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World War 1 - Hemoglobin War


World War 1 was a bio-chemistry WAR ...a hematology WAR.

World War I - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

World War I (WWI) was a global war centered in Europe that began on 28 July 1914 and lasted until 11 November 1918. It was predominantly called the World ...

Causes of World War I

The causes of World War I, which began in central Europe in late ... 

Let's look at the situation.
First, let's establish a point of VIEW ..outlined BY Herbert Spencer in year 1855.

Chapter VI.: The Correspondence As Direct and Homogeneous

Herbert Spencer, The Principles of Psychology [1855] .... organisms, is the addition of new internal relations in correspondence with new external relations.

Intentionality, Fitness and Evolution in William James's Pragmatism ...

In his Principles of Psychology (1855), Spencer stresses the decisive role of the ... an adaptation of the internal relations to the external relations (Spencer, 1855)

The above book was published in year 1855 ----> 55 -->implies atomic mass of iron 55.85.   Thus the INTERNAL iron hemoglobin proteins within Herbert Spencer arranged for the EXTERNAL book message to appear in year 1855  ..... to establish the LINK to number 55 and 55.85.    Had the atomic mass of IRON been 61 .......the book would have been published in year 1861.  Thus we see a display of the the powerful influence of the periodic atomic table element upon out lives.

Fe = Ferrous oxide IRON atom ....and it plays an important role in our human existence.

Red blood cell - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

These cells' cytoplasm is rich in hemoglobin, an iron-containing biomolecule that can bind oxygen and is responsible for the blood's red color. In humans ...

The interaction of iron and erythropoietin

May 19, 2000 – Iron is the fuel for the production of new red blood cells. When the two are coupled, red cell production moves briskly and efficiently.

Iron  is important in our symbolic life. The 26 protons of ferrous oxide IRON atom have 26 atomic alphabet  letters. 

English alphabet

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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STATES of MIND post office -->  Send Mail

Official USPS Abbreviations

Archduke Ferdinand --> AR + FER --> State of MIND (AR) messages for Clinton about Yugoslavia conflicts   +  Ferrous oxide messages for the IRON of Manhattan.

Both messages are ignored.
Serious reality is not important.    Hollywood and Virginia  TECH  incomplete explanation of tragic EVENTS are  most popular.