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Pyrex glass beakers WAR

RD-blog-number-5032 by Herb Zinser reviews the status of the EARTH LAB organic chemistry lab wars and the EARTH WAR casualties of the Germanwingwing plane ... Nature's messenger plane.


Germanwings plane crashes in France - CNN.com

CNN 6 days ago - A Germanwings Airbus A320 plane carrying 150 people crashed in the foothills of the French Alps on Tuesday, March 24.


The Latest: Spanish town mourns German plane crash victims

The Washington Post
Mar 24, 2015 - The Germanwings passenger jet crashed Tuesday, March 24, 2015 in the French ...
The mayor of the small Spanish town of Jaca in the Pyrenees ...
The Germanwings flight crashed in France on its way from Barcelona, Spain


Nature   created  the tragic EVENT to generate  a database to provide SYMBOL MACHINE word clues and concepts about the more TRUE NATURE of the world SCIENCE WARS ..... thus the military message generating  EVENT ..  why it was created to give  some clues to  the BIG PICTURE problems in social chemistry and Hierarchy Problems in existential physics  regarding the  SOCIAL SCIENCES and political sciences.

The Science Wars - Cardiff University

Cardiff University

This page by Harry Collins explains the 'science wars', which began in the early 1990s with attacks by natural scientists or ex-natural scientists who had ..

Beyond the Science Wars: The Missing Discourse about ...

Ullica Christina Olofsdotter SegerstrÃ¥le - The Science Wars were just breaking in Japan in March 1998, when the



Coming to Blows Over How Valid Science Really Is - The ...

The New York Times

Jul 21, 2001 - That year a physicist and historian of science, Thomas S. Kuhn, did for conceptions of ... old notions of truth are discarded and new ones take their place. ... New York Times ... of Western culture) and science wars (over truth and relativism).

Let's look at Nature's language  system mechanism.  

Nature's SYMBOL MACHINE is comprised of  nouns, verbs, concepts, math equations,  flowcharts, etc.  The ideas found in math and science textbooks are part of the SYMBOL MACHINE.

Using Galileo's suggestions  of  " 2 CHIEF WORLD  SYSTEMS"   we now perceive Sartre existentialism as partitioned into 2 or more data spaces....... the  2  CHIEF existential entities

1) physical reality of objects: concrete highways, iron  automobiles, cellulose trees, humanoids, atoms, molecules, etc.

2) The world of symbols, concepts, process control system flowcharts, biochemistry diagrams,  math and physics equations, etc.

Maps and Territories - Rijnlandmodel

Language in Thought and Action, S.I. Hayakawa.
Chapter 2 Symbols Maps and Territories
There is a sense in which we all live in two worlds.



Let's look at the world of symbols, pictures, nouns and adjectives, proper nouns that are used to describe things in solid physical reality. 

PYREX Griffin beakers - SigmaAldrich.com‎

Low form, capacity 30 mL available from Sigma-Aldrich.
Peer-reviewed papers
Sigma-Aldrich Corporation has 266 followers on Google+


Laboratory Beakers - thermoscientific.com‎





Thus, above,   we have the source domain of SYMBOL LIFE and thought that may get a mathematical-physics mapping to the destination range of physical geography and physical  biology with human proper nouns, human activities, etc. on the geography surface of EARTH. 



Thus we consider the destination ranger  .....perhaps an EARTH geography mountain range.


Source domain symbols .... Pyrex ....--> subset code --> Pyre    --> information pointer Pyre --> pyreness

the pyrenees mountains map and details - World Atlas

print this map, The Pyrenees The Pyrenees Mountains form the natural border between France and Spain, and completely engulf the tiny nation of Andorra.

The Pyrenees Mountains , between SPAIN - FRANCE ...

The Pyrenees, nature at its purest - South Of France.


Pyrex® Beakers - The Science Company

PYREX Glass Beaker, 2000mL. This PYREX® glass beaker has a double graduated metric scale with white markings to 2000ml, in 100ml increments. NC-0077.


...... in other words ..the EARTH LANGUAGE and SYMBOL MACHINE commands


Pyreness   Breakers - The Science Company


PYREX Glass Beaker, 2000mL. This PYREX® glass beaker has a double graduated metric scale with white markings to 2000ml, in 100ml increments. NC-0077.




