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PGM = OE19156P Special Orders


Being older and wiser, I began to notice many omissions in newspaper reports of EVENTS.
My background was as an applications computer programmer on mainframes between 1976 thru 1996.

In year 2010, I was reading some article about the Virginia TECH shooting of April 16,  2007.
Big deal!  So what  else is new?

Then some weeks later....an article references the Kennedy assassination with OSwald.
Like everyone else ..... I read this ... I read that.   

Then one day.... Eureka!  
Several of those events involve data processing terms.

April 16 --> Base 16 Hexadecimal with CAD = Computer Aided Design of student CAD = CADAVERS.
Kennedy in city DP = Dallas Public --> DP = Data  Processing with OS / JCL bio-computer OSWALD.

Okay. so there is a secret level of computer  science  with BASE 16 hexadecimal address 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
Newspapers and magazines carefully omit these minor details  of the WHITE HOUSE address space within  Earth VSAM data space.

Let's show you  ...my personnal experience in SIGNALS.    I only saw these signals years later...when you back and review the  history  of your interaction with REALITY.
Now I shall mention several pieces of data  ...... and I am suggesting to myself and  the reader  ..... that someday it may help me understand one of the deeper levels of reality.

You have your own list of data  ..that ought provide some CLUES ...a pattern about your secret mission in LIFE .... as an agent for NATURE.
I show my example  .....  to set a example for you.  If I am lucky ..one of you  will explain in  math-physics or biochemistry terms  the underlying REASONS of my example.

As a frame of reference, we are reminded of a year 1600 VIEW:

Shakespeare - All the world's a stage

William Shakespeare - All the world's a stage (from As You Like It 2/7). All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players: They have their exits and their entrances; And one man in his time plays many parts, His acts being ...

In modern times .......
 All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players -->  p layers --> processing layers.

Given that context .... let's look at some of the  social, work, and education    processing layers  I encountered ...regarding year 1992 ... PGM= OE19156P  in Itasca Illinois.

1) in year 1956 I was in high  school. The Hungary uprising occurred in Europe.  I was dumb ....like may others  ...awaiting knowledge.

Hungarian Revolution of 1956 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Hungarian Revolution or Uprising of 1956 (Hungarian: 1956) was a spontaneous nationwide revolt against the government of the ...lasting from 23 October until 10 November 1956



600 × 330 - Soviet tanks in Budapest, Hungary in 1956. Radio Free Europe

1956 Hungarian Uprising

Hungarian history, historical, October1956, Hungarian uprising, Iron Curtain, Russian tanks, freedom, communist, Stalin, Eastern Bloc, Communist Party ...

Hungarian Revolution of 1956

Hungarian Revolution of 1956  <-->IRON Curtain 
................Revolution of ....56  <--> atomic mass 56 IRON

Hungarian  ..evolution of 1956 .....route Darwin symbolic life ---> to  PGM = OE19156P 


Now, above is the START of the information pathway (Year 1956 signal)  ......

and the END of the pathway is 2 things: 

a) working with that  CICS COBOL application program around year 1992  

b) the realization that there might be some EARTH iron core message / periodic atomic table message  / etc .....year 2012 (year 1956 + IRON Curtain 56 atomic mass = 2012)

The atomic mass of Fe = Ferrous oxide atom is often rounded to an integer for communications .... like the PHYSICS DEPARTMENT and their subliminal MIND .....periodic atomic table highway SIGN messages ...55 miles per hour for 4-wheeled IRON motor vehicles    OR  year 1956 IRON TANKS from the IRON Curtain ..... messages created  for  intellectual THINK TANKS that specialize in gestalt awareness.

Okay, let's continue.
We had year 1956 and Hungary.
Around  year 1980 I worked as a sub-contractor  applications programmer at a  Catholic hospital organization in  the Chicago region.
The applications project at Ancillia Domini Health services involved the IBM 8100 DPCX Distributed Processing System.

The supervisor/manager of several people ..including me  ...was named  SIG Bal????   He grew up in Hungary and was living on a farm (I thinK) when the event happened. 
Eventually, he came to the United States, learned computer programming and worked his way up.  

At the time, he was a nice guy, smart, worked hard ... and his name was a NAME.   We all have names!

But in the modern theory of human life...we are bio-computers .....then SIG BAL --> could translate to SIGNAL BAL = Basic Assembler Language.
Thus his subconscious mind may have contained a SECRET SIGNAL from Nature about Europe..such as:

a) Bal --> Balkan geography region with a computer language name 
b) Bal ---> the Baltic geography region 
c) his geography country  Hungary  + IRON Curtain  ...using  super-symmetry physics mirrors 
gives geography parallel .......gary + IRON industry along Lake Michigan near Chicago.

