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K-channel conflict with EM

Rd-blog-number-5117 by Herb Zinser reviews the brain neuroscience K-channel conflicts with  radio and televison stations with K-chanel call signs or other codes that directly attack Nature's natural brain stem system that uses Solar System sunlight or Thomas Edison approved incandescent  light bulbs.


Thus ..........








citizen/ government  approved attack using electromagnetic K-station code to attack the human brain SYMBOL PROCESSOR.

Television stations in Texas

Dallas/Fort Worth Denton 2 43 KDTN Daystar  
Dallas/Fort Worth Dallas 4 35 KDFW Fox  
Dallas/Fort Worth Fort Worth 5 41 KXAS-TV NBC  
Dallas/Fort Worth Dallas 8 8 WFAA ABC  
Dallas/Fort Worth Fort Worth 11 19 KTVT CBS  
Dallas/Fort Worth Dallas 13 14 KERA-TV PBS  
Dallas/Fort Worth Fort Worth 21 29 KTXA Independent  
Dallas/Fort Worth Garland 23 23 KUVN-DT UNI  
Dallas/Fort Worth Dallas 27 36 KDFI MNT  
Dallas/Fort Worth Decatur 29 30 KMPX Independent  
Dallas/Fort Worth Dallas 33 32 KDAF CW  
Dallas/Fort Worth Dallas 39 40 KXTX-TV TEL


radio stations in Texas

KKXT 91.7 FM Dallas North Texas Public Broadcasting, Inc. Adult Alternative (Public)
KKYN-FM 106.9 FM Plainview Rhattigan Broadcsting (Texas), LP Country
KKYR-FM 102.5 FM Texarkana Townsquare Media Texarkana License, LLC


KZOS-LP 92.5 FM San Marcos City of San Marcos  
KZPS 92.5 FM Dallas AMFM Texas Licenses LLC




Thus the  North America (Na)     K-station SYMBOL CODE identifiers (K)  -->  
and the process --> attack upon --> Na-channels and K-channels 



Thus, the consequences of these ERRORS .........


November 22, 1963: Death of the President - John F ...

John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum

Shortly after noon on November 22, 1963, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated as he rode in a motorcade through Dealey Plaza in downtown Dallas, ...


Na-channel and K-channel WAR casualty  --> Na K  --> North america Kennedy.
Thus Nature's brain systems message  .....   President K  ... killed in the copper wire atomic mass code 63  ....  electronics WAR code to help identify the FCC electron TV and radio problems.





Let's look at another blog post that explains more ..........


The FCC approved Charlottesville television K-channel attack on Hannah Graham

Rd-blog-number-5116 by Herb Zinser reviews the Nature's neuroscience K-channel MILITARY defense system against the citizen/government authorized FFC telesivion and radio electromagnetic SYMBOL waves attacks upon the human brain SYMBOL PROCESSOR and its K-channel components.

Let's look at another blog post that outlines some situations and then we will cover RADIO and TELEVISION  brain wars.


Fort Hood education  for 13 soldiers


on the 13 classes of


potassium MILITARY channels


and amino acid soldiers

RD-blog-number 5095 by Herb Zinser reviews modern warfare ....... with Nature's molecular military systems  attack ERROR communities and PROBLEM universities. 

Newpspaers print the information database about these signaling EVENTS. but only offer an incomplete explanation about the deeper  levels of REALITY that underlie   the signaling EVENT.


Thus we have levels of perceptions and understanding .... depending upon the effort you make in studying basic math and science books.




You may need the concept of the SYMBOL MACHINE as a thought tool.



Nature's SYMBOL MACHINE is comprised of  nouns, verbs,concepts, math equations,  flowcharts, etc.  The ideas found in mathand science textbooks are part of the SYMBOL MACHINE. 

Using Galileo'ssuggestions  of  " 2 CHIEF WORLD  SYSTEMS" we now perceive S artre existentialism as partitioned into 2 or more dataspaces....... the  2  CHIEF existential entities 

1) physical reality of objects: concrete highways, iron automobiles, cellulose trees, humanoids, atoms, molecules, photosynthesis processes, gravity fields, retc. 

2) The world of symbols, concepts, process control systemflowcharts, biochemistry diagrams,  math and physics equations, etc. 

