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Captain van Zanten


The periodic atomic table  social science WAR casualties are well-known.
Let's look at the  murder of  atomic bio-physics Captain van Zanten  and  a few hundred other people.  The murder was called at accident by scientists and government  investigators.  
Thus we can call the tragic EVENT it an Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family  .......   accidental murder  SCHEME to collect insurance. 

Tenerife airport disaster

The Tenerife airport disaster occurred on Sunday, March 27, 1977, when two Boeing 747 passenger aircraft collided on the runway of Los Rodeos Airport (now known as Tenerife North Airport) on the Spanish island of Tenerife, one of the Canary Islands. With a total of 583 fatalities, the crash is the deadliest accident in aviation history.

Before we  continue, let's review some concepts.

Oxygen BATTLE analysis

The periodic atomic table has many formats of expression. One such FORMAT format are atomic bio-physics humanoids that  breath oxygen atoms   ..... in the format of a oxygen molecule. 
The oxygen atoms  have great influence upon human thought and human behavior.   Scientists  have  proven that a a human  without oxygen for several minutes can no longer think or behave.
That is basic logic founded upon real experience.

Below, is part of the atomic table.


These elements are important in atomic politics.

In year 1968 we had atomic   President N (Nixon   for Nitrogen LUNG gases).
In year 1976 we had atomic   President C (Carter for Carbon life forms)
In year 2012 we have atomic President O (Obama for Oxygen atomic mass 16 at location 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue).

The atomic elements  and their above representative symbols (C, N, O)   have a symbol permutation group ( C, O, N)  and the atomic humanoid political representatives   are known as CONGRESS.

Let's look at other atomic social science expressions VIA  atomic human OUTPUT display vehicles / messengers .... of O = Oxygen. 


Let's look at some Margaret  Mead atomic nuclear family   ......  atomic social anthropology WAR EVENTS  .... of the above element of life.
Consider the above picture as an oxygen MILITARY map 

ATOMIC expression EVENT

Above,  we see the oxygen atom  electron expression VIA the oxygen bio-chemistry CONTROL SYSTEM used to control the  atomic bio-physics brain  behavior thoughts of Mr.CHO at Virginia  TECH,

Message 1 --> Oxygen atom mass 16 ---> atomic computer JOB scheduled for 
the creation of signal processing EVENT ---> The Virginia Tech massacre was a school shooting that took place on April 16, 2007.

Virginia Tech massacre --> massacre --> implies atomic mass massacre ..... that is  Nature's atomic mass ORDERED the massacre of atomic humanoids with atomic brain perception errors .

Thus as William Strunk stated .....  8  rules  ..... 8 is the social  power RULER ....  the 8 atomic number of oxygen ORDERED  .... the RULE   ...  the periodic atomic table ordered  the assassination at Virginia TECH. 

Message 2 --> oxygen electron shells  express themselves in EXTERNAL display format using human messenger vehicles/ carriers  with  guns that use bullet SHELLS  comprised of messenger electron SHELLS.

Message 3  --> the above oxygen atom picture shows inner electron shells  ....2 electrons ........... thus the brain electron display by Mr.CHO of the 2 electron signal  ---> EXTERNAL violent display  of 2 electron shell thoughts
Seung-Hui Cho, a senior at Virginia Tech, shot and killed 32 people
 in two separate attacks,
approximately two hours apart

Perhaps, East Coast universities may study atom electron influences and expressions VIA  human  brain electron thoughts ...... human  bio-computer display devices.  

ATOMIC expression EVENT
Atomic number and mass number of Oxygen 16 - WikiAnswers
wiki.answers.com › Wiki AnswersCategoriesScienceChemistry
What is the atomic number and the mass number of oxygen? The atomic number of oxygen is 8. The mass number is the sum of neutrons and protons. What are ..

arwin and atomic selection of message EVENT parameters ....... 

SIGNAL oxygen  mass number 16 and atomic number 8.
SIGNAL  of atomic element symbol O --> Oklahoma 

Oklahoma City bombing — History.com Articles
On April 19, 1995, a truck-bomb explosion outside the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, left 168 people dead 

Now, let's look at the Tenerife airport disaster as an ---> ATOMIC expression EVENT.

