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Partition of geography space/time into INDOORS and OUTDOORS


Various theories have converged to help us understand modern geography on COMPUTER EARTH.  Einstein's data processing DATA FIELD theory and its social science military applications has provided empirical data about Sartre existential expressions.  In addition,  Landau physics and geo-physics provides DATA FIELD information that correlates with Einsteins DATA FIELD theory.

Using the copper-wire computer system 370 main frame with with OS/JCL SNA VTAM concepts used for  business data processing ...... using that MODEL  ...we  have an approximate mirror to parts of Nature's systems  ...physical systems, magnetic field systems, human bio-computer  systems, etc.   Nature's systems a have  existed for thousands of years ... in Roman times we had  the BAL = Basic Assembler Language expression via the
identifier  HanniBAL.

Hannibal - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Hannibal, son of Hamilcar Barca (247 – 183/182 BC) was a Punic Carthaginian military commander, generally considered one of the greatest military ...

Hannibal Crosses the Alps

Hannibal Crosses the Alps  ...in modern times 

H       bal Cross-correlation linkages with all  math and cultural  Alphabets

Let's look at the modern theory about the geography surface  of EARTH  ...... which includes concrete / grid iron buildings, skyscrapers, and subway train tunnels.
This region that we live and work and party within ... is the region of interest  ...with existing  geography,  geography maps, and highway road maps providing  a familiar frame of reference that we can build upon.

Let's perceive the EARTH geography surface as  some sort of  partition of mathematical-physics space/ time.  
Thus we have space/time rooms named geography counties. let's look at some adjective and attributes of these geography regions.

CHINA --> CH = In + A = Compare Halfword Instruction Assembler

BALTIC region of Europe  --> BAL Time region with the TICK/TOCK year 2000 TIME COMPUTER disaster in Europe. Failure to upgrade  Nature's  data processing systems and Einstein's  DATA FIELD theory with  the Y 2K data stream.

RUSSIA --> Ru + SSI + A --> (VTAM) Request Unit ........ Storage-Storage Instruction format  .... Assembler.
In Russia we have human bio-computer expressors with proper noun identifiers.

Vladimir Putin
Владимир Путин
2nd and 4th President of Russia
Assumed office
7 May 2012
Prime Minister Viktor Zubkov
Dmitry Medvedev
Preceded by Dmitry Medvedev

Using super-symmetry bio-physics ..we consider his bio-computer name

Vladimir Putin ..... with  the algebra subset command with symbols

 ......mir Putin    ..... which is

......mirror command .... Put + in <---> in + put

Thus we see the IBM secrets of computer science and symmetry physics .....the mirrors and inverse universe on EARTH.

IBM Input Devices and the Putin device

www.getpartsonline.com › All BrandsIBM Parts
IBM Input Devices IBM Parts Here you'll find IBM Input Devices. We have the best prices on IBM Input Devices. Buy an additional IBM Input Device or as a ... 

Input device - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

In computing, an input device is any peripheral (piece of computer hardware equipment) used to provide data and control signals to an information processing ...

  • Card reader input - IBM

    The card reader (CR) function accepts input from the following locally attached devices: IBM® 2501 Card Reader, IBM 2540 Card Reader Punch, IBM 3505 Card ...
  • Punched card input/output - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    IBM 711 card reader on an IBM 704 computer at NASA in 1957 ... A punched card reader or just card reader is a computer input device used to read executable ...
  • Punched card - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    A punched card, punch card, IBM card, or Hollerith card is a piece of stiff ... They were used through the 20th century in unit record machines for input, ... 7 Card handling equipment; 8 See also; 9 References; 10 Further reading ..... Creation and processing of punched cards was handled by a variety of devices, including: ...

    The pin-up image itself was programmed as a series of short lines, or vectors, encoded on a stack of about 97 Hollerith type punched cards, Tipton recalls. Hollerith punched cards were 7.375 x 3.25 inch paper cards that stored binary data via holes cut through a matrix printed on its surface. Like other 1950s computers, the AN/FSQ-7 used the cards extensively for program input.Lawrence Tipton in front of the Duplex Maintenance Console (Lawrence Tipton)


    A Hollerith punched card (IBM)

    Let's review some concepts.

    In physics ..we  have  the evolution of ideas ...such as 


  • Symmetry breaking - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    One of the first cases of broken symmetry discussed in the physics literature is related to the form taken by a uniformly rotating body of incompressible fluid in ...
  • Spontaneous symmetry breaking - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Jump to Particle physics‎: In particle physics the force carrier particles are normally ... term than "broken" because the symmetry is always there in these ...

  • Applied geography-physics  with SY --> Syria representing the problems of  university super-symmetry intellectual conflicts in year 2012 and 2013.

    Syria Fighting Extends To Damascus Highway As Rebels Prepare ...

