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Do molecules do math calculations?
Do they think?
Why not?
They do everything else necessary for human biological existence.

Let's look at Nature's CLUES that may describes  DNA  computer blood ....as a symbolic machine. ....with bio-math symbolic expressions of thought.

secret WORDS--> B100D Pressure  ...algebra subset codes
..................................DP --> Data Processing abilities  

DNA - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) molecules are informational molecules encoding the genetic instructions used in the development and functioning of all known ...

Additional CLUES involve the word identifier for DNA ....and numbers 16 and 4.

alphabet data symbol ----> D e o x y r i b o n u c l e i c ...... A c i d
DNA computer address ---> 1....3 ...5...7...9....11...13.......16 ---> 1.....4 


Above we see the Base 16 hexadecimal nature of the living word--> Deoxyribonucleic
In mathematics and computer science, hexadecimal (also base 16, or hex) is a positional numeral system with a radix, or base, of 16. It uses sixteen distinct symbols,

Hexadecimal bio-computer ...... that model fits in with the oxygen atomic mass 16 with Base 16 LU =Logical Unit = LUNG model.

Thus we have a few starting pieces to an interesting puzzle.

What are the 4 nucleotides for DNA

wiki.answers.com › ... › CategoriesScienceBiologyGenetics
What are the 4 nucleotides for DNA? In: Genetics
The 4 nucleotides in DNA are:

A = Adenine
G = Guanine
C = Cytosine
T = Thymine ...

the WORDS--> B100D Pressure  ...algebra subset codes
..............................DP --> Data Pulse of the heartbeat oscillations is LINKED to
Cytosine --> Cyto +  sine wave curve  of math functions / electronic oscillations.  

Additional alpha/numeric pieces of the biochemistry WORDS.... their alphabet and number components

Adenine --subset symbols nine = 9
Guanine --> subset number nine = 9

Somehow this gets involved in some bio-math calculation.

At the moment we see 9 x 9 = 81.
Let's look at IBM system 370 and the IBM 8100 DPCX.

Let's convert the copper-wire computer into a
human bio-computer ..... in other words...let's take the copper-wire systems and their SYMBOLIC architecture .....
and by reading those IBM manuals into our eyes/optical nerve --> route information to our INTERNAL bio-chemistry department with NATURE's thought team ....

we see the
graphic shape of number 8 looks like letter B
graphic shape of number 5 look like S --> System equivalence 
alphabet letters loo --> 100 as number one hundred  
Thus 8100D PCX ---> the ade.nine and Gua.nine role in 81 --> Blood math
........B100D Person Computer bio-alpha/numeric math model X

A  DNA  introduction to the IBM 8100 information system

with adenine X guanine --> 9 X 9 --> 8100 in year 1981 bio-chemistry INTERNAL processing expressions converted to EXTERNAL display format ...as pictured below


computer history

IBM 8100 Information System and Distributed Programming 
  • IBM 8100 DPCX - Wikipedia 
    ...IBM 8100 D 
    ...IBM B100 D --> societal control systems
    DPCX (Distributed Processing Control eXecutive) was an operating system for the IBM 8100 small computer system. IBM hoped it would help their installed base ..

  • IBM 8100
     IBM 8100 was at one time IBM's principal distributed processing engine, ... two incompatible operating systems (DPPX and DPCX) and was follow-on to IBM ...

    Thus we see that biochemistry has evolved into 2 major areas: the biology processes and the symbolic life parallel processes.
    This was announced by the Darwin selection of newspaper communication theorists .... Patty Hearst and her Darwinian experiences with the Symbolic ARMY ..Symboise Army and
    and the DNA social science EVENT ....ki.DNA.pping --> DNA parallel processing ......signal from the 1970's message processing EVENT.