Maps and Territories -Rijnlandmodel

Language in Thought and Action, S.I. Hayakawa. 
Chapter 2 Symbols Maps and Territories 
There is a sense in which we  all live in two worlds.



 Now, let's look at  the Cole Hall shooting.




Cerebral hemisphere – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


The vertebrate cerebrum  (brain) is formed by two cerebral hemispheres  that are separated by a groove , the medial longitudinal fissure. The brain can thus be …

‎ Structure  – ‎ Function


The brain electron circuits ………

Schmitt trigger – Wikipedia, 

In electronics, a  Schmitt trigger  is a comparator circuit with hysteresis, implemented by applying positive feedback to the noninverting input of a comparator or …

‎ Invention  – ‎ Implementation  – ‎ Applications


Schmitt-triggers :: NXP Semiconductors


By providing input threshold hysteresis  Schmitt trigger  buffers, line drivers and gates are ideal for interfacing slowly changing analog signals to.




Application  sick/ill  noise  ….. noisy input  from the  Northern  Illinois geography region  …..   univerisities and their college graduates  from   Chicago, Evanston thru DeKalb   ….. alot of INTELLECTUAL dribble  and citizen nonsense talk and writings.
noisy input
noisy input
nois sy
noise system …… selection of  the geography state of Illinois for Nature's MESSAGE generating EVENT   …for the generated database and the message about the  STATE of MIND ..Ill noise  ..brain map  section.

Northern Illinois University shooting – Wikipedia, the free …


The  Northern Illinois  University  shooting  was a school  shooting  that took place on February 14, 2008. Steven Kazmierczak shot multiple people on the campus …


Northern Illinois 

Northern Ill  i  nois 

Northern Ill  i  noise 

Northern Ill/sick noise  

……….. arrogant  trivial blabber that insults 
Nature's Central Nervous  System 370 standards 


Schmitt trigger – Wikipedia, 


 One application of a Schmitt trigger is to increase the 
noise immunity in a circuit with only a single input threshold.


NOw, let's look at another situation to help  you   get started on researching this and solving the problems .


The code 1984 --> number 19 --> atomic number 19 to potassium and neuroscience 


Neuroscience 5e: Chapter 4 Animations - Sinauer Associate
A nerve cell uses the concentration differences in sodium and potassium. ions across its ... the sodium–potassium pump, builds up these gradients by exporting.
Neuroscience 5e: Chapter 3 Animations - Sinauer Associates
the     rising   phase   of the action potential, and a potassium conductance. that activates more slowly and contributes to the falling phase of the. action potential and ..





Potassium ion channel - Neuroscience Wiki


A Potassium ion channel is a transmembrane protein that allows for 

the selective movement of potassium ions (K+).
There are 13 classes of potassium channels.

K Channelshttps://www.rpi.edu/dept/.../channel.htm
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute


K+ channels are highly selective for K+, e.g., relative to Na+. The selectivity filter that determines which cation (e.g., Na+ or K+) can pass through a channel is .

Thus..in the evolution of SYMBOL LIFE and the living language   ...... we now have Nature's  brain SYMBOL PROCESSOR and the K-English language channel 


Thus the Geoge Orwell book 19 --> 1984 --> is a potassium book   ......  
.with selectivity filters for information and analysis accuracy ...
approximate TRUTH or resaonable TRUTH VERSUS  elaborate bull-story explanations or incompelte explanations given about some tragic signaling EVENTS.


  1. Propaganda in 1984 - Essay - C
    Crystal Robles Dr. Paliwoda English 101 4 December 2012 In Oceania, rumors, myths, ideas and false information controls the minds of the citizens.




  1. Propaganda In 1984 - College Essaysallbestessays.com/English/Propaganda-1984/6456.html
    In the book 1984, 
    the Inner Party uses propaganda as a means of enforcing its viewpoints on the citizens of Oceania.




Which one -->


Year 1984 + base 16  = year 2000 and the TIME boundary for EARTHLY  base 16 space/time projects and brain engineering projects

Which one for 1984 + base 16 -->  message deliver ed on  April 16,2007  English department 

Which one -->  the    Chosen one   --> cho  --> Mr.CHO  ..

born in year 1984



Thus we see George Orwell , K-channels,  and  BRAIN  WAVES  ....... and the errors in the incomplete explanations of many tragic signaling EVENTS.