    1 day ago – BEIRUT -- Syrian troops backed by warplanes battled rebels for control of a key highway in Damascus Saturday, a day after opposition forces ...


    Theory of everything - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    A theory of everything (ToE) or final theory is a putative theory of theoretical physics that fully explains and links together all known physical phenomena, and ...

    Applied geography-physics ..
    Unified (ToE) or final theory is a putative theory  TRANSLATES into physical reality  to

    Unified (ToE) or final theory is a punitive theory for Norway .....  therefore the tragic EVENT of UTOE ---> UTOEYA physics war zone

    Norwegian PM: Utoeya shooting a "national disaster"

    news.xinhuanet.com › HomeWorld
    Jul 23, 2011 – The death toll rose to 84 in the shooting spree Friday at a youth camp on the island of Utoeya, some 40 kilometers west of Oslo, police said on ...

    Utøya - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    On 22 July 2011, a mass shooting took place at the AUF's summer camp, where ... He then began shooting at individuals, continuing until the police arrived one ...

    Let's review some concepts.

    In data processing and physics ..we  have  the the concept of partition .... such as 

    Introduction to Partitioned Data Sets

    A Partitioned Data Set (PDS) is an IBM OS/390 (MVS) file that contains one or more sequential files called members. Members can be used to store various ...

  • Introduction to Partitioned Data Sets

    A Partitioned Data Set (PDS) is an IBM OS/390 (MVS) file that contains one or more sequential files called members. Members can be used to store various ...
  • Listing the Members of a Partitioned Data Set

    You can list all of the members in a partitioned data set, including any aliases, by specifying the data set name followed by the MEMBERS operand. Example ...
  • Data set (IBM mainframe) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Jump to Partitioned datasets‎: For example, a PDS or Partitioned Data Set is a dataset containing multiple members, each of which holds a separate ...

    Then we have physics partitions ..... with
  • What is Quantum Mechanics?

    ... the 'Double Slit Experiment', Schrödinger's 'Cat-in-the-Box Experiment' and the .... If a partition is introduced into the middle of the box that divides it into two ...
  • Schrodinger's cat in the box experiment - Quantum-Theories

    If a partition is introduced into the middle of the box that divides it into two ... saw it - of quantum theory, Schrodinger devised the cat-in-a-box thought experiment.

  • Now   let's  consider the COMPUTER EARTH word  .... Climate --> CLI = Compare Logical Immediate
    We have geography soil/ground/ LAND at --> LAN Dat --> Local Area Network Data 

    Mr.Smith lives in the city of BALTIMORE  on   the 1600 BLOCK .... 
    Mr.Smith lives in the BAL region of Maryland  on the Base 16 data block ...1600 BLOCK of data  .....  and he is a computer programmer ....  totally unaware of the TRUE NATURE of his life.

    Thus we have a foundation  to partition EARTH geography regions  and the immediate  space/time region in rooms. 
    We live in gravity rooms.
    We live  in North Pole magnetic field rooms, etc. 
    WE live in barometric atmospheric pressure room above  or below sea level.

    Consider a room like a house ..INDOORS.
    AND  ...then OUTDOORS.

    Thus we live on EARTH and  we have the concepts of  INDOORS or OUTDOORS ..... and we can use several different frames of reference .....  the traditional or the exotic  gravity room  model. 

    The traditional model ....has existed for hundreds of  years ..starting with LUMBER houses. 

    Nature perceives  LUMBER --> LU + MBER --> Logical Unit with members of a PDS = Partitioned Data Set.  

    A human walking INTO a house  ..enters a LUMBER LU = Logical UNIT.
    A human with math ideas in his brain brings serious data   input into Nature's system 370 LU.

    A man buys and a cellulose paper algebra book home ...to his lumber house.
    That evening (even + ing --> even integer time continuum) he studies the cellulose symbolic math document INSIDE his LU = Logical Unit LUMBER house.
    Then he sleeps 8 hours ( to convert his algebra ideas into standard 8 bit format = 1 byte comprised of 8 hours with the  sleep processor).

    In the morning, he takes a shower.
    Then he gets dressed .......  he gets an computer address within EARTH's space/time  processor.

    What You Can Do Today To Get Read   ForT   row - IBM

    File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View
    CSTKC - get address of current C stack frame. PBASC - gets address of calling program's base. Change BAL code ...

    IBM Basic assembly language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Basic Assembly Language (BAL) is a low-level language used on IBM .... mnemonics are BALR for a call storing the return address in a register before ... For instance, in MVS (later z/OS), STORAGE (with the OBTAIN parameter) dynamically allocates a block of memory, and GET retrieves the next logical record from a file.

    The man is in his house residence (residency mode)
    and he is adding clothes to his bio-computer body ........ dressing (addressing mode)

    Addressing mode and residency mode - IBM

    z/OS V1R12.0 MVS Programming Assembler Services Guide ... is expected to get control and where the program is expected to reside in virtual storage. AMODE ...