Let's look at another blog post that explains more things about EARTH LAB chemistry war  VIA humanoid expression devices.

RD-blog-number-5025 by Herb Zinser reviews Nature's systems and its generated data. 

Nature creates some tragic signaling EVENTS .. to generate empirical data for researchers about the molecular social engineering software architecture of Nature's systems, data for the Hierarchy Problem in existential physics with carbon life forms at FermiLAB and UC,, etc.

Let's approach a situation .. in the spirit of Sherlock Holmes. 



Chapter XI: Who Stole the Tarts? | Alice's Adventures in ...etc.usf.edu/lit2go/1/alices-adventures-in.../chapter-xi-who-stole-the-tarts/


by Lewis Carroll ... 'And that's the jury–box,' thought Alice, '


and those twelve creatures,' (she was ... 


The twelve jurors were all writing very busily on slates.

Twelve = number 12 and the Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family ... carbon jury  with atomic social  sciences and atomic social laws. 




We shall  review the hydrocarbon continuum and its expression systems  ...that is  ..... in the case of  molecular social chemistry  .... uses  human  carbon life forms as representatives, messengers, display devices, military policy ... action figures,  concept carriers,  etc.
Let's look at some ideas about  organic chemistry molecular thought continuum AND   Nature's l molecule MILITARY actions.  


Organic chemistry expression sytems 

- social chemistry signaling EVENTS

Maps and Territories - Rijnlandmodel

Language in Thought and Action, S.I. Hayakawa.
Chapter 2 Symbols Maps and Territories
There is a sense in which we all live in two worlds.

 The  organic chemistry hydrocarbon WARS.


Let's look at  the descriptions  of a few situations about organic molecule wars  ...the molecule and its  DEATH equation by  SYMBOLS ...the modern DEATH formula as outlined by Isaac Asimov and his FOUNDATION books and theory of psychohistory equations and social chemistry  formula..

Earth Lab ..... 
social chemistry WAR message

 via the chemistry glass stopper CODE

Above, Sherlock Holmes museum.

The organic chemistry EARTH LAB message from Virginia  TECH   and other  locations. 

Earth LAB is just Nature's larger version of the chemistry lab used by humans.


The EARTH  Lab signaling event  ....

Virginia Tech police officer, one other killed on campus ...www.washingtonpost.com/.../ shot s... virginia - tech .../...
The Washington Post
Dec 8, 2011 - A Virginia Tech police officer was fatally shot Thursday during a routine traffic stop on the Blacksburg campus and a second person was found ...

Virginia Tech police identified the slain officer as Deriek W. Crouse, 39, of Ch ristiansburg --> code CH  of  word --> Christainburg.

The periodic atomic table language code  Ch --> CH  --> Carbon Hydrogen  message situation ... hence, EARTH LANGUAGE and the Darwin SYMBOL  selection of  someone with a proper noun or identifier in their name or town   ..... with code CH ..... enabling others to recognize the possible significance of signaling EVENT.

CH --> information pointer to the hydrocarbon continuum of  many structures ... including -->


Keywords and concepts 
-->  routine  traffic stop  -->  stop --> chemistry lab stopper
-->  routine ....  Nature's molecular computer sub-routines with instructions SENT to the human brain.


Thus...we have case of Lewis Carroll with Alice ..Thru the Looking Glass ----> EARTH systems and Nature ...LOOK via the Glass Stopper and Flask. 


The most famous LAB event .... 



The Lab event occurred at Fort (LAB) Hood in Killeen, Texas In November 2009.


2009 Fort Hood shooting - Wikipedia , the free encyclopedia 

On November 5, 2009 , a mass murder took place at Fort Hood , near Killeen, Texas. Nidal Malik Hasan , a U.S. Army major in biochemistry WARFARE  ... 
Shootings · 
Investigation ERRORS and OMISSIONS 




Let's look at  organic chemistry messages and more information about Virginia TECH. 


Darwinian selection process 

– DEATH equation of 

 Virginia TECH, and others 

The atomic symbols used by Nature's hydrocarbon organic chemistry MILITARY molecule are  Carbon and Hydrogen.. 