Let's look at another potassium message from Nature and the periodic atomic table of REALITY.


The test location for the REALITY awareness TEST  ..... was chosen by Nature's SYMBOL MACHINE selection mechanism   ...to  optimize the emssage content of the site ..... therefore ..the selection of  K = Killeen Texas to represent  the Potassium Military action  ...... using as amino acid human entity whose loyalty is to Nature's biochemistry systems  ....
agent NH = Nidal Hasan who studied biochemsitry at Virginia TECH  ... the United States  living Constitution's back-up miltary training site using the Nature's molecular  ROTC program .... under the Constitutional  protective auspices of
Thomas Jefferson project Monticello ........ code 
Tho...............son........   Mo   cell


Tho --> T + Ho --> forT Hood


son --> educated sons of bio-molecules

Mo cell --> Molecular cell biology  and the biochemistry molecules of Thomas Jefferson in year 1776 that helped his conciousness write  the molecular cell biology ........... molecular human experiment  ........ social engineering expression document.




What are the roles of the many different types of potassium ...

National Center for Biotechnology Information
by A Mathie - ‎2003 - ‎Cited by 45 - ‎Related articles

Potassium (K) channels have a key role in the regulation of neuronal excitability. Over a hundred different subunits encoding distinct K channel subtypes have ...



Potassium ion channel - Neuroscience Wiki


A Potassium ion channel is a transmembrane protein that allows for the selective movement of potassium ions (K+). T


There are 13 classes of potassium channels  
... used to communicate with the 13 DEAD in  K -->  potassium community of K = Killeen, Texas.


Soldier Opens Fire at Ft. Hood; 13 Dead - CBS News

CBS News

By CBSNewsCBS/APNovember 5, 2009, 3:33 PM. Soldier Opens Fire at Ft. Hood; 13 Dead. A soldier opened fire at a U.S. Army base inFort Hood, Texas on Thursday, ... sustained in the attack after hospitalization, raising the death toll to 13.






Annual Reports in Medicinal Chemistry


1995 - ‎Science

It is now clear that there are numerous types of potassium channel, each with a ... conductance calcium (Ca2+)-activated (BKCa) potassium channels (13).



Below, Nature's VIEW of the potassium sturctures inside the Soldier Read Center (using humanoid potassium display entites)


Killeen, Texas - Wikipedia, t


Killeen is a city in Bell County, Texas, United States. 

History - ‎Geography 
Population137,147 (2013) 
--> one human at 37 degrees Celsius temperture needed to explain REALITY  versus  Hollywood REELity

Potassium buffering in the central TEXAS ...Central  nervous system .......  STATE of MIND Texas.


Potassium buffering in the central nervous system. Kofuji P(1), Newman EA. Author information: (1)Department of Neuroscience, University of Minnesota, 6-145 ...



Potassium ion channel - Neuroscience Wiki


A Potassium ion channel is a transmembrane protein that allows for 
the selective movement
of potassium ions (K+) in Killeen, Texas.

There are 13 classes of potassium channels.



K Channels


Note: Rather than try to cover the many different types of membrane channels, this class will focus on K+ channels whose structures have been solved at atomic ...


The Federal government  FCC approved  Killeen, Texas radio ATTACK channels   ..
the Killeen KILL  --> the brain neuroscience K-channels...


Killeen, Texas Radio Stations

We found 53 FM radio stations and 21 AM radio stations in the Killeen, TX area.



Some K station  call signs ........


88.1 FM KNLE Christian Contemporary 45.5 miles Round Rock, TX
88.1 FM KVLW Christian Contemporary 27.7 miles Gatesville, TX
88.5 FM KBMD Religious 49.5 miles Marble Falls, TX
88.5 FM KVLT Christian Contemporary 10.0 miles Temple, TX
88.9 FM KSUR Religious 32.8 miles Mart, TX
89.5 FM KMFA Classical 54.2 miles Austin, TX
89.9 FM KBDE Religious 24.4 miles Temple, TX
91.3 FM KNCT Variety 10.0 miles Killeen, TX
92.1 FM KYLR Christian Contemporary 40.4 miles Hutto, TX



KCNQ Kinetic Model - University College London    VERSUS the FCC  K-station call signs



M-type potassium channels ('M-channels') are
subthreshold voltage-gated potassium channels (k)
that exert a profound effect on the activity and excitability of  (biochemistry majors  at Fort Hood

in the K = Kill area of Killeen with
their K-station  electromagnetic call sign attack

on the brain stem) ..