Tenerife airport disaster

The Tenerife airport disaster occurred on Sunday, March 27, 1977, when two Boeing 747 passenger aircraft collided on the runway of Los Rodeos Airport (now known as Tenerife North Airport) on the Spanish island of Tenerife, one of the Canary Islands. With a total of 583 fatalities, the crash is the deadliest accident in aviation history.

Jacob Louis Veldhuyzen van Zanten (February 5, 1927 – March 27, 1977) was a Dutch aircraft captain and flight instructor.
He was the captain of the KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Boeing 747 which was involved in the Tenerife airport disaster.

Let's repeat that last sentence ....

He was the captain of the KLM Royal Dutch Airlines  .....and in Europe physics  ... atomic human terms 

He was the captain of the KLM

Thus we begin to understand his murder (as an atomic agent) and  the murder of over 500 passengers at Tenerife.
Let's use atomic English language and its proper  nouns for some details of the atomic anthropology TRAGEDY. 

Name --> Captain van Zanten .... atomic word analysis.

van --> va interaction physics with theorists  Enrico Fermi and others 

V-A Universal Theory of Weak Interactions - Friends of George ...

In the mid-fifties nuclear beta decay was characterized by scalar and tensor interactions. But with this, no universal Fermi Interaction governing nuclear beta ...

Thus we have the V-a interaction of 2 physics airplanes..... providing data on  V-a social interaction ERRORS 
when two Boeing 747 passenger aircraft collided on the runway of Los --> Lost science  

Zanten --> Zan  ---> Z atomic number agent

Z (Atomic number) - The Free Dictionary

The number of protons in an atomic nucleus. atomic number.

The Periodic Table of Elements, with Atomic Numbers and Mass ...

Z = atomic number = number of protons in the nucleus = number of electrons

Zanten --> ten --> Tensor space BATTLE at Ten = Tenerife

Tensor field - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

In mathematics, physics, and engineering, a tensor field assigns a tensor to each point of a mathematical space (typically a Euclidean space or manifold). Tensor ...

Space, Time, Matter - Hermann Weyl 

books.google.com › ... › PhysicsMathematical & Computational

HERMANN KLAUS HUGO WEYL (1885-1955)was a German mathematician ... and metrical geometry conception of n-dimensional geometry tensor algebra the ...

tensor product of dual spaces is a dual space of tensor ... - PlanetMath

tensor product of dual spaces is a dual space of tensor product. Proposition. Let k k k be a field and V V V , W W W be vector spaces over k k k .

Super-symmetry physics  with mirrors/ parallel processing  gives

tensor product of duel spaces is  ... - PlanetMath


The fraternity's style of dueling is far different from any form of sword fighting found in either sport or the movies. The duel requires the two combatants to stand 

form of sword fighting found 
form of sword fighting found 
The duel requires the two combatants 
The duel requires the two combatants  ....thus the 2 airplanes and their duel in tensor space on the Canary Islands.

The truth of the matter is ... the K L  M existential entities  made the people who made K L M airlines ......
and those human people continue to lie and deceive about their atomic heritage.  
Hence, the additional tragedies of  LIES, FALSEHOODS  and incomplete explanation reports.

Cause and effect  ..... and Nature's systems report on information quality VS deliberate ERRORS.

Lies -----> effects  of the Lie of Liege , Belgium  was the shooting event
Falsehoods --> effects at symbol location -- F  Hood  --> Fort Hood, Texas
Propaganada excesses --> The George Orwell OCEANIA battle at Cole Hall ocean class
EM sin wave KHZ Frequency battle --> SiKH Temple in Oak Creek Wisconsin  ... the electromagnetic sin wave war of NATURE versus the Federal Communications Commission

Thus we see the omission of many factors in many tragic EVENTS.
The KLM tragedy with the accidental  murder of Captain van  Zanten   by  citizen /government ... atomic social science policy ERRORS .

Insurance investigators  ought consider upgrading their perceptions of these Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family  ....  insurance collection rackets.
At least the insurance companies ought sell more options on their LIFE insurance policies   ..... death by electromagnetic waves,   death by  KLM quantum number, ETC.

Thus you see pieces of a puzzle  and the  involvement of various secret manipulation societies at the deeper levels of REALITY. 
At least it makes life more interesting for the average philosophical citizen.