one with the LONE RANGER.

The    Lone Ranger   
TV series with the  Linear Algebra Transformation T -->Vector space) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Lone Ranger is an American western television series that ran from 1949 to 1957, starring Clayton Moore (John Hart from 1952 to 1954) with Jay ...Production - ‎Episodes - ‎Cast - ‎DVD releases
The bio-math religious expression  about probability has been known since ancient times.
We have the phrase ..the statement about probability = one..

Judaism 101 -
 A Glossary of Basic Jewish Math Terms and Concepts

"Yaakov" - Known as the "chosen one" of the "Avot," the "Founding Fathers" of .... with many Hebraisms, including Hebrew words, phrases, interjections (such as ...

History of probability - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  • Ancient and medieval law of evidence developed a grading of degrees of proof, ... method of least squares, inductive probability, and hypothesis testing.

Chosen One - Gospel.comwww.gospel.com/topics/chosen+one‎

Hebrew word meaning "anointed" or "chosen one."

Nature's ancient symbol and concept exams for subset humanoids and their brain SYMBOL machine projects..
 The Greek word used in the New Testament for "anointed" is Christ. In the Old Testament, God promised to ...
In the mathematical-physics physics region of Chicago ...we have  Nature's DEMO of  SYMBOL MACHINE cross-correlation of  nouns and concepts.

Uncle Sam Wants You To Be 'An Army of One' - ABC Newsabcnews.go.com › US

The new slogan, "An Army of one,” was created by the Chicago-based advertising agency Leo Burnett, which was hired by the Army last summer in hopes of ..

Therefore the Chicago signal ....
Uncle Sample Space  Wants  the ODDONE  To Be 'An Army of One' -
ABC News
 --> Atomic Bio-Chemsitry News

The new slogan, "An Army of one,” was created by the Chicago-based advertising agency Leo Burnett, which was hired by the Army last sum / total  in hopes of ...... awareness

In physics we have the appointment of  the  Oddone as director of FermiLAB  by  Fermi-Dirac statistics of Sartre existentialism.   The Hierarchy Problem in communications protocol has omitted the fact that the HIERARCHY decisions   of  NATURE and its SYMBOL MACHINE clearly display the structure ...

1st exists )   Fermi-Dirac statistics with odds = one ...... subsequent existential expressions ... 
2nd  ....... )   Fermi-Direc(tor)  with proper noun -->  ODD.ONE    

The next  example is from Isaac Asimov.
Hari Seldon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaen.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hari_Seldon

Hari Seldon is a fictional character in Isaac Asimov's Foundation Series. In his capacity as mathematics professor at Streeling University on Trantor, Seldon ...
Biographical - ‎Foundation - ‎Prelude to Foundation - ‎Forward the Foundation 

Seldon Plan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaen.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seldon_Plan‎

According to Asimov's novels, Hari Seldon devised the Seldon Plan using a mathematical analysis he originally developed and called psychohistory.

Hari Seldon explains 
..ari Se...on e ..plan 

Hari Seldon explains
SYMBOL MACHINE secrets and social engineering   - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaen.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hari_Seldon

Let's look at the ARMY brain programming  methods approved  by the school systems and universities.

The list of shooters with an ARM, Elbow, Hand  and brain instructions from the  SCHOOL BOARD and their resultant  students that  graduated and went to work at the  ink PEN military known as the PEN --> Pentagon and SYMBOL MACHINES , bio-computer wars, the probability war, and cybernetics.

The Mind Has No Firewall - Strategic Studies Institute - U.S. Armystrategicstudiesinstitute.army.mil/pubs/parameters/Articles/.../thomas.htm‎

The human body, much like a computer, contains myriad data processors. They include, but are not limited to, the chemical-electrical activity of the brain, heart, ...

Ads Now Seek Recruits for 'An Army of One' - New York Timeswww.nytimes.com › COLLECTIONSARMY
Jan 10, 2001 - ... the Army this week  will use new social pscyhology  SYMBOL /WORD tricks invented by universities,  Madison Avenue advertising, and Chicago.

......Ads Now Seek Recruits for 'An Army of One'

......Ads Now Seek Recruits for 'An Army of One'

gonads Now Seek Recruits for 'An Arm  of One Dick'   for the (PEN + IS )  system used by the ......  (Pen IS = Info Systems ) ......  bedroom military organization  that controls thought in Washington, DC area.

gonads seek new  SINGLE / SOLO recruits  with a lot of balls for advanced BRAIN eductaional shooting missions on CAUSE ---> EFFECT logic

1) Cole Hall shooting   with Steven K.

2) Virgin Technology language schemes approved by the university English departments that attack  Norris Hall engineering brain cells and engineering languages ......ARMY of ONE ---> the CHOSEN one --> MR.CHO

3) Sandy Hook elementary school  and the elementary physics and math battle with James Burke and the " Connections"  TV show  in Connecticut.  
The STAR WARS....shooting star representing Hans SOLO and organic chemistry  molecular military systems --> hydrocarbon structure Adam L.  

Northern Illinois University, Virginia TECH, and the Connecticut education systems have provided incomplete and incompetent explanations of the tragic signaling EVENTS  ..in the context of the well-known "SCIENCE WARS" and available knowledge in year 2013  ... basic college math and  science textbooks that help us understand the deeper levels of REALITY that underlie some tragic  EVENT.


Thus we see the more TRUE NATURE of the Boston event thru Isaac Asimov and math and science ..... versus the incomplete explanations given by arrogant social science  and its  omitted  reality FOUNDATION empirical data

Boston Marathon
Boston Ma...th 


Bose-Einstein Statistics .....some of  Nature's systems ..
human spokepersons are omitted by the Department of Energy and Washington, DC myopic intellectual policies

The biased Department of Energy and the 
Fe = Federal government  has  one of the 2
Fe =  Fermi-Dirac agents working as Fermi-director at FermiLAB, Batavia. Illi nois(e)

Symbolism - Merriam-Webster Online