The DEATH command keyword of atoms and  molecules ......   death selection system of the organic molecule continuum ……. which is Nature's base operating platform upon which 2-legged humans and 4-legged animals exist.

Thus the underlying foundation  of  organic chemistry hydrocarbon molecules and their social chemistry thoughts can rise up and influence and/or control human thought  and behavior.  This is an example of the well-known Hierarchy Problem in physics  …. scientists are upset because their wives told them they are superior to everything ……. thus they lose their philosophical perception of Man's  partnership with Nature …. but, still a subset relationship with Nature.




Now, let's look at Virginia  TECH  and the chemistry ENGLISH language message EVENT ..the tragic signaling EVENT.


Virginia Tech shooting –

Cho was noted for being good at mathematics and English, and teachers pointed to him as an example for other students.

Thus we see that the English department proper noun --> CHO   has an identiity  LINK to the periodic atomic table of elements of life and thought ...  the elements used to construct   atomic, molecular humanoid expression devices ..... such as Mr.CHO with his English and mathematics background.




Thus ..Nature is saying that his atoms   .... in the CHO sequence --> Carbon Hydrogen Oxygen  knew some English and mathematics   ..... that is the atoms  within his body/ brain human package  learned     these things  ... these SYMBOL LANGUAGES and CONCEPTS as he read, studied and did homework exercises AND LAB CLASS experiments  with the textbooks  in high school and in college.

Thus we see the atomic level of EXISTENCE of  Mr.CHO.


Now we have evolution from the atomic level   .. a migration of ideas about structure and thought .. to the next level ..the molecule.
Thus we have source domain of atoms, atomic engineering thoughts and social engineering thoughts ... are used to create/construct a function mapping /   Herbert Spencer correspondence  to the destination range.




Thus, we are now at the molecular level at Virginia TECH ...with EARTH LAB  molecule chemistry specimen Mr.CHO.
Thus we wonder... what might we his configuration  ... as a representative for the organic chemistry continuum and the molecular WAR.  


What identifiers ....what data exists in the data base ..what form is assigned by Nature's systems to CHO?.

Formaldehyde - 

Formaldehyde is a naturally-occurring organic compound with the formula CH2O or HCHO. It is the simplest aldehyde ...‎Paraformaldehyde - ‎Mannich reaction - 






Virginia Tech shooting -

The Virginia Tech shooting (also known as the Virginia Tech massacre) was a school shooting that took place on April 16, 2007, on the campus of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in Blacksburg, Virginia, United States. Seung-Hui Cho, a senior at Virginia Tech, shot and killed 32 people 
in two separate attacks,


approximately two hours apart,

Above, the molecule expression code  of 2H --> Hydrogen +  Hydrogen  ...per   molecule configuration




Thus the molecule structure /e configuration  ...created the  OUTPUT event (the shooting)   in a similar structure / configuration
.......... with the  2 shooting 2 hours apart    .....  to help super-symmetry existential physicist  understand REALITY  and Nature's signaling events that occur on EARTH LAB and its Earth geography surface and its  human display devices and their  information displays on the structure and levels of existence........  of  molecular expression systems  .....  and  Nature's software architecture.


Below ....... the  H    H   configuration  --> Norris Hall      Connected    Ambler Johnston Hall

The connection mechanism accomplished by EARTH LAB  via molecular  communications agent:  Mr.CHO




West Ambler Johnston shootings[edit]
Cho was seen near the     entrance

Cho shot his first victims in West Ambler Johnston Hall. At around 7:15 a.m., Cho entered the room whichfreshman Emily J. Hilscher 

Norris Hall shootings

About two hours    after the initial shootings, Cho entered Norris Hall, which houses the Engineering Science and Mechanics program among others, and chained the three main entrance doors shut. He placed a note on at least one of the chained doors, claiming



  1. Formaldehyde - Wikipedia, 

    Formaldehyde is a naturally-occurring organic compound 
    with the formula CH2O or HCHO. It is the simplest aldehyde and is also known by its systematic name ...‎Paraformaldehyde - ‎Mannich reaction 

The next Virginia TECH chemistry expression EVENT was the shooting of police officer.
The failure to understand the original tragic signal resulted in Nature's creation of a 2nd CARBON atom  signaling event at Virginia TECH.