Thus the IRON atomic mass 56 EVENT that occurred  in Europe 1956  .....involved Gary, Indiana and the iron and steel industry.
All that is covered up by the labor unions and corporations involved in that industry. 
In addition, the machine tool and die industry, metal fabricating industry  ...... all deny the existence on any such factors.

In year 2012 . . . . . they deny the  existence of GRAND UNIFIED THEORY and the THEORY of EVERYTHING.

Let's continue.
We have year 1956 and Hungary and the IRON Curtain.
We have year 1980 and the computer supervisor who grew up in Hungary.

We have year 1992 and a CICS COBOL application program OE19156P  ...that was as used by the Itasca, Illinois company to place special purchase orders with vendors as needed.
They were called F & J orders .... and the purchasing department used it.
In that program ...for testing only...for diagnostic purposes  ... to help trace some error ...an applications  programmer placed in working storage the words: Donald Duck.
Okay..that is no issue.   

Accidently...since several different programmers did enhancements on OE19156P ..... Donald Duck appeared on some production CICS screen.
Well. Donald Duck was removed form the source code, the program OE19156P was recompiled and placed in the LOAD library and activated.
All programmers were reminded to use the words "TEST AREA" ...... if we needed some special  identifier.  

Now, I think of DD = Data Definition.

Okay, Hollywood cartoons are really a  secret optical computer system to control our brains.

DD = Donald Duck  equivalent to OS/JCL Data Definition 

Mickey Mouse  --> Mic  + key + mouse--> Microsoft KEY to success with the computer mouse

Popeye --> P  + ope + eye --> Processor open(human optical data set) eye 

Okay...so now we see the SECRETS of Washington,DC and the universities manipulation tricks.  

The other CLUE is Itasca, Illinois. The television show DEEP SPACE NINE program  ( 8 data bits  + 1 parity bit) used to program the brain bio-computer  of math and science students .....had a character that appeared once....named  --> I Task ???  ..I just remember the  interaction with Odo)

YEAR 2012 ..... the themes arise

a) human bio-computers   and   Hollywood and other involved in BRAIN bio-computer programming.
Programming BUG on April 16 at Virginia TECH  ..... university  plays DUMB. 
The entire world-wide computer industry PLAYS DUMB.
Base 16 address 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue  ....... the staff can't be bothered.

b) The major theme involves OE19156p and atomic mass IRON 56

How could that work  ..... that 56 year message  ... signaling plan work...as it unfolds into REALITY. 

A Computer Earth system 370 model of interaction with human bio-computer would help explain everything.

As the foundation of such a system ..involving IRON atomic mass 56 .....
we suggest  the EARTH iron core and its interaction with the North Pole magnetic  field and/or  the Earth IRON  CORE  interaction with gravity.

Let's focus on the EARTH iron core and the North Pole magnetic field and the interaction with HUMAN iron red-blood cells.

Why is blood red

wiki.answers.com › ... › Human PhysiologyCirculatory SystemBlood
Blood is red due to hemoglobin (the molecule that carries oxygen around) which is held in the red blood cells.
In the hemoglobin are four atoms of iron which ...

Thus we have the concepts necessary for a system  flowchart on IRON and magnetic  data  field information flow.
Thus in the EARTH IRON core had master computer program with a project plan /message plan   ...... like a director of a theater ..
then over 56 years .....the Earth iron director could probably arrange that certain people cross-paths at work or in business (such as outlined above).

Thus we see Nature as the director of the  above  performance  ....

Shakespeare - All the world's a stage

William Shakespeare - All the world's a stage (from As You Like It 2/7).
All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players:
They have their exits and their entrances; And one man in his time plays many parts, His acts being ...

Shakespeare - All the world's a magnetic field stage

William Shakespeare - All the world's a stage (from As You Like It 2/7). All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players:

They have their exits and their entrances from the magnetic field THEATER.

We all know about this.  We are taught this since childhood  .... details of the North Pole.
Santa Claus leaves the NORTH POLE with  his magnetic field flying reindeer  AND a sleigh filled with gifts (magnetic DATA Fields).

Fer = Ferrous oxide atom RD location knows about the other IRON system ..the ancient ferry system  of the  magnetic field at Fer= FermiLAB, Batavia Illinois.

Thus you may have a secret ..if you are over atomic mass age 56.
Are you an  indivi.DUAL?  What is your DUAL life?   So, you're holding out.  Won't talk!