TEXAS  television attacks on Nature's  neuroscience K-channel THOUGHT systems


.... that use K to  --> thinK



television stations in Texas


  • Channel 35: KMYS - (CW) - Kerrville, TX (San Antonio)
  • Channel 36: KPBT-TV - (PBS) - Odessa (Odessa-Midland)
  • Channel 36: KTFO-CD - (Univision) - Austin
  • Channel 36: KXAN - (NBC) - Austin, NBC 36
  • Channel 38: K38FN - (TBN) - Waco (Waco-Temple-Bryan)
  • Channel 38: KSCE - (Religious) - El Paso
  • Channel 38: KTXE-LP - (ABC) - San Angelo
  • Channel 38: KZHO-LD - (ABC) - Houston, ABC 38
  • Channel 39: KIAH - (CW) - Houston, CW 39



KvLQT2  -   versus the Federal Communications Commission




The M channel is a slowly activating and deactivating potassium channel that ... Defects in this gene are a cause of benign familial neonatal convulsions type 1 ...



neuroscience  Military types -----> M-type potassium channels by muscarinic ...


Feb 20, 2014 - How does the closure of M-type potassium channels by muscarinic receptors result in increased excitation of the target neuron? neuroscience ...




Voltage-Gated K+ Channels - Theoretical Biophysics Group



Structure of a voltage-gated K channel.

Potassium Channels ...

Coupling of the voltage-sensors to the (gate in the) pore domain is via an amphipathic alpha ...





The Journal of Neuroscience

  • EARTH LAB expression agent



Gates open on understanding potassium channel controls ...


Jun 4, 2010 - Scientists have made a significant advance in understanding how potassium channels, which permit the flow of ...



The activation gate of a voltage-gated K+ channel can be activated using the microbiology gates of Robert Gates ..


Voltage-activated K+ channels are integral membrane proteins containing a potassium-selective transmembrane pore gated by changes in the membrane ...




The Hierarchy Problem  of  existential gates and their levels and formats of expression| Of Particular Significance


Aug 14, 2011 - What is the Hierarchy Problem in  human communications about serious matters?

An important feature of nature that puzzles scientists like myself is known as the hierarchy, meaning the vast ...




The M-channel neuroscience ubattle site at the  Soldier Read Center    

..the INTERNAL   nueron fires ....
an EXTERNAL   gun with bullets fires 




§7: THE DATA OF ETHICS (1879) by Herbert Spencer

...   in correspondence with external coexistences and sequences; and still more ...

said to be 

the continuous adjustment of internal relations to external relations.







Thus, in year 2015,   you have some pieces to a puzzling problem.



 NOw, let's look at the Hannah Graham situation.


Murder of Hannah Graham - Wikipedia, the free 

Hannah Graham (February 25, 1996 – c. September 13, 2014) was an 18-year-old second-year British American student at the University of Virginia who went ...

Disappeared: September 13, 2014 (aged ...
Cause of death:







television stations in Virginia



Full-power stations

VC refers to the station's PSIP virtual channel. RF refers to the station's physical RF channel.

Area served City of license VC RF Callsign Network Notes
Charlottesville Charlottesville 19 19 WCAV CBS Fox viaWAHU-CD on 19.3
Charlottesville Charlottesville 29 32 WVIR-TV NBC The CWon 29.3
Charlottesville Charlottesville 41 46 WHTJ PBS




The SYMBOL MACHINE language tools  give us  FCC citizen approved ATTACK codes used by the electromagnetic stations in CH = 


 letters ----> A B C D E F G H I J K

location ----> 1   3     5       8     11


Thus CH  --> implies 3 + 8 --> 

giving location 11 --> pointer to symbol K 



Thus TV  CHarlottesville 19 --> K 19   







Thus the Hannah Graham walking signal .....