Virginia Tech Shooter Identified – ABC New
ABC News
Dec 9, 2011 – Police have identified Ross Truett Ashley as the alleged gunman who fatally shot a Virginia Tech police officer before killing himself about 30 …

December 8th, 2011

2 dead, including police officer, after Virginia Tech shooting incidentA Virginia Tech police officer was among two people killed Thursday on the




The male suspect shot and killed Virginia Tech police officer Deriek Crouse in a parking lot Thursday afternoon before killing himself with the same handgun about a half-mile away, school officials said during a press conference Friday.


Crouse was killed after pulling over a Virginia Tech student in a traffic stop at around 12:15 p.m.

Crouse –> subset symbol C –> suggests  a Carbon atom message may be involved

Deriek –> Der –> implies an oil derrick ………  hydrocarbon molecule continuum may be involved in this signaling EVENT

what-is-an- oil - derrick .htm

Mar 26, 2015 – An oil derrick is a drilling rig used in producing oil and natural gas. A basic oil derrick has an upright stationary section and…

Thus ……Nature is drilling for information in the Carl Jung  carbon molecule collective unconsciousness GROUP MIND of the Virginia TECH collective of organic life forms ….  students, professors, and employees.

stop at around 12


stop at around 12 –> stop code

stop at around 12 –> chemistry  class stopper with carbon 12




Symbolism – Merriam-Websterwww. merriam -webster.com/dictionary/ symbolism
the art or practice of using symbols especially by investing things with a symbolic meaning 
by expressing the invisible or intangible by means of visible





by expressing the invisible or intangible by means of visible

by expressing the invisible or intangible by means of visible



by expressing the invisible or intangible by means of visible




How Do You Remove a Stopper? – Chemistry 
May 7, 2012 – Ground glass stoppers can be temperamental, but it's possible to get any stopper free without breaking the glass.


Above  Nature's world SYSTEM message for  university chemistry and English departments.




Ross Truett Ashley, Virginia Tech Shooter, Was 22-Year-Old 
The Huffington Post


Dec 9, 2011 - Police said Friday that Ross Truett Ashley, of Radford, was responsible for killing a Virginia Tech police officer Thursday, triggering a ...

Virginia Tech police officer, one other killed on campus 
The Washington Post

A Virginia Tech police officer was fatally shot Thursday during a routine traffic stop on the Blacksburg campus 

Again, we have the  INTERNAL molecular structure of 2  separate locations  expressed in EXTERNAL format  ..in this case ... by  2 separate parking lots ....representing H = Hydrogen in the  FORM  --> FORMATION of the EVENT  ..... modeled after Formaldehyde.


Above, the EARTH geography surface and its display platform  ..... REALITY with 2 areas for cars / parked motor vehicles 

The above REALITY   earth surface  map / road map  

below ......  an  approximate MIRROR  atomic map of a  messenger molecule.




Now, let's return to the German Wings crash. 

In addition to the  EARTH LAB .............   Pyrex  glass beaker --> word pointer to the Pyreness Mountains near Barcelona  ..we have the EARTH system ........  the organic chemistry continuum feedback signal to the Virginia TECH  formaldehyde molecule event of April 16 , 2007. 


Germanwings plane crashes in France - CNN.com

CNN 6 days ago - A Germanwings Airbus A320 plane carrying 150 people crashed in the foothills of the French Alps on Tuesday, March 24.
Thus we have  the Pyrex  and molecule poetry language of sound rhymes -->
Pyrex --> Py rex  --> Py wrecks  -->  Pyreness Mountains  and French Alphabet Language wrecks  create brain SYMBOL PROCESSOR wrecks and  create airplane wrecks in the French Alps
SYMBOL MACHINE  keyword and concepts -->  March 24, 2015 --> March  -->
The March 24, 2015 crash -->  number 24 --> base 2 math exponent 4 = Base 16 hexadecimal  --> information pointer BACK to the organic chemistry battle at Virginia TECH on April 16,2007.