    Thus we see many interesting possibilities ..... in the modern explanation of life on EARTH.
    Some people (their bio-computer brain cell thoughts)  then enter hype space or hiperspace .

    Obtaining Improved Data Transfer To and From a Hiperspace - IBM

    BAL R14,AS_STORAGE Get address space storage BAL R14,INIT_AS Initialize addr space storage BAL R14,ISSUE
    HSPSERV Initialize HS space storage LTR ..
    HSPSERV --> advanced brain computer code for Washington,DC think tanks thinking of restuarant menus. 
    HSPANIC  computer science  politics in Washington, DC with lazy intellectuals.

    Let's return to the simple partition of EARTH existential space/time into 2 concepts.

    INDOORS --> some type of INPUT door/entrance to one of Nature's 11-dimensions of sting theory geo-physics

    Examples: Nature's computer equation  Russia with INPUT --> In + PUT  mirror  Put +IN.

    FermiLAB denies the existence of Nature's expressions  and messages, because FermiLAB and their university associations  has orders from the Federal  government to help distort knowledge.

    The Fer = Ferrous oxide FermiLAB mirror signal for the former IRON CURTAIN, Landau geo-physics  and the current Valdimir mirror.

    INDOORS --> some type of INPUT door/entrance ...the entrance to DR.Robley Evans "ATOMIC Nucleus"  and  George Orwell OCEANIA battle at Cole HALL  over Northern illimois physics communications ERRORS.
  • File:Entrance to Cole Hall, morning after the shootings.jpg - Wikipedia

    File:Entrance to Cole Hall, morning after the shootings.jpg. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jump to: navigation, search. File; File history; File usage ...
  • Northern Illinois University shooting - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Entrance to Cole Hall, morning after the shootings. At approximately 3:05 p.m. CST, Steven Kazmierczak entered a large auditorium-style lecture hall in Cole ...

  • Below, the signal ignored by the OFFICE of Science and universities

    Thus we see the DeKalb, Illinois and the FermiLAB Chicago region as  a mathematical-physics battlefield ...as shown by the  battle at COLE HALL near the EVANS FIELD HOUSE ...... with

    EVANS ---> 

    FIELD --> Einstein's FIELD theory shooting at the atomic mathematical-physics entity   with proper noun:  COLE HALL

    Let's look at OUTDOORS --> OUT --> data record OUTPUT doors to some other component of the EARTH partitioned data set.

    The Future Farmer of  America, Wisconsin agriculture, and the Boy Scouts of America represent  NATURE, farms and forests, and the OUTDOORS.

    Let's look at 3 OUT --> OUTPUT  tragedy messages that occurred  in the dimension named: OUTDOORS.

    a) the accidental bio-computer  murder of Base 16 Hex"FF'A  member Matt Anderson in Wisconsin  ...he was using a end-loader piece of equipment.
    b) the LAKE Superior geo-computer with Lake = La + key = Load Address key  that was tested by  Ron Nilsestuen.  NIlsestuen refused to help explain the NIL, Cole Hall, DeKalb farm/university tragedy. 

    Notice both deaths involved the  LOAD ---> SYS.LOAD.LIBRARY   or LOAD address instruction of COMPUTER EARTH geography  computer processing regions.

    c ) the 3rd OUTDOORS tragedy occurred  with the BOY Scouts of America  ....near  the OUTDOORS region identifier : DOOR County. Wisconsin. 


    Thus we see the city of Marinttee and the I/O PORT  FIELD theory  war zone in Wisconsin.

    Samuel O. Hengel - EagleHerald Marinette & Menominee online ...

    Dec 3, 2010 – He has been raised in Porterfield, Wis. and attended Marinette High School as a Sophomore. Sam was a proud member of the Boy Scouts of America as a Life ... fishing and anything that included his family and the outdoors.

    He has been raised in Porterfield,
    He has been raised in Porterfield,
    Hexadecimal oxygen breathing BASE 16 ......   has been raised   ....  input  Port  error    field .....  

    Sam was a proud member
    Sam was a proud member
    experimental Sample  was a proud member of a partitioned data set.

     the outdoors.
     the outdoors --> Ouput  ...and across the bay of water...Door County..

    Thus we see some pieces to a puzzle ..... about our human life.
     Humans are subsets embedded within the multi-faceted dimensions of Nature ..... thus we ought study these dimensions and the EVENTS that occur.
    Universities and governments  have no interest in these trivial matters of existence.
    .........so,  its up to you and me.
     I could use some help.   Pass the word among your friends about the SCIENCE WARS .
    Internet 3  keywords:  1 = science  2 = wars   3 =  math, computer , physics, DNA, etc.    ...will bring up some reports.