 The  flowchart .... the pathway she traced out ..
her subconscious MIND  final message output ..... suggesting






Thus we have her SYMBOL MACHINE proper  noun code 

-  > Hannah Graham 
--> H  Gra + Ham  --> Hertzian wave  grammar .. 
amateur  Ham radio opertaors need to contact  General Carter Ham.




 Identifier code -- > Carter Ham 


Carter--> Car + ter--> Carbon Life form tiers / hierarchy  

Ham --> carbon-14 radioactivity or equavelnt with Genral Ham and his parallel lcontact .....  the  carbon-14 agent ..the  14th Dalai Lama  and  University of Wisconsin, Madison neurscience problems.







Other BRAIN K-channel  neuroscience battles have been reported in the news.


For example.... near MIlwukee Wisconsin


Wisconsin Sikh temple shooting - Wikipedia, the free ...

August 5, 2012, 40-year-old Wade Michael Page fatally shot six people and wounded four others at a Sikh temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. Page took his life ...



We have the Wisconsin earth region ..............

Within the EARTH geography region we have Cu = Cudahy ,..representing Cu = Copper and the electronics WAR.

Therefore Nature's Darwin SYMBOL MACHINE selection of a humanoid from Cu = Cudahy for Nature's electron continuum military action in Oak Creek.


On August 5, 2012, 40-year-old Wade Michael Page fatally shot six people and wounded four others at a Sikh temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin.

Page was an American white supremacist and United States Army veteran from
Cudahy, Wisconsin.





Sikh temple shooting...

Following emergency calls around 10:25 a.m. CDT, police responded to a shooting at a Sikh gurdwara located in Oak Creek, Wisconsin.


Nature' SYMBOL MACHINE language code analysis  
--> SiKH Temple 

--> Si + KH Temple

--> Sin wave KHZ Temple ....... brain waves battles site


500 kHz - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Since early in the 20th century, the radio frequency of 500 kilohertz (500 kHz) has been

an international calling and distress frequency for Morse code 




Radio Officers | 500 kc/s and Morse code “The Heritage of ...

500 kc/s and Morse code “The Heritage of Humanity ... ... For nearly 100 years 500 kHz has been the maritime calling and ...

In year 2015, this tragic signaling EVENT  continues to be ignored by citizens of Wisconsin  who are busy eating pizza, talking on cellular phones,  watching movies, playing sports, etc.



Another  KHZ message  ....VIA  human agents and their  LETTER   codes

  1. Henry Kissinger - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


    Henry Alfred Kissinger is an American diplomat and political scientist. He served as National Security Advisor and later concurrently as Secretary of State in the ...

  2. Henry Kissinger - Official Site


    Welcome. Henry A. Kissinger was sworn in on September 22, 1973, as the 56th Secretary of State, a position he held until January 20, 1977. He also served as …




The other agent ....


  1. Zbigniew Brzezinski - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


    Zbigniew Kazimierz Brzezinski is a Polish American political scientist, geostrategist, and statesman who served as a counselor to Lyndon B. Johnson from 1966–1968 ...

  2. Zbigniew Brzezinski - Want to know


    Zbigniew Brzezinski: The Grand Chessboard. 



    Thus ,,the keyword sequence --> Kissinger, Henery + Zbigniew --> KHZ   messengers  .... who have yet to communicate outside their in-bred myopic circle LINKED
    to narrow mined and arrogant society.

    The VIETNAM war codes .......


    Henry Kissinger: Vi = Vector interface Failures  of

    Vi= Vietnam  sunlight EM  Vector space/time 'We Did To Ourselves'


    Sep 29, 2010 · WASHINGTON — Henry Kissinger, who helped steer Vietnam policy in year 1972 ..... 





    The K-channel wars on EARTH with the  television/ radio   Poynting VECTOR content ERRRORS  
    .... the war message was repeated VIA Nature's enhancement of the Korean conflict.




    U.S. Tourist Jeffrey Fowle Was Detained In North Korea For ...


    Aug 01, 2014 · By James Pearson SEOUL, Aug 2(Reuters) - American tourist Jeffrey Fowle was arrested by North Korean authorities for leaving a bible under a bin in the ..